Bathroom design ideas: choose walls, ceiling, layout - 70 photos

Bathroom - one of the main parts of modern housing. If you can do without a dining room, a large living room or an office, without a comfortable bathroom - no. They spend a lot of time in it, put themselves in order and relax.

Unfortunately, the bathrooms in the old high-rise buildings are deprived of both attention and space. thereforeproper use of space in the bathroom is very important. Designer tricks and everyday life hacking help save space and use it wisely.

Modern bathroom designs combine style with ergonomics and functionality. Comfortable can be beautiful, and beautiful - convenient.

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The design of a small bath - we increase the space

Most often, the size of a small bathroom is 4 square meters, and sometimes 2.5 square meters. But even on such a square they make a practical and beautiful bathroom. The main thing is to adhere to the following principles:

  • Use built-in furniture.
  • Do not use a lot of jewelry and accessories.
  • Make the bathroom in bright colors.
  • Use mirrors.
  • Extend the bathroom in width and height using horizontal and vertical lines.
  • Hiding plumbing in niches and lockers
  • Do not litter the bathroom with unnecessary objects

One of the most suitable styles for a modern bath in a small square is minimalism. Simplicity and brevity fit into any room without cluttering it. In the interior is better to uselarge tile, reflective surfaces, cold and light colors, diluted with bright accents.

Minimalism in a small bathroom.

Minimalism in a small bathroom.

Sometimes at arrangement of a small bathroom install a shower cabin. It is more compact and leaves a little more free space. 20-30 additional centimeters are due to the "recessed" in the wall of the toilet,the tank of which goes deep into the wall.

Tank toilet "hidden" in the step.

Tank toilet "hidden" in the step.

The bath is increased visually due to light colors, reflective surfaces and large tiles.
The light shade of the walls and large tiles make the bathroom more visually.

The light shade of the walls and large tiles make the bathroom more visually.

Attention to the ceiling - an unusual decoration of the bathroom

Sometimes there is simply not enough space to decorate the bathroom. The decor elements do not fit or do not fit the style. Then they resort to an interesting solution - they focus on the ceiling. This is a great solution for a small bathroom, made in white to expand the space. A bright ceiling is an unbeatable and inexpensive way to make a bathroom unique.

Bright multi-colored ceiling in a small white bathroom attracts attention.

Bright multi-colored ceiling in a small white bathroom attracts attention.

For decoration ceilings use:

  • Moisture-Proof Vinyl Wallpaper
  • Plaster
  • Whitewash
  • Drywall
  • Stretch ceiling
  • Tree
  • Plastic

Plastic - cheap and cheerful

Plastic ceilings are practical and inexpensive. They do not have to mess around for a long time, they are easy to install, they are mounted lighting. Paint plastic in any color, on the market a lot of plastic panels, made under the tree.

The bathroom is tiled under stone, and the ceiling is made of plastic with a contrasting color, resembling wood.

Stretch ceilings to be!

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom - not very common practice. And in vain.The film is not afraid of water, even saves from flooding. They are easy to care for, just wash.Installation does not take much time, and serves such a ceiling is notless than 15 years.

In terms of design, suspended ceiling is a great solution. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of colors and types. Glossy stretch ceilings visually enlarge the bathroom. In order for the film to blend in with the interior, it is enough to add an element of the same color to the room as the ceiling or play on the contrast.

Stretch ceilings of the best quality - French and German. Next come the Belgian. The most unreliable - Chinese.

The stretch ceiling of chocolate color is combined with butterflies, creating smooth transition from a light tile to a dark film of a ceiling.

The black film shades the white part of the ceiling and tiles, combined with the same black accent on the wall.

The light tension flow of the same color as the walls visually enlarges the room, making it lighter and more spacious.

So that the bathroom does not look monotonous, it is decorated with tiles of a different color. Together with a stretch ceiling, the room looks larger.


