Dress with one sleeve: models, rules of choice

Asymmetric women's clothing is incredibly fashionable and original stuff. With their help, you can emphasize individuality and a subtle sense of style. No wonder that such wardrobe items are hotly loved by designers. In the collections of many fashion designers, asymmetrical dresses, skirts and shirts appear with enviable regularity, and one-sleeve dresses occupy a worthy place among them.


You should not think that all dresses with one sleeve resemble each other like two drops of water. In fact, quite a lot of styles. They all differ in length, type of cut andfitfar from every woman. To accurately select the ideal option for yourself, it is worth considering the features of each style:

  • Greek style. When creating fashionable models in the Greek style, designers often use this kind of asymmetry as one strap. This may be a thin strap or a wide strap with drapery. A distinctive feature of Greek dresses - flowinglungsfabrics that are in tandem with asymmetry look more original and elegant.
  • Sheath dress (pencil dress). This style can rightly be called one of the most spectacular. He is profitableunderlinesgraceful lines of the female figure and makes the image elegant. However, it is worth remembering: sleeveless sheath dress -quite provocativemodel. To choose such an outfit should be very careful, because the fitting silhouettewill emphasizenot only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of the figure.Sleeve Sleeve Dress
  • A-silhouette. Dresses of this type are suitable for almost all women, regardless of height and build. Thanks to this dress, you can successfully disguise a small tummy or full hips.Dress with one sleeve
  • Dress "mermaid". This outfit should be chosen for a festive evening, as the mermaid models are long dresses with a tight-fitting silhouette. In this case, the sleeve can be made in the form of a wide strap, a long fitting orflaredsleeves.

Dress color

To choose the color of the dress is usually not so easy. In the fashion stores, sellers will certainly offer a heap of multi-colored models that simply cannot leave indifferent even the mostexperiencedshoppersTo make the choice successful, you should not rely only on the first emotions, you should consider the type of appearance and the purpose of the purchase. No less important is the design of the product.Sleeveless Dress

Since the dress with one shoulder in itself is quite original and unusual, it looks best monochrome options. In this case, there is only one accent - an unusual cut. All other details only complement the image.

Are you afraid to make a mistake with color? Feel free to choosethe black, after allblackA dress in a woman’s wardrobe is a win-win, especially if it has such an unusual cut.

Where to wear?

Many believe that dresses without sleeves or with one sleeve are suitable only for special occasions,butit is not quite like that. The fact is that such products can vary in length, type of finish and material.

Short dress made of fineeasyfabrics in neutral colors, quite suitable for everyday wear, especially if the sleeve is made in the form of a wide strap or shuttlecock. This outfit looks unusual, but at the same time restrained and elegant. For summer days, a long dress without sleeves or with one strap, made like a sarafan, will be an excellent option.

Tight-fitting models of expensive fabric is best left for special occasions. It will be appropriate not onlythe blackand beige in color, but also a ruby ​​red or shade of Prussian blue.Sleeveless Evening Dresses

What shoes to choose to dress?

Every fashionista knows that to complete a stylish look you just can't do without a good pair of shoes. At the same time, short and long dresses with one sleeve can look different with shoes of the same type.

For short dresses it is better to pick up shoes with heels. It can be both a stiletto and moderately thin heel. Ideal if the top of the shoe isopen enoughas the closed footwear will sharply contrast with the open shoulder.

Long outfits look good with wedge shoes.

Suitable accessories

Accessories make the bow, without them the whole image can be boring and bland, even if an evening dress without sleeves is chosen for publication. However, this is the case when it is very important not to overdo it.

  • Bracelets. Lovers of bracelets can safely complementthe dress is a little decoration whichwill not solo in the image, but only complement the luxurious dress.
  • Necklaces and pendants. Open shoulders - not a reason to choose massive beads or necklaces.It is best to pay attention to the short jewelry under the throat. Thin chains with small pendants are appropriate.

Anyway, dresses with one sleeve are a magnificent idea for a dress both in a daily life, and on a secular reception. It is suitable for every woman, you just need to choose the right model and color. The only thing to remember is to carefully select additional details andhairstyles.

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