A good recipe for fish hake cutlets

The recipe for fish cutlets is constantly changing, as for the preparation of used fish of different species. And we all know that not every fish will go well with the other ingredients, so that, combining with them, give gourmets great taste.

fishcake recipeA bit of history

The initial preparation of fish cutlets began in Japan and China. The inhabitants of these countries literally idolize seafood and consume them in large quantities. This behavior is very understandable, because in seafood contains a huge amount of nutrients and various minerals. By consuming seafood, a person can get rid of many even chronic diseases, lower blood pressure and sugar levels. It is because of such a large variety of useful properties that we will prepare hake fish patties. This fish is “found” on the territory of Russia, and it is quite easy to find it by visiting any nearby store.

What do we need?

Before cooking fish patties, prepare all the ingredients, and we need a sufficiently large amount of them. First, determine how much fish we need for meatballs. Fish is better to cleanse the skin and bones.In order not to pull out the bones, as this is a very long and nervous exercise, you should buy only fillets of hake. We will need about 500 grams of it. Also, the recipe for fish cutlets includes one carrot, onions (1 piece), one egg, a loaf of bread or white bread in milk and breadcrumbs.

how to cook fish cakesCooking process

Before you start cooking burgers, you should soak the bread or loaf in a small amount of milk in order to put it into the minced fish. This will give the patties a special tenderness and juiciness. Now we begin to embody the recipe of fish cutlets into reality. As soon as the fillet is slightly defrosted, scroll it in the meat grinder and leave it for some time. Cut the carrot and onion into several pieces and fry in a pan with the addition of vegetable oil. After they have a little browned, scroll them too. Having ascertained that the bread had already been sufficiently soaked with milk, we also skip it through a meat grinder. Add one egg, salt, pepper and spices. You can also add finely chopped dill.

Final stage

We take a small amount of minced meat and form our patties out of it.Roll them in breadcrumbs and put them on a pre-heated pan with vegetable oil. Fry without a lid to form a crisp.

hake fish cakesConclusion

As you can see, the recipe for fish cutlets is very simple and accessible to everyone. I must say that it is absolutely no different from cooking ordinary meat cutlets. Finished products are slightly cooled and served with any side dish. Believe me, the resulting dish will delight you and your loved ones with its taste and great smell. Cutlets are obtained moderately fat, so women can not be afraid to get better from them. You not only will not recover, but also saturate the body with useful minerals and vitamins, which fish contain in large quantities. And finally, another tip: the fish must be cleaned of skin, vertebra and bones. There should be no bones in the chops!

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