Female image in the novel "Hero of Our Time". The main characters of the novel

The novel “Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov was published in 1840, but he still reads and is loved by people of different age categories. What attracts the modern reader to the novel written in the nineteenth century?

The composition of the work

Unusual composition of the work.

The novel consists of several parts, including the story of an officer wandering in the Caucasus (“Bela” and “Maxim Maximych”) and notes from Pechorin himself, which fell into the hands of this officer: “Taman”, “Princess Mary” and “Fatalist”.Lermontov's novel hero of our timeBut the order of the stories does not coincide with the chronology of events. The author specifically violates the sequence of events in the description of the biography of Grigory Alexandrovich. This helps the writer to draw the attention of readers to the hero, to his personality and destiny. Thus, at the beginning of the novel we get to know the hero, in the middle we learn about his death, and then he himself tells his story.This gives the novel a special intrigue, romance and deep psychologism, and helps to fully and fully reveal the personality of the main character.

Eternal questions in the novel

Magnificent landscape sketches, the language of the novel, which led to the admiration of such masters of the word as Gogol and Chekhov, an interesting composition - all this gives the novel its originality.female image in the novel hero of our time

But the most important thing in the novel is the penetration into the hearts and souls of men and the search for answers to the eternal questions about the destiny of man. Why does a man come to this world? What is friendship, love, life and death? What is fate? Answers to all these questions are looking for Grigori Aleksandrovich Pechorin.

The protagonist of the novel

Grigory Pechorin - the main character of the work. He is a complex and controversial person. According to his own words, two people live in him, one of whom commits acts, and the second is the strictest judge.the hero of our time the main charactersThe hero feels his high destiny, but squandering himself over trifles. He is bored, and out of boredom he plays with his life and the lives of other people. He brings suffering, but he suffers himself. Best of all is the depth and versatility of Pechorin’s nature.we understand through his thoughts, described by him in his diary, through his actions, through relations with other main characters of the novel.

Female images of the novel

The main characters, or rather heroines, which help to better understand the essence of Pechorin, are four female images, which, by the will of fate, were set to meet with Grigory Alexandrovich. Women are the hero's strongest passion, he honestly admits that "he loved nothing in the world except for them."

Women who attract him are young, beautiful, bright, original, strong, to match the hero of the novel. And most importantly, they have something that Pechorin himself doesn’t have and that he is so eagerly trying to find - the ability to love is true, faithful, selfless. The heroines do not find happiness in love, but the suffering they endure fully reveals all the qualities of their soul. They love, hate, jealous, sympathize. They live, not run away from life. Each female image presented in the novel is one of the faces of the Eternal Feminine, ennobling a man and raising him above the vanity of life.


The poetic image of Bela the Circassian girl appears first on the pages of the novel “Hero of Our Time”.The sixteen-year-old daughter of the Circassian prince draws the heart of the hero by his dissimilarity to the secular women of his circle. It is direct, open.bela hero of our timeAlthough Bela is very young and inexperienced, winning her heart is not easy: neither gifts nor beautiful words help Pechorin. She simply shows her feelings for Pechorin only after he says that he is going to go to war to lay down his head. Having fallen in love with the hero, the girl completely indulges in passion, she shows the best properties of her nature: loyalty, devotion, sensitivity.

The sensitive heart of the maiden of the mountains feels the cooling of Pechorin, she herself begins to wither and fade away. But even suffering from indifference, she does not reproach the hero for anything, either beg for his attention, does not impose herself on him, retains a sense of self-esteem, pride. Love brings Bela some suffering: two men love her, one torments her with their indifference, and the other deals a mortal blow with a dagger. Before death, all the thoughts of the girl are turned to her beloved — she worries that different faiths will not allow them to meet in heaven, that another woman will be next to him in paradise. Kisses him as if in a kiss she tries to give her soul to him.No complaints, no charges, no reproaches. Strong, proud, passionate, tender, tremulous - embodied femininity! Bela is the most tragic female image in the novel "A Hero of Our Time".


The next female image in the novel "The Hero of Our Time" is the image of Faith. The prehistory of relations between Pechorin and Vera is little known to us, but we understand that her love for the hero has passed the test of separation and time. Clever Vera is the only woman in the “Hero of Our Time” who understood the essence of Pechorin’s soul, understood and accepted him with all the advantages and disadvantages.faith is a hero of our timeShe resigned to her fate and continues to love him despite the voice of reason, which tells her to hate the source of suffering. As the heroine herself says, her love has “grown together” with her soul, “has darkened, but has not died out.” She suffers, hides her passion from her husband, is tormented by jealousy. All the depth and power of her feelings is most fully revealed in her last letter, letter - parting, letter - confession. She understands that she will never see her lover again and asks the hero to always remember her, not to love, but only to remember. But jealousy does not give rest to the heart of Vera, in the last lines of the letter she implores Pechorin not to marry Mary.

Princess Mary

Mary Ligovskaya is a young aristocratic woman brought up in a secular society. She is well educated and intelligent. There is always a crowd of fans around her, but Mary's heart is free until Pechorin appears on her life path, for whom a young, inexperienced girl becomes a toy of boredom. Pechorin does not cost anything to fall in love with the princess. Love transforms a girl, awakening the best qualities of her heart, a secular gloss flies off her, a living soul opens before us, capable of strong feelings. She is sincerely grateful to the hero for help at the ball, she with tears in her eyes listens to the words about his sad fate to be misunderstood and lonely in the crowd.Princess MaryMary herself confesses her love for Pechorin, disregarding the conventions of light. At the last meeting, the sight of the suffering girl is pathetic to the hero. To put an end to her hopes, he confesses that for him everything was a game. Her pride has been dealt a crushing blow, and she turns the whole force of her unrequited feeling into hatred. Can Mary again love with the same force? Does not her soul become degraded? Would not her heart become cold and indifferent?


There is another unusual female image in "The Hero of Our Time" - a smuggler girl. Ondine - so called her hero for the resemblance to the mermaid.Her charming appearance and unusual behavior immediately attract the attention of Pechorin and promise him an interesting adventure.Ondine is a hero of our timeFlexible, slim, long-haired, with a magnetic force in her eyes, the girl enchanted the hero and lured him into a trap, almost drowning in the sea, while showing remarkable agility and strength. What pushes her to a crime? The fear that the officer will inform the commandant about what he saw at night makes her act boldly and decisively. The tricks and ingenuity of her, too, do not hold: she knows how to interest a man, playing for men's vanity. Two opponents, worthy of each other in strength of mind, met. And if Pechorin cherishes his curiosity and is looking for entertainment, struggling with boredom, then the girl protects her love, her happiness, her usual life. In her soul coexist cruelty, mercantile spirit and love for Yanko. The girl longs for it, waits impatiently, peering anxiously at the raging distance of the sea. She herself looks like the sea, just as wild and unruly.

In the novel of Lermontov, the images of his contemporaries are shown, they are very different both in faith and in social status, but each of them is beautiful in its own way thanks to a heart capable of true and true love.

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