Cheap, simple, but not very good option. It is not resistant to moisture and does not look beautiful. To such a ceiling does not spoil the interior, you need to be able to beat it.

Whitewashing looks beautiful due to the large chandeliers and baguettes.

Painting the ceiling - remove all restrictions

Paint is a better option than whitewashing. It looks better, and allows you to paint the ceiling in absolutely any color. The desired shade is obtained by mixing the two colors, which can not be done with other types of finishes. For the bathroom chooseacrylic paintas it is more resistant to moisture. Before painting the surface must be leveled.

With the help of paint on the ceiling create drawings, patterns, artistic compositions. Using stencils put simple images. This is easy to do, so the ceiling is often painted independently.

With the help of ordinary paint in the bathroom created a gentle blue sky. This solution is unbeaten and fits most interiors.

The small room was visually enlarged by painting the walls and ceiling with different tones of the same color. This creates a smooth transition and expands the narrow bathroom.

In the snow-white bathroom the only bright, but at the same time gentle focus on the pink-painted ceiling. He added a beautiful chandelier.

Wooden ceiling - natural luxury

Wooden ceiling in the bathroom - a rare but beautiful solution. Before installation, it must be treated, impregnated with special substances. Then it does not spoil from moisture and lasts longer.

Untreated wood is not used in the bathroom.It deteriorates under the influence of moisture.

The wood ceiling in the bathroom is suitable for loft, country or even antique style. Best of all, wood is combined with stone, therefore, a single design is maintained in the interior, wooden elements are added to the decor. A bonus to the appearance of the tree is itsmagic smell.

For the room in bright colors picked up the same light wood. This creates a feeling of comfort and completeness of the design idea.

The ceiling is made of vertically attached wooden bars. Light bulbs are mounted among them.

The wooden ceiling complements the parquet and the walls lined with large stone.

Wooden ceiling perfectly complements the design in the style of a loft. Natural materials are well combined with each other and create a cozy atmosphere.

The modern bathroom in a minimalist design blends perfectly with a wooden ceiling. The warm shade of the boards makes the room more comfortable.

Ceiling made of drywall - hide flaws

Plasterboard ceiling is an inexpensive and practical solution. It is easy to mount it, even cope with it independently. Gypsum plasterboard structures hide irregularities, defects, they conduct wiring. The main thing is to choosemoisture resistant drywall.

The lack of a plasterboard ceiling is that it makes a smaller room with a low ceiling even smaller and lower. Therefore, you need to carefully choose the color and shape of the structure.

In the ceiling of plasterboard mounted additional lighting than make the bathroom more spacious and bright.

With the help of drywall, a part of the ceiling is visually separated, which is then painted. It does not have to be a drawing, it is often painted in a bright or contrasting color.

In the drywall ceiling, the lights are mounted in such a way that the design zoned the room and evenly illuminated the bathroom at different angles.

Vinyl wallpaper - exotic or practical?

Vinyl wallpapers are expensive but durable. They look beautiful, they can be painted. Vinyl wallcovering withstand moisture, temperature drops, long retain an attractive appearance. Sticky does not require much effort.

The combination of contrasting vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom beats even monotonous interior.

Vinyl wallpaper is chosen not only in different colors, but also textures.

Vinyl wallpaper of rich black color beautifully complements the black and white bathroom. They suit rooms in any style.

Combined bathroom - use the space at 100%

The attitude to the combined bathroom is ambiguous. For some, it is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but for someone it is a practical way to save space. Sometimes there is simply no choice, and you need to fit all the plumbing in one room. With the right approach, they do it beautifully and compactly.

One of the main requirements when planning a combined bathroom is powerful ventilation and rational use of space. The appearance of the bathroom in this case spoils a huge number of pipes and protruding plumbing. Therefore pipeshiding in lockers, and plumbing are trying to make the built-in and as much as possible "recessed" into the wall.

