An earthquake for a dream? Interpretation of dreams

Did you have to jump in the middle of the night in a cold sweat? This feeling even the enemy does not want. Often terrible visions of global catastrophes lead to it. Of course, not everyone can experience such an event. However, it is worth finding out in advance what, for example, an earthquake means. What dreams of such a destructive phenomenon to people who once survived it in reality, and those who saw this only in video programs?

earthquake what's the dream

Why is this image so important?

You know, to understand the essence of this plot can only be the one who once saw for himself what an earthquake is. Why the trouble, they are quite understandable. One should expect a similar destructive event in one’s own life. So many say. And it can be understood. After all, sleep, in fact, is a conversation between two halves of a person: manifested in the physical world and the one that resides beyond its boundary. This dialogue is not always conducted in words or phrases. Sometimes it is clearer feelings embodied in vivid images.If once you saw with your own eyes the devastating effects of earthquake shocks, then you will begin to perceive the earthquake in a dream intuitively as a disturbing, even threatening sign. Apparently, the authors of collections of interpretations argue the same way. Though they each have their own way, but they lead the reader’s thoughts precisely in this direction when they decode an earthquake. Why dream of a clear threat to the whole environment? Surely you already realized that something was about to happen. This event is sure to touch not only the dreamer. But what is it like, look in the dream books. By the way, not every dreaming earthquake includes in its content. Some consider such a plot to be rare, therefore they bypass it.

earthquake in a dream

Family Dream

In this collection there is an earthquake. What dreams of such a nightmare, understands not very detailed. However, from the text it can be understood that a person faces a great misfortune. This is not about those troubles, which are usually told to friends, discuss with relatives. The source believes that the dreamer will face a real threat, affecting the most important areas of his life. So, a businessman earthquake in a dream unequivocally predicts the loss of all property. His case will be ruined by competitors, accounts arrested or robbed.Partners disgust turn away from him. Never will this person be able to regain the position that he earned with a quirky mind and hard work, the dream book gives out the terrible truth. An earthquake in astral walks does not bode well for a woman either. Her family happiness is literally on the edge of a deep abyss. Only a moment separates the dream from a catastrophe. And he is very close.

East Dream

Let's further investigate whether there is a different opinion on this issue. He who was terrified in the night astral walks, an earthquake, what a nightmare is dreaming for, can learn from this peculiar source. Inter-ethnic conflicts are predicted here, as well as the destruction of business. In addition, the dream book warns against military clashes, which are likely to begin in the area where the person lives. You must admit that this is a serious threat that cannot be simply dismissed. The dreamer is recommended to inquire about the political situation in his city. Once the image appeared in his subconscious, it means that the higher forces want to save his life, warning in such an interesting way.A nightmare may be a chance in the future, if you take it seriously and thoughtfully. By the way, as indicated by the source, the same value is the vision in which a person only felt the tremors.

dreamer earthquake

Dream Miller

So far we have only seen objectively pessimistic forecasts. Even pity for people who were hit by an earthquake in their minds at night. What dreams of such a catastrophe, explains this source of astral knowledge. However, he is unable to please you. The terrible catastrophe observed in night vision predicts a great deal of trouble. Here a nightmare is associated with global cataclysms. Although if you read articles about the Yellowstone volcano or the melting of glaciers, do not pay attention to the nightmare. This is a reflection of the stress received by the psyche due to the study of anxious material.

horrible dream

Modern dream book

So we got to the book, which has a completely different view on the problem under consideration. This dream earthquake does not consider a threatening plot. By the way, there are also tips on the implementation of astral signs in reality. If you have seen a catastrophe associated with the shaking of the earth's crust, then wait for serious pleasant changes in your life. However, they can bypass you.To prevent this from happening, the dream book recommends that you rest for a whole week not on a comfortable bed, but on a hard floor. Try it, maybe it is. When a person observed only the terrible consequences of a catastrophe, he now has a difficult period. This person is in a quandary, not being able to consult even with someone. It is recommended to go to the churchyard, find the nameless grave and burn a candle near it. All will pass.

Dreaming maya

The ancient people knew a lot about astral visions and images. We got only the crumbs of his wisdom, including the interpretation of dreams. The Mayan earthquake was considered a sign of emotional stress. It occurs on the thin plane. That is, the personality itself may not even be aware of it. According to the beliefs of the Indians, we are all connected with each other and with the planet by invisible threads. Therefore, we feel trouble concerning our neighbors. The earthquake reflects in dreams the general condition of the planetary scale, which is observed before the cataclysms. It is recommended that a person work on his inner state. In this way, he will help the planet free itself from the symptoms threatening its existence.

dream interpretation earthquake

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

These authors believe that global disasters can not be felt by everyone. On this basis, they decipher the dream. A catastrophe, an earthquake foreshadow internal discontent with the current situation. And this applies to what is extremely important for the dreamer. If he lives in work, it means that he is annoyed by his colleagues, superiors, or during the course of affairs in the service. When a person is more concerned with personal relationships, you should look for causes of disappointment in this area. It is imperative to understand what caused such an internal state of the dreamer. After all, discontent grows and threatens to escape from the depths of the soul by a terrible scandal. Only one phrase, said at the wrong time, can be the trigger for this emotional tsunami. The result will be a break in an important relationship, loss of job or partner Try to analyze the situation in order to develop a sober attitude to the latent conflict. Then you will not regret your future behavior.

sleep earthquake from thursday to friday

Noble dream book

Here they immediately take the bull by the horns. The authors believe that a real disaster that a dream predicts can happen.An earthquake in a house, horrified by a nightmare, soon predicts similar events in the physical world. It should, as the authors say, check whether you have enough products and other essentials to autonomously wait for help. In addition, the dream book explains that the image of terrible destruction and frightening shocks foreshadows a change of worldview. Most likely, you will be faced with a person or event that prompts to reconsider the basics on which you relied. This is not to say that rebirth will be calm and pleasant. However, over time, you will realize that it was extremely necessary. After experiencing stress, adopting new ideas and principles, the dreamer will feel calmer and happier. With loss and grief, as a rule, something beautiful also comes. So it turns out and the one who saw this dream. An earthquake from Thursday to Friday bursts into night visions of people who have changes already on their nose. There is no time left to prepare and configure. Turbulent events will begin literally next week.

Dream interpretation denise lynn

This author links the decoding of our vision with mental health.In some ways, he echoes the Maya Indians, but he doesn’t make out the question so thoroughly. The dreamer is clearly in a threatening position. His plans are not destined to come true, hopes will be broken into dust, and projects will be buried due to catastrophic trouble.sleep earthquake in the houseSuch a series of troubles will break a man. As a result, his mind will suffer. It is necessary to try to minimize losses by strengthening your spirit. Since the Lord gives such a test, it means that he considers you a strong person. Far away everyone is honored with such a responsible mission. There is nothing more to reassure the poor fellow, who dreamed of an earthquake.

Esoteric dream book

This collection of tips from the thin world also does not contain optimistic forecasts. Although he considers sleep a pretext for the intensification of work on the acquisition of spiritual knowledge. The fact is that such an image speaks primarily about the state of the person himself. He is too tense, anxious. Constantly awaiting a trick, betrayal, sees in every counter fraud or murderer. So you can bring yourself to depression. Look at the world with other pockets, look for the good in it. On the other hand, the feeling of fear is justified.The dreamer feels guilty at heart, for which he will have to answer. Better, since you are so oppressed by such a situation, open yourself to the one who was offended. Mental conversation will remove the secret threat, which will remove internal stress.

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