Antenna for radio station

The car antenna for the radio station isone of the most important components of the car. The functioning of the device and the distance range indicator depend on how correctly the device was selected.

To date, there is a wide range of products on the market that differ in design, dimensions and technical parameters. The car enthusiast will always be able to choose a suitable model for himself.

The right choice is the key to the success of your radio station.

Car Antenna for Radio Station

What is a radio antenna for?

Car Antenna for Radio Stationensures optimal reception of the radio signal. But on which model to choose? Here everything depends on your needs. Some are content to listen to only radio programs, others to broadcast television, while others prefer the presence of a navigation system. Therefore, before buying, it is advised to determine its budget, the technical data of the device and the location of its installation.

Antennas for VHF radio stations

Car antennas for VHF radio stationsdomestic production represented by a variety of models. When choosing a device it is worthwhile to stop its attention on the manufacturer of the "Triad". This Russian company represents a wide range of devices that have a high degree of functionality, reliability, and an acceptable price.

Car antennas for domestic radio stations

The development and selection of antennas occur in redistributionone enterprise, which allows you to monitor the process at all stages. The guarantee of high quality of the product lies in the company's many years of experience, as well as the timely equipping of the production base.

A great choice for many motoristscan be a model of the radio antenna "Triad VA 63-01". This device is equipped with a rod, the length of which is 40 cm. It provides reception comparable to an antenna length of 70-100 cm. The wound wire provides a high level of functionality that exceeds many of the shortened models.

A similar antenna with a 45 cm long rodis installed on such models of cars as Chevrolet and "Niva" as a standard luxury package. It is recommended to install it on the front of the roof of the machine. The device is leakproof and waterproof.

It is possible to list several features of the antenna mentioned above:

  1. It replaces the regular cutting model for domestic and foreign machines.
  2. Its mortise installation is carried out on the wing or the roof.
  3. The angle of inclination is from 0 to 90 degrees.
  4. The reception of waves of VHF, FM, AM.

"Morena de Lux 27 MHz"

Car Antenna for Radio Stationdomestic manufacturer has a magnificent appearance. Its height is 15 cm. The model is capable of providing a high level of purity of signal reception. Presetting is easy: the top of the device has a screw that is adjustable with a conventional screwdriver.

Positive aspects of the product:

  • attractive design;
  • low response to interference;
  • compactness;
  • high level of protection against bad weather.

But in the case of coloring in a bright color, the antennabecomes similar to special means, which will surely attract the attention of the traffic police. And the level of efficiency is much lower than the standard analogues, whose length is 150 cm.

"Scat AV-23" - radio antenna at an acceptable price

This car aerial for the radio stationhas high quality and reasonable cost. Due to the stabilizer in the construction, it is not afraid of voltage drops. The device has a small amount of extraneous noise and interference. A cable length of 275 cm is included in the package. This allows you to mount the device in a new way.

Pros of the product:

  • The device functions well both in a large city and in the district;
  • the main wires are shielded;
  • there is a blue light;
  • the product has an attractive look.

The minus of the device is one - the presence of thick antennae for fixing the device. They stand out on the windshield.

Foreign analog FM Calearo ANT 7727085

Active antenna for car radio stationfrom the Italian manufacturer, installed on the roof, will allow receiving radio waves, watching digital television broadcasting and catching GPS signals. The set includes two cables of 5 m for television and GPS.

Active antenna for car radio station

The firm promises the best reception of a signal - at correct adjustment and installation it is really achievable. The antenna is presented in different colors: white, black and red models.


  • universal device;
  • attractive appearance;
  • practical use (easy to clean);
  • the antenna itself is short and does not touch the branches;
  • the mass of the device is small, is 440 g.


  • high price;
  • To connect a TV tuner you need to purchase additional wiring;

does not include a cord for FM

SIRIO T3-27 MAG - the best car antenna on the magnet

The device from the Italian manufacturer is distinguisheda small height and an optimal level of work. The magnet on the stainless steel pin provides an easy attachment to the body of the machine. The antenna functions with radio stations of the civil band. The maximum input power rating is 100 watts.

Pros of the device:

  • compact and lightweight device (weight 400 g);
  • The presence of a screw for height adjustment (the device can be extended by 3 cm).


  • The design is unstable at high speed (above 120 km / h);
  • The device is narrowband and does not work without configuration.

Calearo ANT 76 77 901 - a good outdoor car antenna

This antenna is also very attractivedesign. It is installed on the back of the roof at an angle of 60 degrees. The required voltage for operation varies from 10 to 16 watts. The length of the rod is 41 cm.


  • high level of signal;
  • high-quality fastening, allowing the device to stay in a stable position even at high vehicle speeds;
  • presence of high protection against interference;
  • strong body.


  • if the nominal hole is not approached, then the installation of the antenna is complicated and it is necessary to drill the roof;
  • The device requires timely cleaning of dust and dirt.

Which antennas are better for an automotive radio station?

On which radio antenna to choose

Many are wondering about which antennasit is better for a radio station (automotive). Choosing a model with optimal technical parameters and a high level of functionality is not an easy task, therefore we advise you to seek help from people who understand this matter. The main thing is to clearly imagine for what purpose you decided to purchase the device.

If you own the most ordinary radio incar and, in addition to radio, you do not need anything, then there is no point in buying a heaped device that costs far from cheap. It will be enough to buy the same "Skat".

If, for example, you are a taxi driver, then it will not be superfluousacquisition of a more serious model. Do not forget about the important fact that the radius of high-quality reception of modern radio antenna models, despite the manufacturers' assurances, rarely exceeds 40 km.

It is important to correctly install and adjust the device.

Antenna for radio station

How to make a radio antenna yourself?

Antenna for radio stationhands is done quite simply. The main thing here is saving money, and the quality of the handicraft device is in no way inferior to the purchase analog. And to make a radio antenna yourself, you should prepare:

  • anchor bolt;
  • welding machine for cold welding;
  • copper wire.


The anchor bolt along its entire lengthit is necessary to wind a wire from copper. The wrapping is done in two layers. On top of the bolt wire should be soldered. The resulting structure is screwed into the socket of the device located on the roof of the machine.

Work with cold welding is carried out only in gloves, which are wetted with cold water. This will make it possible to avoid their adhesion to the skin of the hands.

The base of the antenna is sealed by means of a transparent self-adhesive film to avoid contact with the plastic. Cold welding is applied to the rod evenly, so that it becomes even.

To the antenna was given an aesthetic appearance, afterhardening rod is processed by emery. If the surface has become rough, then you need to unscrew the bolt and make it on the lathe. The surface is primed and covered with several layers of paint under the color of the car. Preference is given to matte paint. It can hide all the irregularities on the surface of the product.

Homemade car antenna for the radio station

Homemade car antenna forthe radio station will last you for a decade. It is perfectly mounted on any model of the car and carries out reception of radio waves even far from a large settlement.

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