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I really like to do all sorts of cosmetic procedures and have already thought about the fact that you need to go to work in a beauty salon. But I have little experience, and I’m worried if I can handle it. Who knows where in Kiev you can study for a cosmetologist?
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Answered 25 January 13:19
Yes, now it is not only fashionable, but also profitable. My friend went through a course of beautician and went to work in a small salon, was engaged in eyelash extensions. She has her own clients and now she earns herself a living.
Answered 25 January 13:24
If you like to engage in cosmetic procedures, then you definitely need to get trained. The main thing is not to be afraid - and you will succeed. It is so nice when work is loved and brings one pleasure. For example, in this training center you can take a cosmetologist's course. Contact them for advice, maybe you will be satisfied.
Answered 25 January 13:29
And I probably would not have been able to. No, I also like to do cosmetic procedures myself, but I can not imagine how I will do it to someone.

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