Endurance is ... Physical endurance. Limit of endurance. Stamina development

The human body is so amazing that it's not everyone who knows all its capabilities. In this article, let's talk about what endurance is and how it can be developed in your body.

endurance is

Definition of concept

First of all, you need to understand the mainterm. So, what is endurance? This is some ability of the human body to perform certain work for quite a long time without reducing its effectiveness. It is also an opportunity to resist overwork. It is worth saying that the measure of this concept is the time during which a certain action is performed, as well as the intensity of the work. The next moment will be important: there is a common, ie, aerobic endurance - it is the ability of each person's body to carry out certain loads all the time without effort and fatigue. To better understand this nuance, you need to give an example: an hour man can run without problems. This means that another kind of sports load for his body, if desired, can last the same amount of time.

strength endurance

About Physical Stamina

Some people may also be interested ina concept like physical endurance. What is it? So, it is worth saying that this is an indicator of the motor movements of a person. This concept is often used to distinguish the term from other subspecies.


Having understood that endurance is a kind of specialthe ability of the body to resist fatigue, it is worth mentioning that there are also two types of it (this was mentioned at the symposium in 1971).

  1. General endurance, nonspecific. It is the ability of the human body to perform work, in which almost all muscles are involved.
  2. Special endurance, which is also called specific. This is the ability of the body to perform special work at a specified time.

More important with this indicator for the usuala person (not an athlete) is a general, i.e., aerobic endurance that helps to train the body as a whole and plays a huge role in optimizing health and vital activity.

On the limit

It is also worth considering such a concept aslimit of endurance. What does this mean? This is a certain limit of efficiency and the presence of force in the body, beyond which he simply can not get out. It will be interesting that the very limit of each person is different. It is also important that the endurance itself can be developed, that is, push its limit a little further.


development of endurance

The following question is also urgent: "Is it possible to develop endurance?" So, there are certain methods not only for athletes, but also for ordinary people who are engaged in sports only from time to time. It should be said that this will help the correct mode of life. Endurance of the body will be much higher if a person is properly and correctly eat (consume enough vitamins and minerals, do not eat "harmful" food), enough time to rest (including sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day), alternate mental and physical activity. And while it is also important to give up all bad habits, especially from taking alcohol (even low-alcohol drinks) and smoking.


What other methods are possible to developendurance? So, in this case, the sport will help. Regular exercises can not only improve the general condition of a person qualitatively, but also positively affect immunity. Important is the fact that it is physical loads of varying complexity that can accustom the body to work, while increasing the level of endurance of each individual. However, it should be remembered that it is also important to take into account the state of the body (for sports should be strong cardiovascular and respiratory systems), as well as no various diseases. If a person has chronic illnesses, he must adjust his regime of physical activities with the coach, which will take into account the necessary features. It is also worth remembering that positive emotions affect the body well. If a person sports activities are a burden and do not bring moral satisfaction, it is unlikely that he will be able to increase his level of endurance and generally get something good from the sport.

physical endurance

Top Tips

How should endurance training be conducted,if a person at the same time wants to use the sport? So, for this there are 6 important tips, adhering to which you can bring the body to a qualitatively new level.

  1. Constancy. You need to train regularly, despite laziness or unwillingness.
  2. Organizationality. It is also important to remember that during training all exercises must be repeated at regular intervals.
  3. Framework. You also need to be able to set boundaries for yourself. If there is a goal to do 20 sit-ups, so it should happen.
  4. Increase. If after a certain time the body gets used to one variant of the load, they need to be increased. Do this all the time.
  5. Food. If a person decided to go in for sports, he must necessarily saturate his body with useful vitamins and microelements. It is important to eat fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and drink freshly squeezed juices daily. The food itself should be fractional and low-porosity.
  6. Recreation. It is also important to remember that after training the body is very important to give a little rest and make-up. You can eat an apple or drink a glass of juice.

endurance training


It is also worth remembering that developmentendurance must occur competently. After all, in a desire to help your body you can also hurt him. The danger can be the following situations, which must be taken into account when doing sports:

  1. Injuries or stretching. If a person has been injured in a previous training session, you can not continue to load this part of the body. It is necessary to wait until the time when everything will return to normal.
  2. Diseases. Also, if a person has become ill with something, even if it is an easy cold, it is also better to stay at home until full recovery.
  3. Heat. In a hot time during training, a person should consume more fluids, this should not be forgotten. Also, some experts advise to reduce the intensity of physical exertion on the body.
  4. And, of course, if there are certain chronic diseases, the physical load for a person should be special, not as intense as for healthy people.

endurance of the body


How else can strength and endurance train? So, for this very important is rest. As has already been said above, a person must necessarily get enough sleep. Everyone needs a different amount of time for this, but the minimum that you can afford is 6 hours of a strong night's sleep. Ideal for an adult is an eight-hour night's sleep. Only if the body is fully resting, he is ready to perform all the necessary functions the next day. It is also worth remembering that while working, it is necessary to make small breaks. This is important, so the body gets an opportunity to rest and gain strength, while its stamina is qualitatively improved. And, of course, the whole body, in general, and endurance, including, are influenced by positive emotions. If a person is in a good state of mind, his body is ready to work and work. But during, for example, depression, often the body simply refuses to perform certain functions.

limit of endurance

Complexity and one-sidedness

It should be said that increasing enduranceorganism can be in various ways. So, for this you can use one sport or several. The following statement will prove to be important: perfectly develop endurance running, skiing, swimming. However, this will be a one-sided action. Still, experts recommend the development of this ability of the body in a complex. For example, it can be a hand-to-hand combat. If a person wants to densely settle in the gym, then in order to increase stamina, you need to reduce weight and increase the number of repetitions in the same exercise.

A small conclusion

So, we figured out that endurance isthe ability of the body for a long time to perform a certain action, overcoming fatigue. And what should I do to improve this function of the body? It is enough to perform certain exercises systematically and repeatedly, while being on the fatigue border, but still maintaining an excellent pace. It is also important to remember that the best result will be the right combination of competently matched physical loads and a sufficient amount of body resources for its self-restoration without harm to health.

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