Elena Vaenga struck super daring neckline 07/03/2018

The singer has excited fans in the social network with a new photo. “Foot and mouth disease with a squint”, - as always, ironically signed her new picture Elena Vaenga. The singer's subscribers are discouraged - in the photo, Vaenga is posing in a..

Galina Polskikh did not marry for her daughters 07/17/2011

The actress frankly told about her personal life. Actress Galina Polsky frankly told about her personal life. The actress was married twice. Her first husband, director Fayka Gasinova, she was madly in love, bore him a daughter Irada. But family happiness did not last..

Ksenia Sobchak flashed her thong 11/29/2011

Ksenia gets laid bare periodically. This happened on the birthday of Ksyushin restaurant "Tverbul". Nobody was bored here: Maman Lyudmila Narusova was talking lively with Vyacheslav Fetisov. Ksenia Sobchak defended between the tables as the culprits of the celebration, flashing a bare booty in..

Dallas club spitpoeners clip watch video online

The story of the clip is based on the rapper's disappointment with several people close to him, who were considered to be friends for him. According to the singer, they betrayed him and began to spread gossip. Matvey could not tolerate them and splashed..

The juicy story of Silvio Berlusconi became known 05.08.2010

73-year-old Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is again on the front pages of a spicy history tabloid. Escort service employee Maria Theresa de Niccolo, nicknamed Terry, gave details of the intimate life of an Italian politician. Terry, in particular, said that in the fall..

Anastasia Prikhodko broke up with the father of her child 08/31/2011

Fans of the former "factory women" did not wait for a magnificent wedding. In the summer, Anastasia Prikhodko planned to formalize relations with her longtime lover, businessman Nurik Kukhilava. In 2010, the singer gave birth to a common-law husband, a daughter, Nana. After birth..

Larisa Udovichenko celebrates the 55th anniversary of 04/29/2010

55-year-old beauty actress Larisa Udovichenko today celebrates her birthday. Larisa Ivanovna, in spite of her age, looks great, few of her contemporaries can boast such a fine-cut figure, and men still turn into her next. In the photo: Larisa Udovichenko As Larisa Ivanovna confessed..

Indian dancers met Ronaldinho at the airport

Sports sites around the world in their news feeds report on the visit of Ronaldinho to India. The 32-year-old striker of Atletico Mineiro and the Brazilian national team, winner of the Golden Ball, which was awarded to him as the best European footballer in..

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