Cottage village "White Beach": description, layout and reviews

Many people mistakenly believe that the concept of “cottage village” first appeared in our country in the “dashing” nineties of the last century, when a social stratum of wealthy people slowly began to form. At that time, such closed complexes were built by businessmen or managers of large commercial companies for their needs and with their own money.Cottage village White Coast

But in the history of our country, they were not the first. For example, even in the epoch of the Russian Empire, many nobles erected country cottages, preventing people from building their own houses near them. And in the Soviet years there was a tradition of allocating land for collective gardening. Under this view, closed holiday villages began to appear, houses in which were allocated to top officials, the party elite, nomenklatura workers, as well as writers, artists and other members of high society.

Today it is a comfortable residential complexes, which consist of numerous private properties.Houses in them are built on individual projects, although developers are making every effort to create architecturally integrated ensembles. As a rule, these residential complexes are built on the outskirts of large settlements just a few kilometers from the center. For example, one of them is the White Coast cottage settlement.

general information

This residential complex was built just sixteen kilometers from Moscow along the Novoryazanskoye highway. The isolation and remoteness from the bustle of the city, combined with the European level of beautification, necessary for a quiet life, made Bely Bereg cottage village an ideal place. Ramensky district, in which he stands, is famous for amazing nature, magnificent landscapes and a large area of ​​forest zones. The village was built on the very bank of the Moscow River.White Beach cottage village reviews

Its territory, comprising more than fifty hectares of land, is planned taking into account the landscape of the area. Around many natural plantations, mainly pine forests, and several reservoirs. The location of all infrastructure facilities, including residential ones, the layout of alleys and parks - all this is subject to a single concept.Cottage settlement "White Beach" harmoniously fits into the surrounding nature.

Benefits of choice

Developers claim that by purchasing real estate in this residential complex, people change their lives in a completely different way - for the better. The cottage settlement “Belyi Bereg” has several advantages at once: firstly, it is located not far from the capital, and secondly, it is built on the bank of the river. In addition, on its territory there is absolutely everything that a person needs for a comfortable stay. These are modern houses and many infrastructural objects, entertainment, picturesque landscapes, etc. The property is made out both on a cottage, and on the land plot.

"White Beach" - a cottage village, reviews of which indicate that the people living in it, satisfied with their choice. It is located near the town of Verkhny Myachkovo, this is a picturesque corner of nature, in the territory of which several churches, there are holy sources and limestone caves. Nearby is a popular ski resort in the area, which has several equipped slopes. Residents of Moscow and Moscow region know him as the “Chulkov Alps”.

And not far from the "White Beach" is located Myachkovo circuit. Here the Formula Rus and Avtovaz races are held periodically. There is also a training center. In the cottage there is also an equestrian sports school.Belyi Bereg cottage settlement prices


All the cottages of the village "White Beach" are built on energy-saving technology. Together they constitute a single ensemble in architectural style. Houses in the village are offered for sale in a state of free planning. All houses adjoining the plots are leveled and fenced, trees are planted around.

Communications have been connected to all cottages and buildings, including sewage and water supply systems, main gas and electricity. Heating in the houses is carried out from individual boiler. Cottage village "White Beach" is available to connect the digital telephone line and fiber-optic cable to provide high-speed Internet access. After completion of construction, all these communications are very quickly connected.

Features of the construction

"White Beach" - a cottage village, the prices of houses in which depend on many factors. It is represented at once by several types of real estate.Here you can buy a twin house, cottage, quad house and townhouse. Absolutely all the houses are built on technology ARXX. We are talking about monolithic-frame structures with permanent formwork, made of special polystyrene foam blocks.

Due to this, all the cottages in the village in the summer perfectly keep cool, and in the winter they do not release heat.

Coniferous and ornamental trees have already been planted on many plots, and the ground has been leveled. Territory areas are fenced with low fences, made in the same style.Cottage village White Beach reviews prices

Twin houses

They are in the "White Beach" are three types. The twin house project Jubula is designed for two families living under the same roof in separate sections with one common wall. The living space is 340 or 370 square meters. In these townhouses there are three floors - basement, first and second, as well as the attic. Garages for cars are located inside the houses and equipped with automatic gates. The size of the plots start at 450 and end at 700 sq. m

The twin houses of Nictea are two-story residential buildings designed for two families. The main advantage of the project is that residential areas border only with garages, so in fact people buy detached cottages with a plot.The area of ​​sections in the twin-houses of Nictea for each family is 370 square meters. m. with a house plot from 500 to 700 square meters.White Beach cottage settlement restaurant

Quadro and townhouses

They are designed for four families. Built on modern technology, quad-houses have a special design. The building is divided into four sections, the area of ​​each of which is 240 or 160 square meters. m. Homeowners are also allocated their own land.

Cottage settlement "White Beach" for residents of Moscow and Moscow region also offers townhouses - residential houses for four families, consisting of low-rise comfortable cottages. They have separate entrances, and with each other combined side walls. Residential zones have their own plots - from 350 to 400 square meters. Cottages, apartment buildings - all these types of real estate offers "White Beach" (cottage village).

How to get there by transport

From the capital from the metro station "Kuzminki" runs the route taxi number 979. To get to the village by private transport, you need to go along Volgogradsky Avenue, go to Novoryazanskoye highway on the highway "Ural" - M5. Then, driving past the Lyubertsy and the junction to Bykovo, as well as the town of Oktyabrsky and the village of Ostrovtsy, past the turn to Zhukovsky and the traffic police post, turn right and move in the direction of the village of Verkhne Myachkovo.White Beach cottage village how to get there by transport


Developers have provided almost everything in this complex. Those people who buy housing, will be satisfied with the infrastructure that offers "White Beach" (cottage village). Restaurant with banquet hall, mini-hotel, sauna with swimming pool, shops, promenade, a huge park of three and a half hectares of fully landscaped area, playgrounds, sports halls, a cafe "Kolibri", two small reservoirs, shopping and entertainment and leisure center. Soon the construction and kindergarten.

Cottage village "White Beach" - a complex in which everything is provided. A large sports complex with a swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, gyms, bowling, a beauty salon and even a yacht club on the Moscow River will be built here.


The cost of townhouses ranges from 7,500,000 to 45,000,000 rubles. Cottages can be purchased for fourteen million. Somewhat cheaper are twin houses and housing in an apartment building. For the attention of customers, many banks apply for housing loans, which offers the cottage settlement "White Beach".Cottage village White Coast Ramensky district


The prices that are set by developers for homes in this gated residential complex are justified. They are adequate for premium real estate.The village, located near the Upper Myachkovo, today is already half populated.

On its territory, thanks to the healing properties of local limestone and relict pine trees planted everywhere, a special microclimate is created. Judging by the opinions of residents, after moving to “White Beach”, the state of health of both children and elderly people has significantly improved. Many people like its location: wonderful nature around, no noise.

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