Condiloma - what is it and how is it treated?

Not all women, and men attach importance to small growths that appeared in delicate places. Although it is better to seek help in a timely manner Human papillomavirus occurs quite often, it often “sleeps” and is found at certain times. Condyloma is a manifestation of the virus on the skin and mucous genital organs.

condyloma it


Genital warts occur due to infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). How can you get them? There are several ways, and the probability of infection in each is quite high. We list the main reasons due to which this pathology may occur in the body:

  • Infection occurs most often during unprotected sex. Even if a condom was used, a woman is likely to become infected if she is in contact with mucous membranes and skin affected by warts.
  • Infection can occur when using other people's personal hygiene items, household items.Women who visit saunas, baths, and pools that poorly observe their own hygiene are more prone to this.
  • When using potent drugs, stress can also cause warts. Photos of this disease confirm that the degree can be different, up to the appearance of a group of growths that form crusts.
  • Any failure of immunity, unbalanced diet can wake the virus.
  • Very often condylomas manifest themselves in the postpartum period and even during pregnancy. When the body works in the enhanced mode, it is rebuilt. The hormonal balance is disturbed, the female genitals become very vulnerable, and the virus, like many other infections, does not keep itself waiting.



Intimate genital warts often affect the mucous membranes of the genitals. Both women and men are equally susceptible to infection. Many people do not even suspect what the manifestations of the disease look like until they face the problem themselves. Condylomas in men (photos in the medical literature show numerous variations of this disease) quickly expand on the penis, the foreskin, head, bridle, less often the scrotum are affected. Condylomas grow in the groin and rectum.First, it is a pale gray or flesh-colored skin growth. Sizes can be from 2 mm to a centimeter and more. Over time, these warts cover a larger area and cause a lot of problems. In women, such growths appear on the labia, in the vagina, on the clitoris, and even on the cervix. In the latter case, the woman may not even be aware of their existence until the gynecologist finds them on examination.

The human papillomavirus penetrates into the human body through open lesions on the skin, mucous membranes - scratches and wounds.

There are no specific specific symptoms of condilomatosis. For many, genital warts not only impede normal sexual life, but are also a significant debilitating cosmetic defect. It is for this reason that the majority of victims are trying to quickly contact the specialists, undergo diagnosis and begin the correct treatment.

Condyloma in women and men. Diagnostics

On examination of the patient, the attending doctor can easily identify condyloma. Genital warts (photo demonstrates this) are difficult to confuse with other sores.For accurate confirmation of the diagnosis, the doctor will send for delivery of tests confirming that the human papillomavirus (HPV) has become the cause of the disease. Modern medicine makes an accurate analysis of PCR - epithelial scraping is taken from the mucous membranes, in which particles of the virus may be present. If condilomatosis is confirmed, one of the treatment options is assigned.


Removing warts

Genital warts today are successfully removed, only the procedure is more to the category of cosmetic surgery, you can not do it for free. Condyloma is a growth on the skin, mucous membrane, which can be removed in one of several ways. At the consultation with the doctor, the patient can make a choice, which of the removal methods is more preferable. We present several options (briefly):

  • Cryodestruction. Overgrowths are removed using liquid nitrogen. When freezing in the wart die protein cells, which leads to the disappearance of warts. A small wound appears in its place, it heals very quickly. Cryodestruction is a relatively inexpensive, painless, safe and very effective treatment method.With it, the symptoms of HPV on the skin are easily and quickly removed.
  • Electrocoagulation. With the help of electric current, condylomas are cauterized. This method is known in medicine for a long time, successfully practiced. It has its minus - the appearance of scars is possible, the patient experiences discomfort and soreness during the procedure.
  • Laser. Removal of papillomas with a laser. A relatively new, very effective way to treat condylomatosis. Condyloma under the influence of laser rays is destroyed, a scab forms at the site, which disappears after a while, the skin remains completely clean, without scars.
  • Radio wave method. Very effective and painless method. The cost of the procedure is quite high, so not everyone can afford this type.

after removing warts

  • Chemical destruction. This method is based on the use of chemicals (acids) by which the condyloma is burned. Typically, these drugs are made according to the prescriptions of the doctor in the pharmacy. It is necessary to apply means very carefully. Improper use can harm and leave burns on healthy skin and mucous membranes.

Spray "Epigen Intim"

Many patients remove warts with the help of the drug "Epigen Intim". The manufacturer of the tool is the multinational company Invar, the main specialization of which is the manufacture of dermatological and gynecological preparations. Available in spray cans, the volume of which is 15 or 60 ml. For ease of spraying, the cartridge has a dispenser. Perhaps intravaginal use - a special nozzle is included in the kit for this purpose.

The main active component of the spray "Epigen" - glycyrrhizinic acid, this substance is extracted from licorice root, it has a powerful antiviral effect.

In addition, the tool perfectly relieves itching and inflammation, stimulates the immune system for the ability to defend against disease organisms independently. Glycyrrhizinic acid destroys the DNA chains of papillomavirus cells and prevents their further reproduction.

The remarkable difference of this drug from other similar ones is that the acid does not cause burns on the skin, spray can be sprayed without any danger on the mucous membranes and skin. The substance acts very gently, but at the same time destroys the cells of HPV, herpes and other pathogens.

