Anchor bolts: dimensions, types, application

Who has not heard such names as the Wright brothers, ThomasEdison, Sergey Korolev. These inventors and designers went down in history thanks to their minds. There are individuals who are known only in a narrow circle, such as Brighton, who invented an electric chair. Some are undeservedly forgotten, the inventions of others bring glory to the creator, like everyone knows Rubik's cube. But there are things that have changed people's lives more than a toy square. If we talk about construction and repair, then you should remember the screws, which otherwise can not be pushed into a tree by a hammer, and it is impossible to unscrew them at all. Or wooden pegs driven into the wall. Or the fall of mezzanines and chandeliers. All these problems were solved together with the invention of the anchor bolt.

anchor bolts dimensions

Application of anchor bolts

As soon as the anchor bolts went into use,they have received the widest application in construction and operational installation. They are especially good for work on fastening to concrete. And the harder, denser the concrete, the more securely the anchor is held. In addition to concrete structures, anchor bolts, whose dimensions are enlarged in width, are used for all types of block or brickwork. The main task of the anchors is to firmly fix both the structure itself and the hinged elements and equipment.

Anchor bolts for concrete, the dimensions of whichspecially selected, used to attach to the structural components of wood and metal. The length and width of the bolts should be selected taking into account both the attached part and the thickness of the bearing wall. The installation technology itself is very simple. When the appropriate anchor bolt is selected, a hole is made in the wall using a perforator. Then it needs to be inserted and tighten the clamping nut until it stops.


Types of anchors

The indicator of high reliability just servesA huge assortment of anchor bolts. The dimensions, shape, design, functionality of these products make them indispensable for fastening jobs for any kind of material. The main types are two - an anchor with a nut and an anchor with a bolt. For fastening metal and wooden structures, these anchors are used: one- and two-gear with a nut; 4-segment expansion; Wedge anchor; driven and with impact struts. Hanging the technological or household equipment is easier on a simple or 4-segment anchor hook. Tighten electrical and telephone cables will help the same 4-segment and simple anchors, but with a ring.

Construction of products

Anchor bolts for concrete have different sizes, butthe design of all one. And since we are talking about the expansion principle of the work of the product, the main structural element is the spacer body (sleeve). The second most important detail is the internal expansion nut for the anchor bolt. For a product with a nut, this will be a spreading cone on the stud. An anchor with a ring and an anchor hook have a part design with a nut, just the outer side of the stud is elongated and bent. Despite the anti-corrosion coating, a polymer seal is provided to prevent moisture ingress into the product.

Classifying bolts anchor, GOST divided them into three main groups:

  • common use;
  • wireframe;
  • reinforced.

So when buying it is worth to ask at least the country-producer, in China is unlikely to use carbon steel.

bolt anchoring price

Dimensions of anchor bolts

First of all, when choosing the size of the anchor, remember thatit is better to be safe than to collect air conditioning fragments or buy a new boiler. Buy anchor bolts, the sizes of which are slightly larger than you expect. Usually on standard products the parameters are printed on the sleeve. If there are none, the outer diameter is measured with a caliper. In the digital series 12x10x100 mm, the first digit denotes the diameter of the housing. This means that the drill needs to be selected accordingly. The second figure is the size of the bolt or stud, which will help you choose the key for clamping. The total length is shown by the third digit. Selecting it, consider the thickness of the wall. Have anchor bolts dimensions:

  • by the external diameter from 6 to 24 mm;
  • for a total length of 60 to 400 mm.

anchor bolts for concrete dimensions

Finally, we should say a few more words aboutThe bolt is anchored. The price is not high, but the savings are huge. Depending on the design and size of the bolt costs from 3 to 80 rubles per piece. Before the appearance of anchors in the junctions and the installation of attachments at the design level, it was necessary to provide for metal fittings for welding. And it's not about the cost of iron, but the fact that all calculations were made by a specialist, necessarily with a higher education, or even a whole department of such people with a corresponding salary.

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