Direct-flow mufflers: install or not?

Motor power is a characteristic, without the knowledge of which no one will buy a car for himself. However, it often happens that, having traveled a bit on a car with the selected parameters, I want to get more from it. The opinion that straight-through mufflers can help this is quite common. Let's try to figure out the article, as far as this is true.

direct-flow mufflers

About exhaust system in general

Despite the fact that the silencer is often called the whole system, it is only a separate part, being part of the exhaust system. In addition to the muffler, it includes a receiving manifold, a receiving pipe, a catalyst, and an average pipe. The system gets the task, which is not only in the exhaust gas, also important is the ventilation of cylinders, which are located in the engine.

This is solved as follows: when the valves are closed in one cylinder, a vacuum is formed in the exhaust manifold, moving at the speed of sound. When the next valve opens, it has time to return to the manifold.Because of this, low pressure is generated at the outlet, and ventilation becomes better.

The time and rate of dilution depends on the length of the pipes, as well as the revolutions of the motor. In addition, the system is charged with the task of fighting noise, which the part we are considering decides.

Silencer: device

Having decided to tune the system, first of all we think about installing a straight-through muffler. Alteration makes it possible to give a growling and bass sound to a running engine, thus creating the impression that the car is “charged” with a solid number of horses. However, in fact, the power with this detail will increase only very little. In order to achieve more, the whole system needs to be redone.

straight through muffler

To figure out what a straight-through mufflers, just look at the photo. It becomes clear that the difference in the simplified version. Understanding this, it is easy to do the tuning with your own hands.

Making direct-flow muffler yourself

As a blank, a simple silencer is mainly used. It is dismantled and opened using a grinder. Internal partitions and pipes are simply removed.The result is an excellent workpiece. But then the creative process begins.

Implement forward flow can be different. Sometimes one or two pipes are welded between the ends. Others arrange several compartments plus use basalt wool, asbestos, and metal shavings to reduce noise.

direct-flow mufflers on the VAZ

Work ends after the cut piece is welded back. Usually such direct-flow mufflers on the VAZ and other domestic cars are installed. Then they have the main goal - to stand out for its originality from the flow of all cars.

A few more nuances

So, the flow through the car is created in the muffler, and not in the entire exhaust system. The device was originally conceived for sports cars to increase their power. But to realize this goal without special equipment and a number of other elements independently, of course, is not possible.

So that the direct-flow mufflers played their role to the full and the goal of a serious increase in power was achieved, altering one exhaust system is indispensable. We'll have to work on the camshaft, combustion chamber, manifolds (both output and input), and so on.A solid bass will then simply complement the picture of real power, and not be an empty demonstration of "power."

Thus, in the conditions of the garage, alas, the task will not work. Therefore, before puzzling over how to make a direct-flow muffler yourself, think about whether it really is necessary.

straight through muffler on a motorcycle

Motorcycle Exhaust Muffler

On this option, many motorcyclists think: owners of domestic bikes and foreign production. Purchasing a part in a store is not cheap, so they decide on self-made rework.

For this, a regular muffler is also carefully disassembled, all entrails are removed, and instead of them another component is made - a tube. It is best to use stainless steel. The diameter is made equal to the exhaust pipes of the bike, and the length of the pipe should be enough from the adapter at the beginning to the back cover, that is, it should be equal to the standard part. The tube is made perforated, with a lot of holes, and the space around it is wrapped, for example, with basalt wool. In fact, it turns out the same as with the forward flow for the automotive system.

The sound varies with the length or width of the body of the muffler. The more these parameters, the sound will turn out more solid. A short silencer will give a loud and sharp sound, while a long one will delight your ear with a pleasant velvet shade. After going through the options, in the end, you can achieve a pleasant sound for yourself.

how to make a straight through muffler


The reasons for deciding to install forward flow on your production car, all have their own. But you should be aware that there are acceptable norms for the level of sound pressure. If the vehicles are equipped with straight-through mufflers that exceed it, then the car is forbidden to operate. In addition, do not forget that there are also people around.

Racing cars use on special routes where the sound does not interfere with others.

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