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Consilium is a specific meeting held by experts from different industries, depending on the purpose of the meeting. For doctors, it is an examination of the patient and an opinion on his condition, for researchers - consultation about a particular development. And for teachers and psychologists - inspection of the kids.

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What is PMPK, and what goals does it have?

Psycho-medical-pedagogical consilium is a general consultation of psychologists, teachers and doctors in order to develop a specific development plan for each individual child. Most often held in institutions where there are children with disabilities. Children from this category are most in need of proper correctional education.

PMPK is created on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation of March twenty-two of the two thousandth year. This document describes in detail the activities of the consultation - its objectives, goals, methods of implementation, functions, ways of organizing, documentation.

The main goal of the psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation is to determine remedial work based on the capabilities of the center where the children are located. It is important to take into account the pedagogical capabilities of the team employed in the institution, and the physical, psychological abilities of its wards.

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What are the objectives of the PMPK?

In order to realize the goals of the medical-pedagogical consultation, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  1. Conduct a complete diagnosis of babies who have certain deviations in their development.
  2. Organize a discussion on the etymology of developmental pathologies.
  3. Select the capabilities of the baby.
  4. Develop a correctional program for individual child learning.
  5. Make recommendations on the educational and rehabilitation process.
  6. Ensure the maintenance of documents that contain information about the learning process and the achievement of goals set for the student.
  7. Conduct counseling for parents and teachers of the institution.

It is also necessary to establish relationships between teachers and specialists from other industries (medicine, psychology).

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What functions does PMPK perform?

There are many functions performed by the psychological-pedagogical consultation. It is worth a closer look at each of them.

  • Regulatory. It is governed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Family Code, the Federal Law of the Rights of the Child, and the Law of the Russian Federation on Education. According to these documents, parents and MUPs should work closely together and take initiative. Mom and dad (or guardians) should be aware of all the problems arising from the child and his teachers. The task of a specialist of an educational institution is to convey this information to parents.
  • Predictive. It consists in the analysis and evaluation of the activity of the PMPK. Namely, in familiarization with the methods and techniques of achieving goals.
  • Organizational. The function assumes that the consultation is not only an examination of the child on the basis of pre-school or school. It can be created and assembled in an institution of any type, by order of the director. The main condition is the presence of all specialists and holding an event in accordance with the regulations. Inspection of each child is conducted individually and with mandatory attendance by parents. Assignments must be made according to the age and level of development of the child.The head of the institution, his deputy, educators and teachers with extensive experience, defectologists, speech therapists, psychologists and a nurse or doctor should certainly participate in the consultation. The frequency with which the commission meets is set by the institution (depending on the category of its students).
  • Expert and diagnostic. According to this function, the consultation is a meeting of the commission that carries out diagnostics of the development of the baby in different directions. Conducted for children from birth to eighteen years. It includes the following diagnostic features: timeliness, complexity, comprehensive approach, dynamism and integrity.
  • Accompanying. It helps to determine the needs of pupils with certain pathologies. After completing this task, they actually develop a plan for further actions until the moment of obtaining positive dynamics.
  • Rehabilitation. It includes the rehabilitation of the baby in the family and school.

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The main principles of the PMPK

Consilium is a commission that works not only for specific tasks, but also has its own principles.

- Completeness says that all actions with the child are carried out by experts from different industries.

- The personal approach involves the development of methods according to age, mental and physical development.

- The principle of non-disclosure of data does not allow telling the received information to third parties.

- Respect for pupils allows us to consider the child as a formed personality.

Adhering to the principles of work described above, the teaching staff of any institution will be able to help the child on his way to socialization and successful adaptation in a team.

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