The toilet is separated from the bathroomscreen, bamboo partitions, curtains, frosted glass. Sometimes the room is zoned only visually. Most often, the toilet is mounted in the corner of the room so that it takes up as little space as possible. If the bathroom is very small, instead of a bathroombuy a shower cabin.

For storage in a small bathroom combined usehigh racks and shelves, the space under the sink and above the drain tank. The room is not cluttered with massive accessories and extra things. Washing machine and laundry basket is better to put in the kitchen or in the hallway.

In small square-shaped bathrooms it is advantageous to install a corner shower. This allows you to effectively use the corner of the bathroom and leave the two adjacent walls almost free. So fit the toilet, washbasin, cabinets and even a laundry basket.

The shower stall is partitioned off from the rest of the bathroom by glass partitions. If there are several people in the family, it is better when the glass is frosted. The interior uses calm colors andplay on contrasts for a visual increase in space.

Most often, in a narrow bathroom, a toilet is installed between a washbasin and a shower or bathtub. This does not interfere with moving around the bathroom and saves free space.

A place to store things is allocated under the sink, mounting cabinets there. So hide the pipes and gently fold bath accessories.

Instead of a rectangular shower, a bathroom is installed, which is separated from the rest of the room by a curtain or partition.

In the design often use light colors.Freshness is added to the bathroom using colorful rugs, which do not clutter up the space, but complement the design.

Wall decoration in the bathroom

The choice of finishing for the walls in the bathroom - the longest and difficult process. It depends on the financial possibilities, taste, size of the room and style. Some materials are not suitable for small bathrooms, and some do not like the ingress of water. For wall decoration use:

  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Tile
  • A rock
  • Plastic panels
  • Tree

Wall paint

Paint for a bathroom choose moisture resistant. Most often use one of types of aqueous emulsion ink. It may beacrylic, latex or silicone.The most popular acrylic. It is inexpensive and fits well on the surface. Latex paint creates a film that additionally protects against dirt and water. Silicone paint has a vapor-proof structure.

  • Acrylic.
  • Latex.
  • Silicone.

Traditional white walls in the bathroom. Shower cubicle tiled. So that the paint goes well, the walls must be leveled.

With the help of paint, two walls were made bright, the rest were left white. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate a bathroom.

The muted warm color of paint is perfectly set off by dark wood furniture. A big plus is painting the walls in the bathroom - the ability to choose any shade.

With the help of blue paint on the walls make the texture, resembling waves. It turns out fresh and unusual.

Bathroom wallpaper

Wallpapers in the bathroom - an unusual decision, but it deserves attention. This wall decoration is not expensive and quick: wallpaper is easy to glue. Buy moisture-proof wallpaper that does not soak from the water and are not afraid of moisture. They pick upThe right adhesives suitable for use in the bathroom.(with anti-fungal properties, with increased adhesion). At the same time, betterDo not glue wallpaper right near the sink, bathtub or shower.

There are wallpapers of various colors on the market, with various patterns, patterns, textures. itcheap and easy way make the bathroom unique. Wallpaper glued to all walls or only one, or part thereof. So zoned space or make bright accents, choosing wallpaper in a contrasting color or with a catchy pattern.

Another advantage -the ability to quickly paste and re-stick the wallpaper manually . If tastes change often, another repair or change of decor is planned - wallpaper is a very practical solution.

For sticking in the bathroom, vinyl, washable, self-adhesive liquid or glass wall coverings are most often chosen.Washablethe most common. They are inexpensive, they can be cleaned with a sponge, they do not swell or stick out. But they do not maintain frequent direct contact with water.Vinyl wallpapers  in this regard, more resistant, but the price is higher.Self adhesive wallpaper - this is a film that repels water. The main drawback is the poor selection of colors and designs.

Liquid wallpapergenerally not susceptible to moisture, and if you cover them with acrylic varnish, they become waterproof.Glass fiber moisture is not absorbed in principle. They are durable and eco-friendly, repaint them up to 20 times with moisture-resistant paints.

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