Bolognese sauce - the perfect combination

Classic sauce "Bolognese" always involves the use of two types of minced meat - it is best to use a combination of pork and beef. With the help of beef, the dish will be given aroma and satiety, and with the help of pork, the sauce will be saturated, but melting in your mouth. Even small changes in the recipe can allow you to create your own version of tastes, but tomato paste, wine and vegetables are required.

Classic Italy

bolognese sauceSpaghetti with Bolognese sauce is a classic Italian dish. The recipe in which canned tomatoes and cheese are used is one of the closest to the original. The number of products here is for four servings. Everyone knows that the sauce for the future is not prepared. The volume of products, of course, can be increased. It is best to take parmesan cheese, but if you can’t buy it, you can limit yourself to any hard cheese. Pasta with Bolognese sauce allows such a substitute, but for other products, however, Parmesan will be the best option.To prepare the dish, you need a large and deep pan.


spaghetti with bolognese sauce250 grams of minced pork need 250 grams of minced beef, 300 milliliters of milk, 30 milliliters of dry white or red wine, two jars of canned tomatoes (about 800 grams), two cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of olive oil, 25 grams of butter, onions, carrots , a little celery and 85 grams of pancetta.

How to make bolognese sauce?

First you need to peel the garlic and skip it through the garlic. Then olive oil is poured into the pan, butter is added, everything is stirred. Vegetables are finely cut and added to the pan along with garlic, pancetta. If suddenly someone does not know, pancetta is pork belly. All together, roasted for 10 minutes. Vegetables should become soft and golden hue. However, it should not turn brown.

The second stage of cooking

bolognese sauceNext, mince is added to the Bolognese sauce and everything is thoroughly stirred. In the pan, he must disperse so that there are no lumps left. When the stuffing starts to turn red and crust over, you need to pour in the milk and increase the heat so that the sauce can drift a little and soak into the meat. If the milk starts to turn off, do not worry.In the process of further preparation, the coiled pieces will disappear. Then wine pours in and everything is boiled over high heat again.

Completion of the sauce

After that, tomato paste and tomatoes are added to the Bolognese sauce. They must be chopped or crushed. Then the sauce is complemented by spices - salt, pepper and herbs. The fire increases again to make the sauce boil. The whole mass should be properly mixed and cooked over low heat with the lid ajar for two hours. Stir the sauce a couple of times an hour. During this time, it will acquire a thick and brilliant texture. Without fire sauce must brew about half an hour. Sauce "Bolognese" is perfect for pasta, mashed potatoes, vegetables. Top it can be sprinkled with parmesan.

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