Cat Dandruff: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The owners of cats know how unpleasant, stroking his beloved animal, to detect scales of dandruff on his skin. The cat's body is designed so that new cells are constantly being developed and old cells are being dumped. This process is invisible to humans, since its speed is very small. But if the cycle is accelerated for some reason, the owner begins to notice dandruff in the cat. The fur is clogged and looks very messy, so the owner needs to take dander

Sometimes the external presence of scales may be accompanied by the excitement of the cat: it scratches and bites itself. In this case, you need to reduce the animal to the veterinarian, so that it excludes possible diseases and fungal lesions. Depending on the number and location of the nature of dandruff may be localized or generalized, if it is located throughout the body.

When dandruff occurs in a cat, the reasons should be considered as a whole. Most often, it appears on the back, although it can be found on any part of the body. Dandruff can be any color: there are white, yellow, brown and black flakes.The size can also be any. Sometimes cells are rejected by whole plates, which can be both dry and greasy. If the flakes stick together, a crust forms.

What can cause dandruff?

Any problem with the pet's skin indicates that there is something wrong with the functioning of the internal organs. In order not to start a situation, it is necessary to regularly comb the cat's coat and monitor its condition. In the case when the shine is gone or it is excessively disheveled, it is better to show your pet to the vet. If dandruff develops in a cat, the reasons for this may be completely different. Experts identify the main ones:

  • Wrong and unbalanced nutrition.
  • Lack of vitamins.
  • Allergies to certain foods or feed. Chemical reactions that are in commercial feeds can cause a reaction.
  • Irritation caused by the use of cosmetics.
  • Parasites settled on the skin of a cat.
  • Bacterial diseases.
  • Hormonal disorders and other imbalances in the body.
  • Violations of the organs of the intestinal tract and failure in the functioning of metabolic processes.
  • Nervous loads or stressful situations.
  • Frequent contact of wool with water.
  • Improper brushing and insufficient care of the coat.
  • Lack of vegetable oil.
  • Overweight in an animal.
  • Sometimes dandruff in cats can appear when excessive dryness is observed in the room. As a rule, it is accompanied by cracks in the pads.

After analyzing the reasons, you need to eliminate all possible and observe whether dandruff disappears. If the white flakes still appear, you should show the animal to the dander causes

How to start treatment

Before you go to an appointment with a specialist, you need to create ideal conditions for your cat and take care of her according to all the rules. If the animal dandruff in large quantities and climbs wool, you need to provide it with vitamin A. It normalizes the condition of the skin and gives shine to the coat.

What to do

In no case should we leave the problem without attention. If it is not possible to identify the cause, it is necessary to make a biochemical blood test and to scrap the skin. In the case when the dandruff in the cat appears again and again, it is useful to carry out antiparasitic treatment.First of all, veterinarians are advised to hold a standard set of activities.the cat has dandruff on the back

Pay attention to food

Chemical additives and preservatives in commercial feeds can cause various skin problems. Proper diet and high quality foods tend to help get rid of dandruff. For 4-6 weeks, the pet should eat only homemade food. When the diet is over, you need to choose commercial food with great responsibility.

If a cat has dandruff, you should add vitamin A and fatty acids to its diet. You can give your pet special vitamins, which will appoint a veterinarian. They will help relieve inflammation of the skin and make the coat shiny. You can offer a cat 1-2 tsp. per day of vegetable oil. Polyunsaturated acids are sold at the pharmacy, and there is also a complex of vitamins available for purchase.

When the animal's body is weakened, it is useful for him to use immunostimulating and immunomodulating drugs. Assigning them yourself is not worth it, it is better to consult a dander what to do

Change the usual ways of care

Often the question: "The cat has dandruff.What to do? ”Greatly worries the hosts and makes them anxious. Sometimes it is enough to simply abandon the usual means to care for wool or change them to others. During treatment, it is necessary to abandon the hair dryer, as hot air can worsen the skin condition.

Owners of cats who are faced with such a problem, must necessarily conduct antiparasitic treatment and make sure that the room is not too dry. If necessary, it makes sense to install a humidifier. Regular shampoo is better to change to the one that is designed to remove dandruff.

Dandruff or fungus?

Trying to determine the reason why the cat has dandruff on the back, you need to know that the defeat by parasites can be accompanied by the appearance of scales on the skin. This is due to the release of toxins that cause irritation. In addition, the cat's coat does not look the best way: it rolls down and climbs in separate areas.dandruff cat treatment

The reaction to the vital activity of parasites can manifest itself not only as an itch, but also in the form of dandruff. Cats rub against walls and other surfaces, and the desiccated areas disappear by themselves.But the final diagnosis can only be made by a veterinarian after an examination.

If a month has passed, but the dandruff has not disappeared, there is no point in pulling further, you should consult a doctor. He will determine why dandruff appeared in the cat, treatment will prescribe effective, which will help get rid of the problem.

Excessive cat weight

Due to the extra kilos, the animal cannot always carefully care for all parts of its body, therefore the dandruff on the back of the cat appears in whole layers. To solve this problem, it is necessary to reduce the caloric content of food and balance the diet.

Sun exposure

In cats that spend a lot of time under the open sun, dandruff may appear due to increased dryness of the skin. In addition, under the influence of ultraviolet cells die off with increased speed. If the animal is free to go outside, it is better to settle it in the room for a while.

Grooming and the environment

It is very important to properly comb the cat. This should be done regularly. Daily massaging the skin with a brush or a special comb stimulates the growth of wool. Also during combing improves blood circulation, which has a beneficial effect on skin health.the cat got dandruff

The pet owner needs to establish whether the habitual environment of the cat has changed.She may have a new bedding or toilet litter. It is necessary to establish what can be an allergic reaction in an animal. It is more expedient to transfer the pet temporarily to another room, perhaps irritation is caused by something that cannot be removed.

Folk recipes

why do cats have dandruff on their backsWell help to get rid of the problem of care products containing salicylic acid or zinc. You can use burdock or olive oil. It must be rubbed into the skin of the animal before bathing. After several treatments, itching and scales will disappear.

A day later, you need to rinse the cat infusion series, brewing three spoons per liter of boiling water. You can moisten a cotton pad and wipe your pet's skin.

Dandruff prevention

In order not to disturb dandruff in a cat, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures. The room should always have an appropriate level of humidity, as well as free water for the animal.

Do not bathe your pet in very hot water. But a comfortable bath will help the body to preserve moisture.

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