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A little truth about household chemicals

1. Shampoo in composition is not much different from the shower gel, so they are easily replaceable.
2. Country of manufacture - an important quality indicator. Fructis of the Russian production and French - different shampoos.For developing countries, cheaper ingredients are used in smaller quantities (everything else is water), EU production is under more strict control (there is less risk that a can with glue casein glue will fall in the tub with your favorite lipstick), quality standards are stricter in Europe . In other words, for the EU they make more expensive and thick shampoo than for the Russian market. So buy what is made in Europe for a European company.
3. Read the labels. The composition of the product is listed in descending order by weight of ingredients. For example, if it is written: “Composition: water, soda, salt ... some incomprehensible words…. Grape seed oil is a dot”, this means that 99% of your shampoo consists of water. Grape seed oil got there, too, but in the form of three drops per megaton barrel.If the description of the composition of your favorite hand cream begins with the words "petroleum jelly, paraffin", then throw it in the window and buy a jar of petroleum jelly. Most likely, apart from these two ingredients and a pair of fragrances, encoded in Latin names, there is nothing there. Yes, by the way, sadly, the LUSH bath bombs are 99.9% soda, so their cost is about 30 cents (at a price of 300 rubles). There are a couple more drops of essential oils and fragrances, but it is easier to make such bombs yourself.
4. Dear parents, “Aistenok” and “Eared Nannies” laundry detergents are made in Russia (read the second paragraph). “Eared nannies” was made at the Neva Cosmetics factory, which, in fact, already 30 years ago doesn’t inspire confidence, the Stork was made on an unknown Russian production. In terms of composition, these powders are no different from “adult powders” - this is all simple marketing. Buy liquid concentrates made in Europe for your children.
5. 80% of any laundry detergent consists of ballast to please the buyer with a large box. And, by the way, these blue and red dots in the laundry detergent are also ballast, and not at all some mythical active substances.Buy liquid concentrates, it is more economical, they are not as harmful to nature as powders that fall into water bodies and destroy the ecosystem.
6. Conditioners for colored and white laundry are identical in chemical composition. Differ only labels.
7. The biggest deception is that washing machines break down from scale and therefore you need to buy Calgon. Do not believe! The machines do not break from this, and the washing powder Calgon is no different from others.
8. Sad news for Russian animal advocates: if the product says that it has not been tested on animals, this does not mean that not a single rabbit has suffered in Russia. The fact is that to enter the Russian market, any cosmetic product must pass through millions of SanPiNs, which were invented in the 70-80s. in the USSR, including tests on animals. They have not been canceled even for Green Mama and Body Shop. Another thing is that the company may not conduct these tests independently, but give its mascara to a Russian contractor, who will bury this mascara in the eyes of the rabbit until its retina turns red.

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