"Faringosept": reviews of the drug and comparison with analogues

Sore throat can occur at any time. Most often, this symptom is observed in viral infections. Eliminate the discomfort will help local drugs. One of the most effective means is Faringosept. Reviews suggest that it is a fairly effective antiseptic used in various areas of medicine. Let us consider in more detail its composition, action and indications for use.

Drug description

Respiratory problems often cause sore throat. Such a phenomenon often leads to complications in the absence of proper treatment. Relieve the condition and destroy the pathogenic microorganisms that caused the disease, drugs with local exposure.

faringosept reviews

Many people know such a tool as "Faringosept." What does this medicine help? According to the instructions, it has powerful antiseptic properties and can be used for colds.

The drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company "Therapy" (Romania). The cost of the drug ranges from 135-160 rubles per pack.

Release form, composition

"Faringosept" is available in the form of lozenges. In one package can be 10 or 20 tablets of light brown color.

Ambazone monohydrate (10 mg in one tablet) is used as an active component in the composition. This substance can affect various types of pathogens: staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci. It is these microorganisms that most often provoke the development of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Ambazon has a bacteriostatic effect, that is, prevents the multiplication of disease-causing agents.

Enhance the effectiveness of local antiseptics auxiliary components: sucrose, lactose monohydrate, gum arabic, polyvidone, magnesium stearate, lemon flavor. Due to the fact that the composition contains cocoa, tablets have a characteristic pleasant taste.

Indications for appointment

Unpleasant sensations when swallowing, hoarse voice, pain even in a calm state are symptoms of the development of the inflammatory process.It is important to start treatment as early as possible, because the infection is able to quickly move to other organs. Will “Faringosept” help in this situation? Indications for appointment describes the official instructions, according to which the drug will be effective for respiratory ailments, accompanied by pain in the throat.

Faringosept instructions for use for children

It is recommended to take local antiseptics in the following cases:

  • with angina caused by streptococci;
  • pharyngitis (acute and chronic);
  • with stomatitis and gingivitis;
  • with non-purulent tonsillitis;
  • with acute tracheitis.

Is Faringosept suitable for children?

Instructions for use allows you to prescribe a drug for the treatment of children from three years. However, you must first make sure that the child responds normally to the active component.

Usually, sore throat in babies occurs on the background of an acute respiratory or bacterial infection. At the same time, symptoms such as fever, runny nose, cough can also be observed. To avoid complications that develop in children, by the way, develop very quickly, treatment should be started as soon as possible.

pharyngosept analogues

The drug first aid for children - "Faringosept." Instructions for use recommends giving a local antiseptic to babies with a variety of infections that affect the mouth and throat. Ambazon effectively disinfects and coats the mucous surface, resists the development of pathogens. When a bacterial infection tablets must be given to the child in combination with antibiotics.

Is the medicine prescribed for pregnancy?

Expectant mothers are exposed to viruses and bacteria due to a decrease in the body's defenses. Therefore, even the common cold will be much worse. Given that in the period of carrying a child for treatment, not all drugs can be taken, it is necessary to carefully choose the method of therapy.

Can pregnant women take Faringosept for sore throat? Reviews of experts suggest that the active component of the drug does not penetrate into the systemic circulation and has a therapeutic effect exclusively at the local level. This means that lozenges can be taken at 1, 2 and 3 trimester of pregnancy.

With timely initiated treatment with local antiseptic it is possible to avoid the use of stronger medicines. The optimal duration of treatment is 5 days.

Mode of application

Faringosept resorption tablets are taken one at a time, not more than 5 times a day. The doctor may adjust the dosage depending on the patient's condition. Children from 3 to 7 years should be given no more than 3 tablets during the day. The duration of therapy is on average 5 days.

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So that the drug really helps to cope with the pain syndrome, it is taken 20-30 minutes after eating. The tablet must be slowly absorbed in the mouth, not chewed and not swallowed. After that, you should refrain from eating for 2 hours.


What “Faringosept” helps and how it has been taken correctly, and now you should pay attention to when it is better to refuse this medication. According to the instructions, the drug is not prescribed to patients who have an increased sensitivity to amazon.

Considering the fact that the tablets contain glucose (760 mg), patients suffering from diabetes should take the medication only after consulting with their doctor.If lactose intolerance should be abandoned by the use of "Faringosept." Reviews indicate that otherwise there is a risk of side effects.

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Children up to three years to give local antiseptic instruction prohibits. However, in practice, lozenges are often prescribed for babies up to 3 years with the condition of reducing the dosage. For pharyngitis, stomatitis, sore throat, doctors recommend giving the child a fourth or third part of the pill.

Side effects

Does the local antiseptic "Faringosept" cause negative reactions of the body? Reviews suggest that the drug is well tolerated by both adult patients and children. Rare cases of side effects are observed only with hypersensitivity to the components of the tablets. A similar phenomenon is usually manifested in the form of a skin allergic reaction - rash, redness, itching.

What to replace the "Faringosept"?

Analogues of the drug, which would have composed the same active ingredient, are absent in the pharmaceutical market. You can replace the Faringosept tablets with other drugs with a similar therapeutic effect.

pharyngosept lozenges

The following drugs have pronounced antiseptic, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties:

  1. Lizobact.
  2. Strepsils.
  3. "Lizak."
  4. "Septolete."
  5. "Theraflu LAR" (pills and spray).
  6. Hexalysis.
  7. "Hexasprey."
  8. "Falimint".
  9. Oracept.
  10. Ingalipt.

A large number of analogs of "Faringosept" allows you to choose the most optimal remedy for the treatment of pathologies of the oral cavity and throat. However, you should not forget that each remedy has its own contraindications, which you should definitely get acquainted with before starting therapy. Any medication should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

Spray or pills?

For diseases of the upper respiratory tract, not only Faringosept tablets can be used to relieve sore throat. Spray containing antiseptic and analgesic components, is also able to quickly arrest the pain syndrome and destroy pathogenic microorganisms.

faringosept spray

Medicines designed to irrigate the throat and oral cavity are in great demand. One of the most effective is the spray "Orasept." It contains phenol and glycerin.These substances have fungicidal, antifungal, softening and enveloping effects. Spray is allowed to apply in pediatric practice with 2 years.

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