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Alexander Gorchilin is a Russian theater and film actor, director, and actor of the Gogol-Center theater and the Seventh Studio troupe performing there under the direction of Kirill Serebrennikov. Popularity Gorchilin brought the role in the TV series "Daddy's Daughters", as well as in the films "The Pupil" and "Summer".
Actor Alexander GorchilinActor Alexander Gorchilin

Childhood and youth

Alexander Gorchilin was born on August 3, 1992 in Moscow. None of Alexander's family — and his mother, grandmother, grandfather, and stepfather brought him up — have nothing to do with theater or cinema. Nevertheless, the boy from an early age sought to the scene - in his own words, because of the internal complexes. In an interview, the artist confessed that he cannot communicate with people as he would like, and on the theater stage “some magic things happen” - everything is possible here and there are no barriers.
The basics of acting skills Alexander began to comprehend in the Children's Musical Theater of the young actor. In the early 2000s, Gorchilin appeared in an ad for Skittles, and also received the role of the silent boy Sasha Grigoriev (as well as his friend Romashov) in the famous musical Nord-Ost (director Alexei Ivaschenko and Georgi Vasilyev).Also in 2006-2007, the teenager starred in several episodes of "Yeralash."
Alexander Gorchilin in Yeralash
After graduating from school, Alexander entered the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio, where he became a student of the experimental acting and directing course of Kirill Serebrennikov and Evgenia Dobrovolskaya. The training took place according to Serebrennikov's own method, the main task of which was to educate artists who are ready to work in the most unusual projects. Gorchilin and his classmates learned not only to play dramatic roles, but also to sing, dance and even compose music.
According to Alexander, Serebrennikov became for him not just a master, but practically a father.


In 2009, Kirill Serebrennikov assembled the Seventh Studio theater troupe from the best students of his course. In addition to Gorchilin, the troupe included Alexander Revenko, Rinal Mukhametov, Philip Avdeev and other students. The first performances of the studio were played at the Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art and at the New Stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov, and in 2012 the group became a resident of the theater “Gogol-center” created by Serebrennikov. In addition to the productions of the Serebrennikov Theater, Alexander and his colleagues are also involved in the repertoire of the Moscow Drama Theater. Gogol.
Alexander Gorchilin on the stage of the Gogol CenterAlexander Gorchilin on the stage of the Gogol Center
Among the roles of Gorchilin in the “Gogol Center” are the Gravedigger staged by Hamlet following the tragedy of Shakespeare (director - David Bobe from France), Pixel in the play “The Idiots” by Serebrennikov based on the scandalous film of the same name Lars von Trier (Valeriy Pecheykin’s play), artist Tutin in the play based on the works of the legendary master of absurdity Daniil Kharms “Harms. Myr ”(dir. Maxim Didenko).
Participation in the play by Serebrennikov, “Who Lives Well in Russia,” based on the poem by Nikolai Nekrasov, allowed Gorchilin to show himself for the first time as a film director. In 2014, the actors of the Gogol Center, headed by a mentor, went on an expedition to the Yaroslavl Region, where they studied the poem together with the villagers and recorded unique monologues during the conversation. Alexander Gorchilin, together with the operator Ksenia Sereda, fixed every second of this journey, and later released the documentary film #COMAINED GOOD.
Interview with Alexander Gorchilin
In the experimental (and so can be called, in principle, any statement on the stage of the Gogol Center) the play “The Machine Muller”, based on the works and letters of the great German playwright Heiner Muller,Gorchilin plays one of two main roles - Actor. His colleague on the stage Sati Spivakova plays the role of the Actress.
The musical performance “Iolanta / opus” became the director's debut of Gorchilin and his fellow actors, Philip Avdeev and Igor Bychkov. In their staging, young directors used not only the music of Tchaikovsky, as the name implies, but also the works of Schnittke, Poulenc and Puccini.
Alexander Gorchilin and Philip AvdeevAlexander Gorchilin and Philip Avdeev
The play “(M) student” - the joint work of the “Gogol Center” and the “Seventh Studio” deserves special attention. The director of the play about the young man (performed by Nikita Kukushkin), who became a religious fanatic, was Kirill Serebryanikov, and Gorchilin played in the performance of a disabled schoolboy Gregory Zaitsev, a lone man who was bullied by everyone, the person who first found a friend. The performance received five nominations for the Golden Mask theatrical award and formed the basis for the film “The Apprentice” by Serebrennikov, released in 2016. In film films, Gorchilin played the same role of Grisha Zaitsev, and for this work he was nominated for the “Nika” award in the category “Best male supporting role”.But the main role - fanatical Benjamin, was played by Peter Skvortsov, actor of the Praktika Theater.
Alexander Gorchilin in the film “The Pupil”
Also, the actor can be seen in the performance of Philip Grigorian “Mayakovsky. Tragedy ”, which ends the cycle“ Star ”, dedicated to five major figures of Russian poetry of the twentieth century. The premiere of the performance took place in January 2018, and the main role was played by Maxim Vitorgan. In addition, Gorchilin teaches in the theater laboratory Gogol School. Alexander admits that he always wanted to be more a teacher than an actor.


