Causes of eye redness - what are they?

Red eyes - symptoms of inflammation

The surface of the eyeballs is completely dotted with the smallest blood vessels. They are due to the influence of various factors expand, because of what the whites of the eyes noticeably redden. And therefore there is a reason to develop a topic called "causes of redness of the eyes." If pus appears during reddening, visual impairment is felt and itching is felt, then it is worth the alert, as these are signs of infectious inflammation.

Eye flushed

Treatment of inflammation

To cure such redness of the eye, it is necessary to urgently seek help from an ophthalmologist. Almost every person faced such a problem - the eye turned red, acquired a scarlet color, but besides this, there are no unpleasant sensations. The scarlet eyes give a person a sick and tired look, and in no way make a good impression. Naturally, everyone has the desire in this situation to find out the causes of redness of the eyes and resort to all sorts of measures so that the vessels narrow and the redness subside.

Eye drops from rednessHelp with redness: drops

In this case, you will need to apply a drop in the eye from redness.Nowadays, there are quite a lot of them - the same well-known drugs "Vizin", "Sofradex" and others. These medicines are irreplaceable if a person woke up in the morning and found that his eyes had become scarlet. And today you need to look as good as possible, since there will be an important meeting. It is impossible in any case to neglect drugs, because the redness can turn into chronic.

Causes of redness

Causes of eye rednessNow it is worth considering in more detail the causes of redness of the eyes. The most common - lack of sleep, a large amount of time spent reading, watching TV or a computer. If it happened that you often have to strain your eyes behind a computer monitor or behind papers for a long time, then you just need a rest. And then there will be no need for treatment, because the eyes will rest and relax. Even more common cause is wearing lenses. They have a certain period of operation and, if they are not changed after this period, they will rub the cornea very hard. Therefore, the lenses should be used according to the rules, taking them off at night and leaving them in storage for storage.And be sure to change after the expiration of wearing. Also, the causes of eye redness can be as follows - frost, animal hair, poor makeup, dust, wind, etc. This greatly affects the eyes of those who are allergic. It happens that the redness may appear due to the fact that the mucous eye is very dry. A similar problem usually occurs for those people who live in an area with a hot and dry climate, as well as for those who work at a computer and are in a room in which air conditioning is constantly turned on. Symptoms of dry eyes are redness, fatigue, cutting, feeling of “mote” in the eye, photophobia. And these are very serious signs in order to consult a doctor. It is impossible to delay with this, because the eyes are alone for the rest of their lives, and it is better to give help in time than to engage in serious treatment and, possibly, resort to surgical intervention.

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Causes of redness of the eyes - what they are 67

Causes of redness of the eyes - what they are 87

Causes of redness of the eyes - what they are 58

Causes of redness of the eyes - what they are 93

Causes of redness of the eyes - what they are 67

Causes of redness of the eyes - what they are 86