Exotic beast in the house

Exotic animals in the house is far from uncommon. Some lovers get poisonous snakes, crocodiles, monkeys. There are cases when a man took into the house of a lion. Writer naturalist Joy Adamson raised and brought back into the wild wildlife a lioness, a cheetah, and even a leopard. But this is an exception to the rule. Before you take such a serious step, you need to weigh everything well. Wild animals are extremely hard to get used to the new habitat. Of course, with a strong desire and agreement of the household, you can start, for example, a lemur. When a weighted decision has already been made, the question arises of how much a lemur costs, and where to buy it?

What kind of beast is a lemur?

Exotic beast in the houseWhen people decide to buy an exotic animal, the most important thing is that it should not be a tribute to fashion. It is necessary to study well the habitat where animals live, as well as their morals. Lemur is an animal that belongs to the Galagov family. This family is subdivided into 5 genera and has 25 species. They live in Madagascar, in Asia, Africa. Animals live on trees, so some species have long claws. After finding out how much a lemur costs, you need to prepare a small animal in an open-air cage. Lemurs are solitary animals, so they love solitude.

The animals must be fed with vegetables, fruits, eggs and insects. Composing the diet of animals, you must comply with the following proportions: 35% - vegetable food, 35% - insects, and the remaining 30% - porridge. If these proportions are violated, lemurs may develop diseases. Any pet owner knows that you cannot feed animals with food from the table. This also applies to the lemur, as this big-eyed miracle suffers from food allergies. Often, lovers of the exotic get Lori. The question of how much a lemur Lori costs is usually of concern to those who have really fallen in love with these cute big-eyed animals.

The cost varies depending on the type and gender. For example, there are companies that can deliver to order such animals as the lemur. You can buy Lory for about 70,000 rubles. It is necessary to acquire such exotic animals in a special nursery.

With good maintenance, small mini monkeys live for 15 years. Most often they acquire a small thick Lori, since he has a longer lifespan than a thin one. They are distinguished by a good-natured, affectionate, well tamed. Acquire a thick Lory because of its cleanliness. In addition, instead of claws he has soft fingers. Fat Lori is like a small child and is just fascinating, so people are not stopped by how much a lemur costs. Thick lory can even breed in captivity. For these animals acquire spacious cages. In the cells usually have tree trunks, branches. When installing the cage, it is necessary to take into account the fact that Lori are afraid of drafts, and it is impossible to settle them in the entrance hall.

In the wild, thick Lory breeds once a year and a half. Females usually bring 1-2 cubs. In captivity, animals rarely breed. In females, sexual maturity occurs at 18 months, and in males, at 9. Females bear babies for about 180 days.

Having specified the breeder how much a lemur costs, they begin to choose a small animal. There are moments that need special attention. First, one should make sure that Lori lived in spacious cells, because otherwise they could be intimidated and even sick. The old cell must be clean. Secondly, the wool should be smooth, and the teeth - without plaque. Thirdly, the eyes must be without veil. Eyelids drooping is a sign of illness.

Before you buy an exotic animal in the house, it is necessary to study its habits, rules of maintenance, diet. With a well-organized cage (cage) and proper feeding, this charming animal will give its owners happiness and joy.

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