Spray application

Condyloma is a genital wart that Epigenen Intim spray can help get rid of. For treatment it is necessary to use one of the following schemes and recommended by the doctor:

  • The usual course of the disease requires treatment of the entire surface of the genital organs, affected by warts. It is necessary to cover the entire problem area with two sprays, leave it to dry completely. Use three times a day until complete recovery.
  • If genital warts are damaged, bleed, Epigen Intim is used for 10 days or more (before cure) 5 times a day. The drug is sprayed on the skin and mucous from a distance of 10-15 centimeters.
  • The latent course of the disease requires spraying the drug to the full area. External genitals are processed during the month three times a day.
  • After the HPV activity is extinguished, for another ten days, three times a day, it is necessary to carry out treatment with Epigen Intim spray.

In order to prevent, prevent the occurrence of condylomas in the presence of provoking factors, it is recommended to use this drug. What are these factors? Transferred diseases that weaken the immune system, exacerbation of pathologies, hypothermia, stress, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep.The scheme is used standard - three times a day. It is advisable to use the spray before and after intercourse for a period after getting rid of warts. Apply the tool to the external and internal genital organs. Those areas that have been affected by warts should be given special attention. It is advisable to spray intimate spray on the skin around the anus.

Laser therapy

The best method of removing condylomas is laser treatment. This innovative approach has received the most positive reviews. The procedure for removing condylomas laser is as follows.

The doctor acts on the neoplasms with a beam of light, due to the evaporation of the cells, the structure is destroyed and the warts die. The concentration of the beam falls on the blood microvessels that feed the warts. After removal of the condylo there are crusts (scabs), which soon disappear, and after a week there are no marks on the skin. The laser acts very accurately, healthy areas are not injured at all. The advantages of laser therapy include:

  • Bloodlessness
  • Fast recovery period.
  • Painlessness
  • The exclusion of self-infection.
  • Low relapse rate.
  • High sterility.
  • No damage to surrounding tissue.

genital warts

As a rule, after the use of laser scars and scarring almost does not remain. The procedure time with an average course of the disease takes from 10 to 30 minutes. Sometimes it takes 2-3 sessions.

Condylomas, the photos of which are presented in the article, are easily derived using a laser. After the procedure, it may show some discomfort, itching. This confirms the healing of the crusts. When compared with other methods, the recovery period is much shorter. The patient after the intervention must comply with the recommendations so that the recovery period is completed faster:

  • You can not visit the solarium.
  • Weight lifting is not recommended.
  • Impeccable personal hygiene.
  • Sometimes the prohibition of sexual contact.

Laser removal is usually combined with drug therapy to block the pathogen that is in the body.

Radio wave surgery

The radio wave non-invasive method is considered very effective. A condyloma is a growth that causes a lot of inconvenience to a person. Radio waves come to the rescue of this problem.

The doctor first anesthetizes the area where the intervention will take place. An anesthetic spray or cream is used for this purpose.

The essence of the method is the effect of high frequency radio streams on the warts. As a result, the pathological tissues themselves begin to release heat, it has a devastating effect on the growths. The procedure uses a special technique. In the process of overheating of the skin does not occur, however, the temperature becomes high to such an extent that all the microbes die. The procedure takes 10-30 minutes.

genital warts

After the procedure, patients recover very quickly, no complications arise. Radio waves allow you to handle even large areas. The following advantages of the procedure can be noted:

  • Healthy tissues are practically not injured, the risk is minimized.
  • Defects in the form of infiltrations, scars, edemas are completely excluded.
  • Bloodlessness
  • Painlessness
  • There is no contact with the skin.
  • Further development and spread of the virus is completely excluded.

For all the positive aspects, there are contraindications: the procedure is prohibited if the patient has an implanted device (for example, a pacemaker) or some kind of metal construction.


According to statistics, the most common are condylomas in women.Photos of warts look very unsightly, they bring a lot of aesthetic problems. Greater popularity has received the method of cryodestruction (exposure to liquid nitrogen). The bottom line - the effect on condyloma cold. The procedure uses liquid nitrogen (temperature -196 degrees). With a wetted applicator, the doctor handles the growths, freezing them. Condyloma with dying off and falling off. The wound heals for 10 days. The only contraindication is cold allergy. Positive points:

  • After the procedure, there are no defects on the skin.
  • Painlessness
  • The absence of contraindications (except for an allergic reaction to cold).

The disadvantage of the method is that a condyloma can return, which means it will again have to be treated. It happens that the recovery period lasts up to six months. Vast areas cannot be treated with nitrogen. If immunity is reduced, it is necessary to restore it before the procedure.

genital warts photo

Why do I need to remove warts

If there are condylomas on the body, treatment is simply necessary. At first glance it seems that the warts do not cause much harm, they do not hurt, do not get damaged, do not itch. In fact, they cause great harm to the body.The immune system is trying to cope on its own, and it does damage to it. Against the background of pathology in women can get an unpleasant smell with secretions. Suffers mental, emotional state.

For women, condylomatosis is most dangerous because it can trigger the development of a malignant tumor. In men, this probability is, but it is much less common. It is better to remove the condylomas, when there are only 1-2 of them, not to allow them to develop in colonies. A large number of warts is a real threat to the life of the patient. Many patients are afraid of the procedure of removing the warts, referring to the painful sensations. Everyone feels pain differently, because the pain threshold is different for everyone. In each individual case, this issue is discussed with the doctor, the patient can make the choice of anesthesia.

Before choosing a method, it is necessary to visit a doctor, women - a gynecologist, men - a urologist. The doctor will schedule a test and recommend the most appropriate method. Some method is cheaper, some more expensive, they differ in pain, periods of healing, recovery. The decisive word, of course, will be the patient himself.The main thing in this issue is to achieve the desired result: to be cured and be healthy.

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