Cycle Speed ​​Record: Maximum Speed, World Record

Almost every child had a bicycle in his childhood. Vivid memories associated with them: summer, children chase through the park on bicycles, proudly calling them "mopeds". Few people perceive riding a bicycle as a sport, and even more so as a competition. However, many professionals prove the opposite, overtaking even racing cars on their vehicles. Cycling is an amazing way not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to set a world record.

Not just a vehicle

Unfortunately, not everyone is serious about this transport. For more than a hundred years the bicycle has been doing an excellent job with its main function - to transport people quickly and easily. Unlike a car, a bicycle is freedom of movement. Athletes conquer peaks and surfaces, whether it is the bottom of a salt lake or a slope in the middle of the desert. Even age is not the limit for these daredevils: there are cyclists who are ready in their 100 years to set a speed record on a bicycle.Regardless of gender, race, or creed, people around the world want to conquer uncharted roads and demonstrate amazing human abilities.

cycling speed record

The Frenchman, who overtook "Ferrari"

Francois Gissy is an extreme who developed a speed of up to 333 km / h on a bicycle in five seconds. The race, which took place in the south of France, proved the viability of a bicycle as a high-speed transport. Jissi has equipped his "horse" with a jet engine that uses hydrogen peroxide as a fuel. Incredibly, Ferrari racing car could not catch up with the French! The young man’s ambitions did not end there; he dreams of breaking his world speed record on a bicycle, reaching 400 km / h.

world bike speed record

The oldest cyclist in the world

Another Frenchman, though already elderly, set his record. On a bicycle, Robert Marchand covered 22.5 km in 1 hour. In its 105 grandpa looks cheerful and fresh - noticeable influence of an active lifestyle. The pensioner expressed the hope that he will have a rival. Marchand sees this as a great impetus for development.

By his own admission, the man has been involved in cycling for almost half a century. This occupation, which he truly loves.Many journalists asked about the secret of his energy in such an old age. But Robert says that in life he did not go on diets and worked for almost 89 years. True, never smoked. Maybe it's all about riding a bike. Fresh air and moderate exercise - this is it, the secret of longevity. Robert Marchant rides with cyclists half his age and can give them a head start. Recently, a man has been watching health more and is trying not to over-exert himself.

world bike speed record

Women's cycling: top record

Denise Muller has developed a speed of 236 km / h, driving on a dry saline plain. The American set an unprecedented record for women's speed on the bike. Her bike was equipped with seventeen-inch wheels and a modernized frame. In front of the cyclist, the Range Rover Sport was driving, thereby creating aerodynamic driving conditions.

All these innovations do not negate the fact that Müller achieved good results thanks to the strength and speed of her legs. The American does not rest on her laurels, but sets new goals for herself. Denise wants to beat the "male" record set on the same lake.Back in 1995, Fred Rompelberg from the Netherlands reached a speed of 268 km / h. The Dutch overcame the road on the same principle - on a modernized bicycle with the participation of the car.

Speed ​​record by bike. Results from around the world

This sport can be called truly French. In this country, the main bike race of the world "Tour de France" is held, many of its citizens become professionals and achieve amazing results. The exception was not Eric Baron. Check-in took place on the Alpine highway at an altitude of almost 3000 meters. Cyclist overcame the slope, developing 223 km / h. The young man did not beat the speed record on a bike in a straight line, he entered even more courageously: the Baron conquered the snow mountain.

But not only the French beat the speed record on the bike. Earlier in the article was already mentioned Fred Rompelberg from the Netherlands. He was able to "wind" the speed of 268 km / h - the maximum speed on a bicycle, a record that this man set. His record was never beaten. The man overcame Bonneville on a modernized bicycle - this is a dried-up salt lake with discharged air, which contributes to high-speed driving.

A citizen of another European country, Austria, conquered the slopes of the Chilean desert. On Mount Atacama, Max Shtekl reached a speed of 167 km / h. In just 20 seconds, the cyclist crossed the 1200 meters. The young man was wearing a special suit that promotes aerodynamics. Airbags for emergency situations were inserted into his helmet. Team cyclist filmed the race from different angles, so now anyone can see a record on the Internet.

maximum speed cycling record

Cycling is a serious type of competition, dangerous and hazardous. Extreme lovers around the world, in the hope of setting a new world record, are modernizing their two-wheeled iron horses.

Cycling is the most democratic - you don’t have to spend every day on training in the gym; you only need to buy a bike once. This sport is not only a great way to improve your physical condition, but also to gain a lot of new impressions: there is nothing more beautiful than riding an unfamiliar city on a bicycle from beginning to end. Experts believe that in fifty years, humanity can no longer set a record - the limit will be reached.Each of us is able to overcome ourselves and set our own record, the main thing is to preserve the courage of the spirit.

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