David Morrissey: Filmography, Biography, Personal Life

Millions of Russians are convinced that cinema is one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. It is difficult to argue with this, because it is the various cinematographic works that help us experience the most difficult moments in our lives. However, as you understand, an incredible amount of various films has recently been released, so finding a really interesting and good project is a rather difficult task. Today we will discuss one famous British actor, who today is one of the most famous people in this field of activity.

David Morrissey

David Morrissey is a popular British actor and director who during his long career took part in a huge number of cinematographic works of various genres. In this article we will talk in detail about this man, and also discuss in detail his filmography. Let's start right now!


Born confident in today an actor June 21, 1964 in the city of Liverpool. In the family, he was the fourth child, and his father at that time worked as an ordinary shoemaker. In 1971, the Morrissey family moved to a huge modern house, located in the knoteti Ash estate. After some time, their old housing was demolished.

David Morrissey: Filmography

David Morrissey, whose filmography is indeed very extensive, remembers that even in his childhood he was very much interested in cinema and television. The idea of ​​becoming an actor came to a young man in 1969, when a film called “Kes” was released. Then the boy began to actively take part in theater circles and so on, which he did very well.


By the way, when David was about 15 years old, his father found out that he was ill with the last stage of a blood disorder. The pope of the actor discussed today died at the age of 54 due to hemorrhage.

One of the first roles of Morrissey was to participate in the television series "One Summer", which tells us about two guys who escaped to Wales for three months. The project turned out to be very interesting and vital, so our young actor was quickly noticed.David Morrissey, whose biography has already been discussed in this material, was still not even aware of how well-known actor he would become in the future.

Movie career

In the period from 1996 to 2000, the actor discussed today received his first leading roles. First, he took part in the television project Into the Fire of 1996, where he played the role of Michael Raid. A little later (next year), a man appeared in a cinematic work called Holding On from the ABC television channel.

David Morrissey: Biography

In addition, in 1998, the man appeared in the television series Our Mutual Friends, where he played one of the main roles together with such an outstanding actor as Paul McGann.

Discussing the most famous roles of this actor, it is impossible not to note the role of Member of Parliament Stephen Collins, which David played in the television series "Big Game", released for the audience in 2003. Over the past few years, David Morrissey, whose photos are presented in this material, as an actor, played roles in the following cinematographic works: “Ronaldo”, “One floor below”, “Field of view”, “Missing person”, “Beyond”, “ Driver "," Welcome to the trap ",“Empty Crown”, “True Love”, “London on Fire”, “To the Earth”, “Without Compromise”, “The Walking Dead”, “Become John Lennon”, “Are You the End”, “Is anyone there?” , “Another of the Boleyn family”, “My domestic dinosaur”, “Harvest”, “Five days”, “Price of treason”, “Doctor Who”, “Deal”, “Uncontrolled”, “Choice of captain Corelli”, “Map death ”,“ Born Romantic ”, as well as“ Voices ”and“ Our mutual friend. ”

Personal life

Everyone has their own private life, but it’s extremely difficult for actors to hide any information that should not be known to strangers, so everyone who is familiar with this actor knows about the family and all the relationships of David Morrissey.

A confident director is married to the writer Esther Freud, before the wedding with which they had already met for 13 years. The official marriage of the beloveds took place on August 12, 2006, and already today the couple has 3 children. Recently, David Morrissey and his wife appear quite often, because everyone knows that they are married.

David Morrissey: photo

And now let's discuss in more detail several cinematographic works in which the actor discussed today took direct part!

"Missing" (2014)

This television series currently has two seasons, and its first premiere took place on October 28, 2014. The dramatic project tells us that during one of the matches of the World Cup in 2006, one small British family lost its son in France. All this happened only because the parents could not keep track of the small child, and on the street that day there was a real orgy.

The events of this day destroyed the marriage of two young people, and after a while my wife found a new man for herself. For several years, the father of the missing child did not know what to do, but 8 years after the tragic loss of his son, he hired a French detective to still find his lost child. An experienced detective finds evidence that the child is still alive, but no one knows where he is.

Feedback on this tape is positive. People like the professionalism of the actors and a rather interesting and at the same time tangled plot.

“True Love” (2012)

A one-season television series released in the UK introduces us to five people.With the help of this film everyone can find out what true love is. All the characters live in the same city, every day they have to make a choice, and it’s possible that one day each of them will have to give up their love.

David Morrissey and his wife

People have positive opinions about this film. Almost everyone likes the plot and soulfulness of this drama. This series is recommended for viewing.

Here we discussed the actor David Morrissey, as well as his filmography. Enjoy your selected movie!

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