Age of reservists in the Russian army. What is the age of reservists in Russia?

The growing geopolitical tension in the regioncaused the Russian leadership for the first time in many years to speak seriously about the modernization of the reservist army, more precisely, the creation of a principally new management institute specializing in studying and organizing the country's mobilization potential. Now it is still difficult to talk about the real timing of the project. Yes, the relevant law has been adopted, the decree of the President has been published. But the flywheel of the system is just gaining momentum.

Age of reservists in the Russian army

Many experts, like, indeed, simplecitizens, are already interested in the nuances of this program. And the main issue raised at all levels is, of course, the age of reservists in the Russian army. According to military analysts, speculation on this topic in the media led to the fact that objective information was lost on the general background of the filed picture of the day. As a consequence, there was an urgent need for an explanatory conversation with an accentuated arrangement of all points above the "i".

Formation of army reservists: potential candidates

According to the decree of the President, the following categories of citizens are compulsorily called for military training:

  • persons discharged to the RF Armed Forces stock;
  • former students of higher educational institutions, who underwent comprehensive training at military departments and received officer titles;
  • Men who did not serve in the ranks of the Russian army because of their release from conscription;
  • women with military specialty;
  • persons who had a deferment at the time of the call, as well as those who received the right to perform alternative civilian service;
  • servicemen, dismissed without registration.

In addition, a separate provision of the decree defines the maximum age to which reservists will be recruited in Russia - 60 years.

The purpose of the reorganization of the reservist training system

The reform that started last year has fargoing plans. The primary task is to remove the bureaucratic confusion inherent in the modern Russian army, and in the long term - to make reservists of such universal soldiers capable of putting into operation in a matter of hours without losing the functionality and manageability of the units.

age of reservists in the Russian army 20 34 years

But the ambitions of the leadership of the General Staff are not limited to this.

The main idea is to deducereserve troops to a new stage of evolution: establish a level of mutual understanding between active combat formations and logistical units, in which, in the event of actual fighting, there will not be a need to reorient personnel. Simply put, military training will cultivate the policy of educating a "multi-vector" soldier and a specialist officer, equally prepared both for resolving purely military tasks and for performing functions inherent in civilian power structures.

Since the "universalization" of manimplies a long process of education, then already in the Administration of the President, in the Government and in both chambers of the Parliament, there are heated discussions as to how in 10-15 years the average age of reservists in the Russian army should be 20-34 years, as in most Western countries , or 30-45.

Military training: exercises or still combat experience?

The program of military fees is not a constant. Even within one calendar year, absolutely different training algorithms can be compiled for the same types of troops.

age to which will be recruited reservists in Russia

The situation in the world is constantly changing, soit would be wrong to build up the exercises according to the same scheme. And the age of reservists in the Russian army, of course, plays a role. People who have suffered from the hardships and deprivations of emergency service can not always fulfill the standard from the first time, which was specially calculated for the physical capabilities of a healthy twenty-year-old boy. And this is another reason to think about whether to start rejuvenating the army of reservists.

Military exercises, conducted in due time inUSSR, were as close to the conditions of combat operations and fully reflected the degree of training of personnel. That experience, of course, has long been taken as a basis in our army (especially since the age of reservists in Russia allows us to talk about the unrecovered "genetic memory" regarding military dedication and TRP standards). However, in the yard already 2015, the program of fees should be brought closer to the realities of today.

Types and timing of military charges

According to the current charter of the military service and regulatory documents that regulate the procedure for conducting military duty, several types of training and fighting meetings are singled out:

  • Senior management fees (with a thematic focus on the management of divisions);
  • training;
  • Testing;
  • pripisnye.

Age of reservists in Russia

In the case of reservists, it isTraining sessions organized to restore previously acquired skills (or to familiarize those who are in military service with the rules of service). Such activities, as a rule, are of a combined nature, that is, their theoretical part is supplemented by practice.

Despite the fact that the age of reservists inThe Russian army is defined in a fairly wide range (from 20 to 60 years), the time of the charges is indicated by the current decree in the interval of only two months. Some analysts believe that this is an incorrect approach, because the perception of the same information by people of different age categories is qualitatively different.

Age of reservists: who will be called and under what conditions?

The principle of the completion of training-fighting formations,consisting of reservists, is quite simple. Responsible officers of the military commissariats select individuals according to three basic criteria: the presence / absence of experience in military service, the presence / absence of health problems and the number of full years. However, rowing all under one comb will not.

It should be understood that the reform of the "system of setting ingun "reservists implies the implementation of two scenarios: the professional training of ideological guerrillas and taking on the account, and in fact - on military service, paid volunteers.

Age of reservists in the Russian army: what are the limitations

Age of reservists in the Russian army, as it wasas stated above, is set at the level of 20-60 years. However, for those wishing to become part of the paid mobilization rear, there will be, or to be more precise, already acting, other rules. Signing a contract with the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in particular, will not be able to reserve soldiers and ensigns over 42 years old, as well as officers who are 47-57 years old (47 for junior officers, 52 for the middle command, 57 for the top military leadership ).

Personnel and reserve officers: their role in creating a second front

Reservier under the contract is a common occurrence for the Armed Forcesdeveloped countries. Henceforth, paid patriots will be in Russia. By the way, along with the functional reorganization of the voluntary paramilitary movement, the government is implementing the reform of the classical army. So, at the initiative of the executive power, proposals were made to the State Duma on changing certain articles of the law on military service. As a result, the people's representatives, having familiarized themselves with the opinion of the relevant ministers, voted to extend the term of the servicemen's tenure in the ranks for 5 years.

Now, when the age of reservists for the Russianarmies are established, based on the needs of the Armed Forces, personnel officers were allowed to serve longer. And this is the logic: why remove the epaulettes from the 60-year-old colonel, if he can take command of reservists and pass on to them an invaluable experience?

Professional army of reservists: the experience of foreign countries

The bureaucracy and incompetence of the General Staff are the two worst enemies of any army. Life shows that the rate of rapid reaction forces today is justified more than ever.

age reservists for the Russian army

Volunteers under contract who serve in the Armed ForcesUSA, can not be younger than 20 and older than 39 years. This moment is fixed legislatively. Young people, men and women in the prime of life, are ready to come to the aid of their country on the first call and carry out the assigned task with maximum efficiency. Perhaps the age of reservists in Russia will also be lowered over time, because experience is experience, and years take their toll. What if youth is the secret of the success of the overseas army?

Social protection of reservists

The state is obliged to take care of its defenders.This postulate does not cause the slightest doubt. Now it is extremely important to understand what privileges domestic reservists have the right to expect: are they guaranteed social benefits, allowances to salaries and so on.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation forpartisans-contractors are assigned their jobs (wages are charged in full even during military charges). Also to all volunteers from the mob. reserve is established service salary (the amount varies depending on the rank, seniority, up to the time of dismissal, etc.).

Additional benefits apply toeducational process: re-profiling and advanced training - at the expense of the budget. True, the bonus program slightly spoils the established boundary age of reservists in the Russian army (which restrictions apply, you can find out on the official website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation).

Age of reservists: who will be called?

The right to non-participation in military training

Ignoring military charges by contractors is notis allowed (the only valid reason is the state of health). Those who are deprived of the status of a paid volunteer may not participate in such events if:

  • preparation was completed within the last three years;
  • they are leading employees of strategic enterprises;
  • their activities are related to teaching in universities;
  • there are other (legitimate) grounds for obtaining a deferral.

A peculiar exemption from participation in the militaryThe fees can be the age of reservists. Who will be called this year? First of all, those who at the time of receiving the agenda will meet the age requirement.

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