An adventure is what is it? The greatest adventurers in history

“Adventure” is a word of French origin, tightly embedded in the daily life of the Russian-speaking population around the globe. The adventures and their consequences can often be heard in the media, especially on TV and on the Internet. Those who are not familiar with this term, risk skipping past the ears a lot of interesting stories with the most, that is, spicy details.

Meaning of "adventure"

Adventure is called an enterprise with high risk and dubious outcome. Often, an adventure is not something planned, it does not have any guarantees, but in the case of an unlikely success a huge sum promises.

The man, who is called an adventurer, is ready for risky actions, which often become the meaning of his life. He puts at stake everything he has, whether it is a material good or just personal well-being, for huge money or another mysterious prize, worth a huge effort and associated with dangers and upheavals. For example:

  1. Put a huge amount of money on an outsider horse racing.
  2. Becoming a high-ranking lover, knowing that his / her spouse, having learned about treason, will not leave you alive.
  3. Quit school / work / quiet and peaceful life to go to the mountains or to the Yukon and become a prospector.
  4. For years, save money for an apartment / car / other valuable thing, and then invest everything in a startup that “shoots” with a probability of less than 1%.
  5. Read in the old battered little book the legend of ancient treasures and go in search of them.

Often it is the adventures become subjects for books, films and other artistic works.

Synonyms for this word

The word "adventure" synonyms can pick up quite a lot. It all depends on what kind of emotional coloring the word says. You can speak with admiration:

  • Adventure is an adventure, a courageous act, a venture.

With irony and sarcasm:

  • Adventure - a stupid, rash decision, dubious act.

With interest:

  • Adventure - adventure, adventure, danger, risk.

Interestingly, the English analogue of this word - adventure - literally translates as "adventure."

Great adventurers

Now, having understood what the word "adventurer" means, you can look at the fascinating adventures of the most famous and scandalous adventurers in history.

Mata Hari

Mata Hari is a girl from a wealthy Dutch family, the daughter of a hat merchant who for many years disguised herself as the daughter of an Indian emperor and became the most famous dancer of Paris. She staked everything, including her own life, for money and luxury.

Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova - a writer, poet, alchemist and famous ladies' man. For him, adventure is the meaning of life. He replaced thousands of professions and provoked thousands of scandals, pursuing a single goal: the search for the woman he loved. He was so brave and self-confident that he easily tempted both maidservants, aristocrats, and even the ruling classes.

Emma Hamilton

Emma Hamilton - a woman with a "dubious" past, the wife of Lord Hamilton and the mistress of Admiral Nelson, who put everything at stake for the great love and desire to build a happy family life. Her adventure is a story about big luck and big disappointment: going to the high society and returning to the lower classes.

Count Cagliostro

Count Cagliostro - a native of Sicily, a man of poor origin, gaining fame for himself with daring fraud, theatrical lies and playing on human weaknesses.

Chevalier d'Eon

Chevallier, d'Eon, is a French aristocrat of the 18th century, who has been fooling high society all his life, presenting to him either a man or a woman. He went on adventures with disguise for his own pleasure and fun. Interestingly, its real gender has not been clarified.

Fedor Tolstoy

Fedor Tolstoy is an ambiguous figure of the Russian aristocracy. He participated in a round-the-world voyage on the Kruzenshtern ship, many times quarreled all and as a result, for no one's pleasant behavior was landed in Kamchatka. Subsequently, with pride he talked about his journey from there back to Russia, showed Aboriginal tattoos and grew rich in the attention to his person. For him, adventure is fun, fun and just a fun game.


Adventurism is not a vice or a compliment. It can be said, a way of life of a brave man, not striving for what would be the happiness for everyone else. You should not judge for adventurism, but it would be strange and foolish to strive for it without a subconscious drive. One thing remains a fact: if there were no adventurers in our world, it would be much more boring.

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