Evgeny Pisarev: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you about who Eugene isPisarev. His personal life and features of the creative path are of interest to many admirers of his talent. It's about the Russian actor and film and theater director.


Evgeny Pisarev was born on May 3, 1972. After growing up, he began to study at the Moscow Art Theater School. He graduated from the course Eremin in 1993. He was accepted into the Pushkin Theater. And since 1996 he began to work there as a director. For several years, Eugene collaborated as an assistant with Declan Donelan, the famous English director. Since 1999, Pisarev is a teacher of acting in the Moscow Art Theater School.

evgeny Pisarev

Since 2007, he works as an assistant to the artisticleader in the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov Oleg Tabakov. His debut on television took place in 2009 as part of a show called "The Pinochet". June 4, 2010 Pisarev took the post of artistic director at the Moscow Drama Theater named after Pushkin. In 2013 he recruited his own acting course within the framework of the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. In addition, Eugene is a laureate of theater awards "Golden Mask", "Crystal Turandot" and "The Seagull". I think this is not his last award.


Pisarev Eugene Alexandrovich turned out to be a very talented actor. He played in such wonderful productions:

  • "One of the last evenings of the carnival" (the role of Agustin).
  • "The Story of a Staircase" (Fernando).
  • "Room of laughter" (Approach).
  • "The Great Gatsby" (Nick).
  • "Beauty cabaret" (the role of the Prost).
  • "Scapen's tricks" (the role of Octave).
  • "No one dies on Fridays" (John).
  • The Inspector General (Khlestakov).
  • "The Marriage of Belugin" (Agishin).
  • "In the pupil" (Nikolay).
  • "Frank Polaroid Snapshots" (Tim).
  • "Great Magic" (Calogero di Speleta).
  • "The Silver Age" (Mikhail).
  • "The Old Quarter" (the role of the writer).

eugene pisarev private life

Yevgeny Pisarev is a director who embodied onstage following performances: "Treasure Island," "Love and all that stuff," "Inspector," "Puss in Boots", "Borrow the tenor", "Bullets Over Broadway," "Barefoot in the Park", "Much Ado About Nothing" "Great magic", "Talents and the dead", "Diva", "Humpbacked Horse", "The Pickwick club", "Ghosts", "The Sound of music."


In 2000, the actor starred in the series "MarchTurkish. " In 2003, he played in the films "Taxi Driver" and "Kamenskaya-3". Yevgeny Pisarev in 2005 received the main role of Tim in the film "Frank Polaroid Pictures". He played an employee of the Office in the film "Male Season. Velvet revolution. " In 2013, he won a major role in the film "Super Max". The plot of the film tells about Maxim Zhdanov.

This is a boy whose life is mainlytakes place at school. There he is waiting for a bitter experience, insane ideas and funny jokes. Maxim's family moved to a small quiet and green village. It is located near the big city. The settlement is very different from the metropolis. It has nothing to do. Maxim is forced to attend a new school. Soon the teachers tested, according to which the boy was recognized as a child prodigy.

eugenia pisarev director

According to the recommendation of teachers, the hero is transferred toA special class where gifted children study. Max perceives this news without enthusiasm. The school environment nicknamed him "botanist." Max became a stranger to his classmates. The hero does not feel like a child prodigy. As a result, he fell into a new class for himself, not wanting to argue with adults.

Personal life

Now you know who Yevgeny Pisarev is. His personal life will be examined further. Actor for a long time was known exclusively as a theatrical figure. Later, he was met by a television audience. Yevgeny Pisarev considers his career to be a happy coincidence of many circumstances. The most joyful and happy time in life is childhood. In his own words, the grandmother and mother were engaged in the education of the future actor. They pestered him with artistry and curiosity. He never knew his father. Even as a boy he liked to dance and sing. Be sure to prepare a presentation for each arrival of guests.

pisarev evgeny alexandrovich

Most of life this person spends intheater. He has very little time for rest and communication with loved ones. Evgeny Pisarev is married. A married couple has a daughter named Antonina. The girl decided to follow the paternal steps. She has been singing since childhood. In addition, Tonya pays attention to the dances, and also plays on the stage of the Theater of a Young Actor, led by Alexander Fyodorov. Our hero is not very happy with such a choice of daughter, but recognizes that it is good when there is interest in life, and also set goals. During the holidays, Evgeni loves spending time traveling.

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