Flag "Bavaria" - the pride of the German fans

For many football fans, the Munich "Bavaria"is the most popular club in Germany. If you consider the last fifty years of football history in Germany, you can definitely say that this is so. This is not the oldest football club. And although the flag of "Bavaria" is still proudly flying over the Munich stadium, it is worthwhile to understand the modern heraldry of this club and look not only at what the modern banner of the team looks like, but why it is exactly that. Let's start with the history of the club. Consider how his heraldry was formed.

flag of Bavaria

History of FC "Bavaria"

The history of the football club is closely connected with destinyflag. According to statistics about the leading clubs in the world, FC Bayern München, whose flag is presented in the article above, was formed in the early twentieth century - in 1900. This is not the only and not the oldest club in Munich. Initially, the "Bavaria" included poor students, for a long time it had neither professional players nor a coach. Before the First World War, the Gestapo organized a hunt for the head coach of the club, because of his nationality he was forced to leave fascist Germany.

The revival of the club began after the war, andsixties "Bavaria" not only entered the highest echelon of German football, but also became its leader. From that time until now, the flag of the "Bavaria" proudly bounces not only at the domestic competitions of Germany, but also abroad. He earned the respect of football fans all over the world.

Flag of "Bavaria" and its heraldry

If we talk about the banner and the emblem of the footballclub, it's easy to see that their stories are intertwined. The emblem of the club and the flag of "Bavaria" (Munich) have undergone many changes. Today, the club's emblem is a circle in three colors.

The first banner of the team did not have a colorwas black and white. In the future, the color scheme was added, and the flag of "Bavaria" began to take the usual outlines. Since the club was established in the Bavarian lands, the choice of the FC flag is also associated with the heraldry of Bavaria.

The three colors that are present on it have an appropriate meaning. Since the administrative district of Bavaria includes seven federal lands:Lower Bavaria, Upper Bavaria, Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia, Lower Franconia, Upper Palatinate and Swabia. FROMThe blue color on the flag symbolizes the lands of the Bavarians, and the red color symbolizes the Franconian.

The inner circle on the FC logo represents the flag and elements of the Bavarian emblem.A white-blue pattern with diagonal lines appeared in symbolism, thanks to the coat of arms of the Wittelsbach dynasty, which ruled Upper Bavaria from 1240 to 1918.

Thus, the flag of "Bavaria" took a modern look.

 Bavarian flag Munich

Trophies of the Munich "Bavaria" under the flag of the team

If we talk about the trophies of the Munich team, then theirreally quite a lot. Not without reason the flag of the football club "Bavaria" was modified. He was added four stars, symbolizing the victory of the team in the championship of Germany. So, in recent years the club has won Bundesliga twenty-six times and more than eleven times became vice-champion of the country.

If we talk about the cup of the country, the flag of "Bavaria"soared as the winner's phage more than twenty times. And this achievement is only in the domestic arena. On the international field the team is not so bad. Although, according to statistics, the club is not an unequivocal leader of these competitions, nevertheless the League of European Champions of UEFA team won 4 times, 3 times in a row in the mid-seventies. Then the captain was the famous Franz Beckenbauer, and in the attack played the legendary Gerd Müller.

фк bavaria flag

Prospects of FC "Bavaria" raise their flag above all in Europe

In the current season, the football business of the club goes well. And the flag of "Bavaria" is still proudly barking over "Alliance Arena", which is home to this football club.

flag of the football club of Bavaria

This year the team continues to lead theGerman championship, breaking away from the pursuers for more than ten points. This allows her to move calmly to the next championship. In the international arena, things are also going well. The team quietly reached the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League, in which it is waiting for one of the most uncomfortable and titled contenders, last year's owner of this trophy - "Real" from Madrid. What will end this confrontation, time will tell.

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