Anomaly Kemerli. Symptoms Treatment

Kemerley anomaly is one of the congenital malformations of the first cervical vertebra, or an acquired anomaly of the atlantocipital articulation.Kemerley anomaly
As is known, all vertebrae consist of a body and an arc, which is connected to the body with the help of legs. Between the body of the vertebra and the arc is the spinal opening. Together, all such holes form the spinal canal in which the spinal cord is located. Unlike all vertebrae, the first cervical, called the Atlantean, consists of only two arches and has no body, and the arms are joined by bony thickenings, forming a ring.
Anomaly Kemerli
As a result of an abnormal development in the prenatal period, a half ring is formed in the structure of the first cervical vertebra. Therefore, the artery that passes near it can be slashed between the muscles and the half ring, which leads to a violation of the cerebral circulation. This phenomenon can be permanent or even manifest itself only with a certain turn of the head, and it can be completely absent.Anomaly Kemerli can occur as a result of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
Possible complications
If a person, in addition to such a defect, also has arterial hypertension, then this will manifest itself in higher blood pressure numbers and less intense loads required to increase these values. Also, the blood, which will flow to the brain in smaller quantities, will not be able to fully provide the necessary energy costs for its functionality. As a result, it will lead to impaired brain activity. The arteries, which will gradually thicken, will begin to put pressure on the spinal root, causing neurological symptoms.
Kemerley Anomaly - Symptoms
Kemerley anomaly symptoms
The main symptoms are neurological in nature, which are manifested by noise and hum in the ears, "stars" in the eyes, severe weakness in the muscles, dizziness, loss of balance during movement of the head and neck. If untreated, symptoms may progress. Rare headaches will turn into a strong migraine as a result of an increase in cerebral ischemia, which can result in a stroke.Neurological symptoms will progress from a reduction in the sensitivity of the arms, face and legs, to a complete loss of coordination, from more frequent and prolonged eye twitching, to tremor of the limbs.
It is desirable to diagnose pathology before the development of serious complications. For this purpose, ultrasound diagnostics with Doppler is carried out to determine the place of clamping of the cervical artery. Digital radiography will allow you to see with maximum accuracy the anomalies of the structure of the cervical vertebrae, including Atlanta. A computer and magnetic resonance imaging will allow to see in detail the vessels and vertebrae in the whole picture.
Anomaly Kemerli - treatment
Kemerley anomaly treatment
A treatment that would eliminate the pathology itself does not exist. However, with timely diagnosis, complications can be avoided and overall symptoms can be alleviated. Currently, such procedures as acupuncture, individual massage courses, hirudotherapy are used. In severe forms of the disease, the use of special collars is recommended for reliable fixation of the neck and the use of drugs.

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