Ceiling ledge - without it

Ceiling cornice is aThe construction, which is based on a plastic profile, equipped with special guides - grooves. They insert hooks for curtains or hangers for hinges. At the moment there are a lot of options for bundling, and the choice depends on what features the window structure has. Than it will be more difficult, the more interesting and attractive can be the overall composition of the interior.

Ceiling ledgeCeiling curtain rod at the momentis made of various materials, but the most convenient and functional is a product made of resilient, heavy-duty plastic that is wear-resistant, smooth, holistic in structure, which allows it to be used for all types of curtains. Inside, such products are usually hollow, which ensures their incredible lightness.

The maximum structural strength is ensured byInternal stiffeners located in the longitudinal and transverse directions. Due to these qualities, the ceiling cornice can be used to accommodate both heavy and light curtains. There are no dangerous or toxic compounds in the material of the product.

Cornice stringA wide range of rotary elements anddecorative bars allows you to embody various forms of any complexity. There are three-row rotary elements designed for complex windows, as well as single- and double-row components in the form of arcs. The presence in the collection of each manufacturer of a huge selection of colors allows you to find for the interior is this option, which will be most suitable. A single-row system has its advantages. Such a ceiling cornice can be added from individual elements, placing them in as many rows as required by the design idea. Thanks to this you can build truly incredible designs.

Using a polyurethane curtain rod, you can makea system of so-called Japanese curtains. Here, the plastic tire will serve as a functional and economical guide. Such cornices may well be the basis for Roman curtains.

Polyurethane curtain rodSince modern interiors are used inmostly plastic windows, the profile of the same material will be in harmony with the whole interior quite successfully. This will not break the aesthetics of the entire composition. Curtains on this cornice usually located strictly from the ceiling to the floor. This ensures minimal penetration of cold through possible window slots, and day and night protection from unnecessary light will be maximum.

Cornice-string is another kindthe holders of curtains, assuming convenience of use and simplicity of operation. It is fixed at a short distance from the window, allowing you to fasten the curtains on it as conveniently as possible. This view is usually attributed to the mini-cornices, since it does not take up much space on the ceiling.

It is worth saying that the final choice of this or that option depends entirely on your taste preferences.

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