Ask a dream book: what hairy legs portend?

In our world, one cannot be one hundred percent sure of anything. It would seem quite natural that the ratio of the sexes to the woolly body is different. However, there are some controversial issues. Clarify the dream book. have similar meanings for men and women. Interesting? Let's figure it out.

dream hairy legs

Female dream book

Hairy legs are a very sure sign of marriage. And it will be pleasant and joyful for the woman. The lady will manage her husband, to manage his affairs. And he will obey not just unquestioningly, but with great eagerness. So says the dream book. The hairy legs were not at the pretty woman, but at the gentleman, which means that career matters would be in jeopardy. A woman can be fired from her job for a contrived, terribly offensive reason. It will be even worse when the beauty realizes that she does not have any other place of service. It is necessary, in addition to the will, to look for a husband in order not to die of hunger. However, this is not as bad as it seems, the dream book claims.

To see hairy legs with friends - to take unexpected visitors. The meeting will be pleasant and useful, according to the source. Prepare well, because the guests will not come empty-handed. They need to feed and entertain. If a woman wants, but is not able to, remove the hair from her legs, her throwing, connected with her career, will be in vain. Most likely, her current duty station is perfect for her. She is still looking for where the grass is greener and the sun is warmer. Do not rush things after such a dream. Soon the soul will calm down, and the world will appear in a different, more positive light. It turns out that no need to run anywhere. And here is good.

dream book see hairy legs

Family Dream

Hairy legs in men's dreams speak of career success. Such a son of Adam should aggressively promote his projects and ideas. He has been on the right path for a long time, even if he has not yet felt this himself. Sleep suggests that those dividends ahead are already looming on which a person deserves. Not far off is the time of triumph and enjoyment. When the lady saw the male limbs covered with thick "hair" in a dream, she would lead a large number of people. She is most likely a leader by nature.We'll have to take responsibility for the team. A man in night dreams surprised by the fact that the beauty has hairy legs means falling into an awkward position. His amorous affair with a captive woman will be made public. But not for this, people will condemn him. Will reveal the secret plan of the dreamer to enrich themselves by seducing a married lady. Shame is waiting for such an insidious idiot.

Dream Dream

This source suggests recalling the color of the hair covering the limbs. It turns out that this fact can play a role in the interpretation of the image. If the "wool" was of red color, then the material benefits are much higher in value than spirituality for a person, says the dream book.dream interpretation hairy legsHairy legs - generally a good sign, profitable. But in a sense, they emphasize a bias in the worldview. Red hair - a tip to think more about eternal values. Black - more to deal with urgent matters. After all, dreams and high aspirations are good when a career is established and money comes without interruption. If you soar in the clouds, doing nothing, then certainly there will be difficulties. About them and warn black hair on his legs.

What is the similarity of interpretations for men and women?

This is a valid question. After all, from the text it appears that women see such a vision as a spouse, and men - a career. Although, it is necessary to note for fairness, probably a different interpretation of dreams. Hairy legs actually say that a person should concentrate his strength on divine destiny. To the sons of Adam - to provide for the family, to the daughters of Eve - on spiritual comfort and the creation of joy. Who came to the world for what, and to do that! This is the semantic coincidence of these interpretations.

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