For the first time on the set, Gorchilin turned out to be 14 years old, starring in the comedy series “Three from the Top”. On the set of the series, the guy met such experienced actors as Ilya Oleinikov and Tatiana Vasilyeva, as well as the young and still little-known actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya.
The following year, Alexander appeared in one of the main roles in the drama series “Atlantis” (STS), telling about two families whose lives are changing dramatically. But real glory fell on Gorchilin after he was approved for the role of Zhenya Zakharov, a young man of the athlete Zhenya Vasnetsova in the super-popular comedy series “Daddy’s Daughter” on STS.Hero Alexander appeared from 4 to 7 (in 2008), and then in the 11th season of the series (in 2009). Later, Gorchilin admitted that he regretted this “mistake of youth” and that he had participated in the “degradation of Russian television”.
Alexander Gorchilin in the series "Daddy's Daughters"Alexander Gorchilin in the series "Daddy's Daughters"
In parallel with the filming of the series, Gorchilin managed to play small roles in the melodrama “Twice in one river” (dir. Alexey Muradov) and in the second season of the adventure series “Sea Patrol” on channel 1.
Immediately after the end of the Moscow Art Theater, Alexander starred in the lead role in Valeria's Guy Germanica melodrama “Yes and Yes”. In the film, the actor appeared in the image of the underground artist Antonina (Kolya), who has a difficult relationship with the primary school teacher Sasha (Agnia Kuznetsova). The film was presented on large screens in the summer of 2014 with limited distribution and lasted only three days, receiving the most contradictory reviews from critics.
Alexander Gorchilin in the film "Yes and Yes"
The years 2015 and 2016 were titled Sasha’s roles in the multiseries tragicomedy “Urban Birds”, the art house film “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky and the film “The Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov.In addition, Gorchilin released the short film "Russian Fairy Tales", in which he played a major role and acted as editor.
In 2017, the actor could be seen in an episodic role in the tragicomedy of Roman Volobuev's “Blockbuster” with Svetlana Ustinova and Anna Chipovskaya, and in early 2018 the drama of Margarita Mikhailov's “Hit” came out on big screens, in which Alexander also had a small role.
In June 2018, the film “Summer” by Kirill Serebrennikov was presented in Russian cinemas, telling about the beginning of the creative journey of Viktor Tsoi (Theo Yu), his relationship with Mike Naumenko (Roma the Beast), the wife of musician Natalia (Irina Starshenbaum) and other rock the movements of Leningrad 1980s. Gorchilin played in the film a good-natured and otvyaznogo punk - the prototype of his hero was Andrei Panov (known as Pig), the vocalist of the punk band "Automatic Satisfaction".
Alexander Gorchilin in the film "Summer"Alexander Gorchilin in the film "Summer"
The shooting of the film "Summer" began in the summer of 2017 in St. Petersburg and continued until such time as Serebrennikov was arrested and sent to Moscow on fraud charges - an investigation was launched into the misuse of state subsidies allocated to the "Seventh Studio" back in early 2010s.Serebrennikov mounted the film already under house arrest, on a computer without access to the Internet.

Personal life of Alexander Gorchilin

Alexander Gorchilin meets with Nika Sergeeva, a prop in the "Gogol Center."
Alexander Gorchilin and his girlfriend NickAlexander Gorchilin and his girlfriend Nick

Alexander Gorchilin now

In October 2018, the premiere of the drama "Acid", directed by Alexander Gorchilin, will take place. Philip Avdeev, Alexander Kuznetsov, Arina Shevtsova and Alexander Reben - almost the entire Gogol Center - took part in a film about the crazy life of young Moscow musicians who know the first relationships, experience ups and downs, experience loneliness and seek themselves.
Alexander Gorchilin about his film "Acid"
In June, Gorchilin had already presented a picture at the Kinotavr, where critics warmly received his work, noting her award for Best Debut. According to Alexander himself, the name of the film symbolizes, first of all, not drugs, but acid as a chemical reaction in relations between people, as well as loneliness that eats away at the soul.
In 2019, the fantastic drama “Ikaria” by Yavor Girdev, whose filming was completed in 2016, will be released on the big screens.In addition to Gorchilina, Maria Fomina, Pyotr Skvortsov,, Igor Mirkurbanov and other famous actors will appear in the film.

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