Cuff for the tonometer and, omron, microlife.

Hypertension is considered a "silent killer" - so its symptoms are insignificant and blurred, and the cause of death it becomes in three cases out of ten.

Thanks to modern automatic and semi-automatic tonometers (instruments for measuring pressure), you can now monitor your condition at home without special skills in this matter. If there is a systematic increase in pressure, you should consult a doctor in time - this will help to take timely measures and even save lives.cuffs for tonometers omron

For a quality and comfortable measurement of pressure at home, not only the tonometer itself is important, but its components, in particular - the cuff. Below are descriptions of the three most popular manufacturers of pressure gauges and cuffs for them. You can choose the most suitable option for you. Particularly popular are universal and standard cuffs that are suitable for most family members.

Cuff A & D.

The cuff for the Andometer tonometer (A & D, "Andes") is a standard comfortable band, familiar in use, but with a number of features.

The main advantage of this is that the standard cuff for the tonometer And thanks to the plug is suitable for both automatic and semi-automatic tonometers of the same manufacturer. So if you have a broken cuff for some reason (incorrect washing, damage), you can buy a universal version, which will be a standard cuff for And and continue pressure monitoring without having to buy a new tonometer.cuff for tonometer and

The second feature is the presence of a compensation valve, which allows evenly to remove air from the cuff and thus provides more accurate measurement data.

The third characteristic feature is the presence of a single longitudinal seam. This allows you to increase the area of ​​the cuff itself and provides a more even distribution of air in it, thereby reducing pain when inflating the air.

Varieties of A & D cuffs.

Cuff SlimFit - has one longitudinal seam, serves a long time, since it is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials. It has dimensions for different circumference of the shoulder: small (18-22), standard (22-32), large (32-45).

Cuff E Cuff, or "soft cuff". Its material is both strong and soft to the touch. Especially suitable for children, as it does not cause discomfort during the procedure. Its dimensions are for children (17-22) and universal (22-43 cm).

Opti Cuff cuff is made of hypoallergenic materials, does not have any metals and latex, it is suitable for people with sensitive skin (including with burns on the shoulder). Dimensions - large (32-45) and standard (22-32 cm).

Buying the cuffs "Andes" separately from the tonometer, still consult with the seller about how it is compatible with your device or bring it with you to the store and see for yourself personally.

Any cuff for the tonometer And is purchased with a warranty for a year and certificates of compliance.

Cuff Omron

Omron's Omron (Omron) cuffs have the shape of a fan, which is considered to be the most organic, due to the similarity to the shape of the shoulder (widened upwards and narrowed downwards) .So the device is more snug against the shoulder surface, which gives the most accurate measurement result.

Many people experience unpleasant sensations in the process of measuring the pressure, when the air pumped into the cuff exerts an excessive pressure on the shoulder. Emotional and physiological discomfort can affect the results of pressure - experts say. But the cuffs for the Omron tonometers simultaneously and evenly filled with air, this allows you to record the most accurate fluctuation of the vascular wall and thereby determine the actual pressure values.cuffs for omron tonometer

The universal cuff "Omron" has a small height. This allows you to correctly and conveniently perform the procedure for people with voluminous and low forearm.

Universal cuff Omron, which is equipped with all the popular tonometers of this manufacturer, measures 22-42 cm, which means that it can be used by all family members, with any girth of the hand. This cuff can be purchased separately, it fits to different models of Omron tonometers.

Also available sizes: child (17-22), large (32-42), standard (22-32 cm).

Cuff of Microlife

It has the appearance of a truncated cone, which corresponds to the anatomical shape of the forearm and provides an accurate and comfortable measurement of pressure.

The needle valve smoothly releases air from the chamber and the process is painless, and the indicators will be most accurate.

The cuff for the "Microlife" tonometer has a solid metal ring, which does not allow the product to deform, and some models are produced even without a ring.cuffs for a micro-tonometer

Most of the cuffs of this manufacturer have a removable cover that can be washed in a typewriter, otherwise the cover should be cleaned with a cloth soaked in soapy water (these features are prescribed in the instructions).

The chamber of the cuffs is made of latex and has a solid (solid) structure, which ensures its increased elasticity and strength.

Velcro fastener is not attached to the fabric, but to the mating part of the strip, this extends the life of the entire product.

The "Microlife" cuff fits almost all the tonometers of this manufacturer.

Dimensions are also different: universal (22-42 cm) is suitable mainly for people with large shoulders, large (32-42), standard (22-32 cm).

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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