Can I go to the sauna?

Nowadays, a sauna for many people is not just a type of leisure, but also a prerequisite for preserving the beauty and health of the body. The benefits of the sauna are as follows:

  • blood circulation in the skin increases, fine wrinkles disappear, vessels expand, fill with blood, pores open, you can make a deep cleaning of the skin;
  • fatigue, stress;
  • the body’s resistance to colds increases, immunity is strengthened;
  • joints, respiratory and cardiovascular systems are strengthened;
  • slags and excess fluid are removed from the body;
  • calories burned, excess weight goes away.

But, despite all these advantages, in some cases, visiting the sauna is contraindicated. You need to know whether it is possible to go to the sauna for you in each particular situation. Consider factors such as health, age and special circumstances.

Is it possible for pregnant women in the sauna

In the old days it would have never occurred to anyone to ask a similar question. Baths or, as they say now, saunas are the health and purification of the whole organism.Now, modern women understand that time is different, the body of people is not so strong, the environment is bad, so they think whether pregnant women can be in a sauna. Many gynecologists prohibit baths and saunas during pregnancy. Everything is very individual: one will have no consequences, and the second may come out with the threat of premature birth. All this, of course, words, so consider the rules of visiting the sauna during pregnancy.

  • Pregnant women should have excellent health.
  • Up to 5-6 months of pregnancy steamy avoid.
  • In the steam room can be no more than 5 minutes.
  • If a woman feels unwell, you must immediately go to the waiting room, sit down, wash your face with cool water.
  • Head in the steam room cover hat.
  • Observe hygiene. In order not to get fungal infections, always go to the sauna in rubber slippers, use your personal towel, put your bedding on the benches.
  • It is recommended to go to the sauna with someone, not to go alone.

Is it possible to nursing in the sauna

Let's judge by logic: for a woman to have milk, it is very important for her to drink plenty of fluids. And, as you know, in the sauna you sweat, the body loses the fluid necessary for the production of milk.And it is not yet fully established. Doctors disagree on whether it is possible to go to the sauna when breastfeeding. It is better to limit it immediately after delivery.

  • Do not go to the sauna with postpartum bleeding.
  • More often than once a week you should not go to the sauna.
  • Consult a doctor.
  • No more than 3 visits to the steam room for 5 minutes or less.

Sauna and monthly

Doctors do not advise going to the sauna during menstruation. The fact is that during menstruation it is better to avoid temperature changes at all (you cannot sit in a hot bath, baths and saunas are not recommended). No tampons will help, since a rise in temperature will still affect the behavior of the uterus and increase blood flow. Menstruation may become more intense, some may face bleeding. Basically they say that during menstruation you can in the sauna, those who went there without consequences. But all individually. In addition, the risk of catching an infection on critical days is much higher.

Sauna and diseases

There are contraindications to visiting the sauna for various human diseases. So please pay attention to the following:

  • oncological diseases,
  • respiratory diseases
  • hearts,
  • skin problems
  • infections,
  • tuberculosis,
  • complicated pregnancy.

As a rule, doctors forbid to go to the sauna and bath in such cases. We highly recommend asking a simple question to your doctor: can you go to the sauna?

And what if your temperature is elevated? Common cold: cough, runny nose easily treated in the bath. And with the temperature in the sauna or not, anyone will say: of course, it is impossible! Body temperature in the sauna will increase even more, in addition, the load will increase in the heart. With the flu in any case do not go to the steam room!

Also, finally, I want to remind you, be careful with the use of large amounts of food and alcohol in front of a sauna.

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