Electric coffee grinder. Characteristics, reviews, prices

Around us are many things that in one degree or another make our life more comfortable. For example, this is a huge abundance of equipment that allows us to clean the house, cook food and much more.

In this article we will tell you what a device such as a coffee grinder is. Electric or manual, over the years, it has helped people enjoy aromatic coffee in the morning.

Read more about this device below.

Why do you need a coffee grinder?

To begin with, why, in fact, need a coffee grinder. After all, as you know, coffee is sold in the form of a hammer. This means that everyone can buy a bag of ready-made raw materials and, brewing it, drink their favorite drink.

electric coffee grinder

In fact, as noted by real connoisseurs of coffee, a coffee grinder (electric or manual - does not matter) allows you to preserve the smell and taste of each coffee bean due to the fresh grinding. After all, ground coffee exhausts over time, losing its flavor palette.

If there is an opportunity to minimize the time between cooking and the process of crushing the grains, it should be used, according to experts. Actually, for this and requires a coffee grinder. Electrical (reviews of many customers confirm this) works much easier than manual - you can adjust the grinding speed, its duration on it. No need to sit and grind coffee beans with your own hands - the machine will do everything for you.

Kinds of coffee grinders

Depending on how the coffee grinder is arranged, there are centrifugal, rotary-knife and millstone. The difference between them lies in the mechanism that is used for grinding grains.

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In the case of centrifugal in practice, a cylinder is used that rotates coffee beans, crushing them due to centrifugal force and special blades. Another option is an electric knife grinder that works with rotary knives rotating at high speed and grinding grain. The third type is the grinders, which literally pound coffee to the maximum.

How to choose a coffee grinder?

The choice of this device must be carried out in accordance with thewhat tasks are you going to set for the grinder. If you need the most simple and budget option, you can focus on cheaper models. As a rule, their body is made of plastic, on such devices no additional functions are installed (such as a timer, a grinding degree controller, a coffee bean dosing unit). Of course, working with it is less comfortable than with more expensive models, but such an electric coffee grinder (the price of which is usually lower than the market average) is affordable.

Electric Eldorado Coffee Grinder

Another option is more expensive models. They are delivered to the market in a metal case, equipped with protection against overheating, control of raw material consumption, timer, protection from working with the lid open, and adjustment of the degree of grinding of the grains. With this technique, it is much more convenient and pleasant to prepare ground coffee, because there are a certain number of settings that allow you to individualize the result for the user's tasks.

Coffee grinder prices

Of course, how much an electric coffee grinder costs depends on its manufacturer and functionality. Let's say the cheapest models are Vitek models - their price starts from 1000 rubles.It is quite accessible to the average user, however, the functionality of such a device will not please the true coffee gourmets.

Samples of companies Moulinex (about 2,500 rubles) and Delonghi (about 5,000 rubles) can be called more expensive. In addition to the good reputation of the manufacturer and its European origin, such products are multifunctional, increased volume, more attractive design and intuitive interface.

There is also a "golden mean" - an affordable, but reliable electric coffee grinder "Bosch". It will cost the Russian buyer at a price of 1,300 rubles. Due to the special design and mechanism of rotor knives, coffee is ground in such a machine evenly. At the same time the coffee grinder is equipped with a safe shut-off button and soundproofing. Customer reviews, at least, testify to the high quality and excellent price of this device.

coffee grinder electric reviews

Where to buy?

Where there is all the electronics, there is also an electric coffee grinder. "Eldorado", "M.Video", "Saturn", "Technosila" - in all these major stores you can easily find the widest selection of coffee grinders. The beauty of all these networks is that here you can come and literally touch, hold each of the electrical appliances in your hands.Thus, you do not risk stumble upon a marriage or low-quality products, such as buying from online stores. Although, as practice shows, in both cases the probability is the same.

Let's hope that online and you can wait for a quality and inexpensive electric coffee grinder. Customer reviews for the most part, posted on the largest portals, such as Yandex.Market, indicate that the technique comes across good and without any defects. Therefore, you can try to order a coffee grinder online - so at least you will save.

User Reviews

electric bosh coffee grinder

As shown by different models of coffee grinders reviews from real buyers, practical and reliable models offered at an affordable price are in great demand. This is reasonable: it is enough for a person to have his coffee beans grind evenly in the shortest possible time. At the same time, of course, I would like the device performing this function to cost as little as possible and need less user intervention.

More expensive models may be more reliable, but you need to pay for them.If we take into account some well-known manufacturers, the price of the device, released under this brand, will be extremely high.

Thus, practical and affordable mechanisms can be called the best solution both in terms of price and in terms of quality. And this electric coffee grinder works quite well - it grinds the grain evenly, it preserves the aroma and taste of the grain.

The question is, what else is needed? Such a device will delight you every morning!

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