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Crafts, as it is easy to guess from the name, are made. Moreover, many people associate this name only with school and labor lessons. Then it was necessary to glue colored paper onto cardboard or to study the addition of origami cranes. However, an interesting hand-made article created by itself is a very exciting and interesting pastime. In addition, such a product can be an excellent and original gift.

Crafts that can be made from scrap materials

Interesting crafts, made from scrap materials with their own hands, seem to be nothing more than a myth. However, this is not the case. A beautiful composition can be obtained even from ordinary paper napkins. Thanks to their structure, you can make wonderful and voluminous flowers.

This option is suitable for classes with small children. This is due to the fact that it is quite simple to make such an craftsmanship, but it looks bright.In addition, kids like to tinker with such pleasant to the touch details.

First of all, you need to prepare materials:

  • Several napkins of different colors. Suitable pink, yellow, orange. Also worth stocking up with a few green napkins to label the leaves.
  • Cardboard on which the entire composition will be glued.
  • Glue. Best in pencil. It allows you to minimally get your hands dirty, it does not spread, but it also holds the parts together well.
  • Scissors.

an interesting hand-made article

An interesting hand-made article: a flower from a napkin

The algorithm for making a flower arrangement is simple. Each napkin, except green, is cut into four pieces. Scissors are best handled by adults, especially if the child is too small. Each piece must be carefully rolled into a small ball. This action can be safely trusted to the child. It is not only fun, but also helps develop fine motor skills.

Each circle of napkin is one petal. Therefore, on the cardboard, it is better to draw the outline of the flower in advance, and then gently paste the petals into place. You can play and create a miracle flower with different petals. From the green napkins need to cut the leaves and stem.Then they are also glued to the picture. In order to make the composition look even more interesting, you can choose not ordinary, but colored cardboard.

You can also create a more voluminous version, which does not necessarily stick to any surface. For this, a piece of napkin is twisted and crushed by hand. And on top of one end of the flower wraps a green napkin in such a way that there is a small tip - this is the future stem. You can fix everything with a small amount of glue. This is quite an interesting piece of work, which small children can do with their own hands.

the most interesting crafts with their own hands

Christmas crafts. With children

The most interesting crafts with your own hands can be done with children. This will help to take the little fidget, and also develops their imagination and perseverance. A beautiful decoration under the Christmas tree, and cheerful snowmen will be a good gift. For their manufacture will need:

  • Two socks. One of them is white. Another is better to choose contrasting colors, it is possible to strip, polka dots.
  • Fig. Better round shape. You can choose another cereal, but it will be unpleasant to the touch.
  • A small amount of orange paper.
  • Marker or buttons.
  • Scissors.
  • Thread.

interesting New Year crafts with their own hands

These are interesting New Year crafts, you can create them yourself in the form of snowmen, and they do not require much time to perform. From the white toe cut off the upper part, which is most often a rubber band. The bottom of it is tied with a rope so as to make a bag. In it fall asleep grain, periodically shaking a sock. This action will help get an elastic snowman. Thread tied and the upper part.

Then the “pocket” of the second, colored sock is taken. This can be either a piece with a rubber band or a piece from the foot. It is worn over the top of the figure, like a sweater. Then it is tied with a rope, overtightened so that a fold is formed - like the waist of a snowman.

Interesting crafts with their own hands on the new

Then comes the turn of the face figures. You can make eyes out of buttons, but there is an easier way - draw them with a marker. Here you have to tinker with the nose, as it should be voluminous. To do this, cut a strip of paper of the desired color, roll up the tube, and then glued to the face of a snowman. If you make a whole team of snowmen, then interesting crafts with their own hands are ready for the New Year!

You can decorate such a snowman with a hat made of woolen yarn and cardboard. The algorithm is somewhat similar to the manufacture of pompons.The brighter the better! You can also sew beautiful items such as brooches - then the snowman will become a girl. And you can create a whole family.

Supplement to the Christmas tree. Beautiful sleigh

In addition to the snowmen, you can decorate the Christmas tree and sleigh. For them will need:

  • Ice cream sticks, at least ten pieces.
  • Glue or glue gun.
  • Paint, gloss, nail polish.

Sticks should be thoroughly washed, dried. The sled assembly is performed as follows:

  1. Two sticks laid out butt up.
  2. Two more overlap across them, but already flat side to them. Glued. This is a kind of frame crafts.
  3. On the flat sticks are glued the rest. For textures, you can stick them not exactly, but with a ladder. You can also pre-decorate the sticks with lacquer, paint, add sparkles.

If you add a loop, then these elegant sleigh can be safely hung on the Christmas tree. By the way, ice cream sticks are a good basis for many crafts. So make beautiful jewelry boxes.

interesting crafts for the new year do it yourself

Christmas wreath. Home decoration

Interesting crafts for the New Year with their hands like to perform and adults. For example, a Christmas wreath is beautiful and original.It needs strong wire, spruce branches, burlap, glue gun, thick threads, some newspapers and decorations, such as balls, ribbons.

The wire is rolled around - this is the frame of the wreath. It is better to wrap a newspaper or paper, fasten a thick thread. Over wrapped with sacking. She, in turn, is also wrapped with thread or rope. It should tighten tight. With the help of thick threads or ropes, fir branches are fastened. You can do it randomly. If you can see burlap, there is nothing scary. Already on them, using a glue gun, attach toys and crafts. By combining materials, you can create different wreaths. For example, only from ribbons and bows. Or using old toys.

interesting crafts with paper

Crafts from the shell. For those who can draw

An interesting hand-made article can be made from a simple egg shell. For this, the pieces are peeled from the films and prepared. A sheet of cardboard is treated with white glue. The pieces of the shell are placed on it, then everyone is covered with books and dried.

The resulting base can be colored as desired. This technique is interesting in that the drawing is a voluminous, similar to a mosaic. It is better to use acrylic paints for manufacturing, as they are best kept on such material.Sheets, by the way, can be prepared in advance and wait for a tide of inspiration.

Interesting crafts with their own hands from scrap materials

Volumetric drawings of the shell

No less original look crafts from the shell, pasted on the already finished drawing. For this, any image is copied onto the cardboard. And with the help of the shell emit some parts, for example clouds. If you use paints, you can pre-paint the pieces, and then stick them. However, this path is quite laborious.

You can also paint each area in parts. That is, stick the shell, paint the area, paste the material again on another drawing. Such an image is often schematic, but original in texture.

DIY handicrafts

Crafts can be made of almost any material, starting with the shell of eggs and ending with boxes. It all depends entirely on fantasy. Interesting crafts with their own hands from paper are also popular.

Beautifully look flowers, snowflakes, ships - everything that is made of cardboard or paper. However, such crafts are short-lived. A vase from a bottle or a wooden box will delight much longer. It can be an original gift and just helps to have a good time.

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