Can nursing mother bananas?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
December 6, 2012
Can nursing mother bananas?

It's no secret that in the first months after childbirth, breastfeeding women are advised to follow a strict diet in order not to harm the baby. This is due to possible unpleasant reactions in the baby. For example, can a nursing mother bananas? Now we find out.

First of all, a banana is a tropical fruit. It contains a lot of microelements. This is iron, calcium, and even phosphorus. It is also a remedy for constipation. It is caused by a large amount of potassium. Banana is not just a fruit, but also one of the most important vitamins. It normalizes the work of the stomach, intestines and cleanses the body. Moreover, it increases the level of endorphins - “hormones of happiness”, which is so necessary for women in the postpartum period.

Can nursing mother bananas? Doctors say that it is possible and even necessary, only in small quantities. Since this fruit almost does not cause allergies, there is nothing to be afraid of nursing mothers.

A banana is largely beneficial, but in addition to its beneficial properties, it can cause a child to ferment in the intestines, leading to colic. Therefore, you should introduce bananas into the diet carefully. This is what doctors advise:

  • Eat 1 banana per day.
  • Do not eat bananas at night.
  • Do not eat overripe bananas.

Failure to follow these rules can lead to constipation. If you are worried about the baby, then it is very easy to check if he is allergic to a banana. Eat bananas, but watch how the baby’s body reacts to your milk. If there is no redness and other adverse reactions, then everything is in order, there is no allergy.

Eat bananas for health, because they are so nutritious! But do not forget about the warnings of doctors, and then no allergies you are not afraid.

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