Curd cheesecakes - the joy of children

You absolutely do not like cottage cheese and use it simply because it is good for your health? Solution found! Allow me to bring to your attention curd cheesecakes. Probably, this is a dish familiar to many, which turns out to be very tasty, and sometimes you do not even feel the presence of cottage cheese. It is worth paying tribute to those housewives who can cook the curd so that the person eating them would not even know what was used as the main ingredient. Many will say that fried cottage cheese is no longer such a useful product for the body, since it loses its properties as a result of thermal processing. But we note that this can only be said by a person who has never encountered the fact that such cooking cheesecakes from curd cheese is. After all, they need to fry only until a small crust appears, therefore, the bulk retains all its properties.

curd cheese curdsCreate a treat

In order to make this tasty and very healthy dessert, you need to take the following ingredients: 3 tablespoons of sour cream, 5 tablespoons of flour, one egg, a small amount of cottage cheese,half a teaspoon of baking soda and a little vegetable oil in order to lubricate the pan.

Process of creation

curd cheesecakesCurd cheesecakes begin to prepare with the preparation of the most basic component. In order to get tender and fluffy pancakes, you need to rub the cottage cheese through a fine sieve. Thus, you remove all the lumps and turn it into a homogeneous mass, which will be roasted evenly. But wipe completely optional, it is a matter of taste. Mix cottage cheese, flour, sour cream and soda. In the resulting dough add burnt soda and break the egg. Add a little salt and more sugar so that our curd cakes look like real dessert. Next, stir the mass so that it becomes completely homogeneous. You shouldn't knead for too long, otherwise the dough will begin to fall apart in your hands, as a result of which you will not be able to form the curd. Spread cheesecakes on a hot frying pan or sheet for the oven (as you prefer). If you take the last option, then we coat the baking sheet with oil so that our products will not burn, and put in a hot oven. The exact time of baking is not, so you should constantly follow the process of cooking cheesecakes.As soon as you see that a golden crust forms on them, wait another five to seven minutes and turn off the oven. To cheesecakes came up a bit, leave them there for another 5 minutes. Can be served on the table. It is recommended to use only hot.

cooking cheesecakes from cottage cheeseRecommendations

Curd cheesecakes will be the best solution in order to accustom the child to this product. Firstly, in such a dessert, it is almost not felt. And secondly, you can resort to some tricks to further conceal the presence of cottage cheese hated by the child. Since cheesecakes can be consumed with almost everything sweet, we recommend using chocolate. You can grate it on a coarse grater, cut it into pieces or pour melted sweetness on top of the product. Such a “move” will be disguised by the curd, and your baby will not immediately understand what it is he who eats.

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Curd cheesecakes - the joy of children 59

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