American actor John Slattery

John Slattery is a film actor and director from the USA who became famous for his role in the television series Mad Men.

short biography

John Slattery was born on August 13, 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts. John received his secondary education at St. Sebastian School in Needham. In his youth, John Slattery had already firmly decided for himself that he wanted to build a career in the arts, so the young man entered the Catholic University of America in the Faculty of Fine Arts, for which he received a bachelor's degree.john slatteri

Subsequently, his drawing skills came in handy for his work as a director.

Carier start

To date, John Slattery - an actor - already has over a hundred cinematic works in his personal piggy bank. The start of his acting career was in the serials back in the 80s, but fame and recognition came to him much later, almost twenty years later.

One of the first feature films where John Slattery starred was the 1996 "City Hall" tape.The actor played a minor role there, so his participation in the film passed almost unnoticed. Then there were a few more films with minor roles. The greatest success of the actor was achieved in the industry of television series.

John Slattery. Films and series

One of the famous TV shows where John starred was Desperate Housewives (2004-2012), but they didn't bring him any real fame either. However, in 2007, Slattery began to play in the series Mad Men (2007-2015), for which he was nominated three times as Best Supporting Actor for an Emmy cinema award three times. In this project, the actor plays the role of Roger Stirling.john slatty movies

After participating in this series, the actor was finally noticed and began to be invited to various projects, including Iron Man 2 (2010), Third Odd 2 (2015) and blockbusters Ant-Man (2015) and First Avenger : Confrontation "(2016). Despite the fact that John played in these films only minor minor roles, one participation in film projects of this magnitude already speaks of a serious career jump of the actor. Without exaggeration, this can be called a good achievement.

He also has a large number of other works, for example, Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights (2004), the drama Flags of Our Fathers (2006), Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), Blue Bird (2013) and others .Today, the actor is quite actively acting in various TV shows and films, as well as engaged in directorial activities, producing and writing scripts. He is often invited to participate in various TV shows and on the radio.

Now the actor is 54 years old, but age is not a hindrance for him. He continues to actively act in films and TV shows, for the summer of 2017 the premiere of the Churchill biopic is scheduled, in which Slattery will demonstrate the image of the American General Dwight Eisenhower (President of the USA in 1953-1961), who did a lot to open the Western Front during World War II.

Personal life. Interesting Facts

For nearly two decades, John Slattery has been married to one woman. In 1998, he was married to an American actress named Talia Bolsem. It is noteworthy that the wedding ceremony took place on the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The couple has one child - a son, who was named Harry.john slatter in his youth

For many years, the actor has been surfing, so he often comes to the seashore to ride a wave. His level in this kind of extreme sports is comparable to professional, because John for many years honing his skills in surfing.He often arrives on the California coast and visits the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy plenty of wave rides.

A rather interesting fact from the life of John is that his wife, Talia, played a small role in the series Mad Men, which brought fame to her husband. She performed the role of Mona's ex-wife, her real husband, that is, his character Roger Sterling. Another interesting fact related to this show is that John Slattery was originally supposed to play not Roger Sterling, but Don Dripper.

Conclusion Awards

Slattery long walked to his well-deserved fame, it took years, even decades, before fame and popularity came to him. Today he is a very popular actor, although he still has few key roles in full-length tapes, but in many TV shows he plays important roles.john slatter actor

For his work on the TV series Mad Men, he was nominated for various film awards several times, and in 2009 he even won an Award from the Actors Guild Award in the category “Best Cast of a Drama Series”, in the same category he received an award and in 2010 In addition to these awards, he is one of the winners in the nomination for the same film award for the film "In the Spotlight" in the category "Best Cast", which he received in 2016

These awards are a confirmation of his recognition not only by numerous fans and fans of cinema, but also by professional critics and film academics, who expressed their recognition to him, awarding him with a prestigious and weighty prize.

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