Dominate - what is it? How is it to dominate?

We used to hear: "he dominates here ...", "dominant person, gene ..." and so on. But not everyone knows how to dominate. The meaning of the word will help us to understand what they mean when they characterize a person, an organ, a relationship.

Meaning of the word dominate

Translated from the Latin language, the word means "to manage someone or something." In the Russian language "dominate" acquired a slightly different meaning - predominance, basis, domination, elevation. One way or another, this word helps to understand what is important in a certain phenomenon or process. In the process of communication, we often meet people who seek to dominate. What is this phenomenon in our lives, consider below.dominate the meaning of the word

Dominate relationships - what does that mean?

In interpersonal interaction, we see that someone is the initiator of communication, the other is subject to the rules. In the conversation between the girl and the guy, someone will begin the conversation, the second one will support.As a result of interaction in different social groups, we see that control and responsibility cannot bear everything, some leader, that is, the dominant person, will definitely stand out.

To dominate in a relationship is to take control of your own behavior and that of another person and be responsible for this relationship. This is a good trait, if you approach it wisely. The relationship of children and parents can not do without it. The parent dominates the child anyway. After all, an unformed person cannot make difficult decisions and adequately respond to life situations.dominates

In a small or large social group, it is also impossible to do without a dominant personality. It is the engine of development of such groups. Many mistakenly consider dominance a negative quality. It should be noted, who has the prerequisites in the relationship to dominate, which is not bad. Control can be moderate from the position of master of the situation. Authoritarianism in relationships is not allowed, which infringes upon a person and does not allow it to develop. This applies to all types of interpersonal relationships, especially love, where two full-fledged personalities interact.

Gene dominance

This concept is also actively used in genetics. Some genes in a living organism can also dominate. What does it mean? In one gene there are alleles on which the development options of a particular trait depend. If the allele is dominant, then this trait will develop. If the allele is recessive, then it will be suppressed by the dominant one, it will practically not manifest itself, although it will be in the gene. To make it easier to understand, we give an example.dominate what is it

Dad baby with black hair, mom blonde. The gene will contain information about two hair colors. But if the dominant allele is black, then the child will be born with the same hair color. It may even be the option of the birth of a light baby, and then his hair will become dark.

Patterns of distribution of the dominant alleles can be seen by the shape of the ears, eye color, the shape of the nail plate, the development of hereditary diseases, and so on. The same rules for the distribution of alleles can be observed in the animal world, for example, when kittens are born from cats of different colors.

Dominance in physiology

One of the bilateral anatomical structures can also dominate.What does this mean? We have two hemispheres of the brain, eyes, two arms, legs. Of these anatomical structures, some will predominate. There is a concept of eye dominance when you need to focus on a particular object. The first eye "leads" the second, as a result, a person can see the subject better. The same applies to the hands, hemispheres of the brain. The dominant hemisphere determines the direction of a person, his ability to logic or creativity.

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