Flora by Gucci - a banal floral scent?

Flora by Gucci: history of creation

flora by gucci

This fragrance is original if only because it has become quite an atypical creation of the house of Gucci, who has always been famous for sensual works intended for adult women, and not for gentle and romantic fragrances for young girls. It is always interesting what exactly inspired the perfumer. The story of Flora Gucci is quite remarkable. Back in 1966, the Gucci house produced scarves with a romantic floral pattern. He was unique and recognizable. One of these scarves was worn by Grace Kelly, known for her taste, grace and grace, which for a long time was the face of the brand. But over time, this truly feminine accessory with a unique pattern was forgotten. Frida Janini - creative director Gucci - gave him a new life, embodying the image he creates in a new perfume. Of course, you should not think that the fragrance was inspired by the accessory. Rather, both of them: the new perfumery composition, and the legendary scarf - were inspired by the same thing - a truly feminine character that harmoniously combines contrasts, bright, sensual and at the same time delicate, elegant, light and refined.

flora gucci

What is Flora by Gucci associated with?

  • Youth, unrestrainedness, happiness, pleasure, rejoicing.
  • Charm, beauty, brilliance, sensuality.
  • Romance, femininity, tenderness.
  • Ease, ease, grace.
  • Elegance, luxury, grooming.

Faceand imageAroma Flora by Gucci

flora by gucci eau fraiche

The face of the fragrance was Abbie Lee Kershaw, whose appearance illustrated the novelty of Gucci. This is a graceful elusive girl, sophisticated and luxurious, with a fragile figure, a person who is very willing to be elegant and well-groomed, in her guise there is absolutely no aggression, recklessness or defiant insolent sexuality, but at the same time it is felt that she is modern, independent and very natural. Abby Lee Kershaw and outside the catwalk is known for her impudent non-standard character and ability to go beyond the patterns of understanding beauty. Such a girl invariably attracts the views of its young beauty and spontaneity. The notes of Flora Gucci fragrance make it clear: his mistress is a sensual, lively and bold person who invariably captivates, bewitching those around her with the invincible power of her femininity. She is elegant and exhilaratingly elegant.Everywhere, where it appears, as if the lights are lit and applause is heard. She does not need to be equal to men and compete with them. She is defenseless and free, capable of unexpected actions. She can surprise, alarm and even frighten her independence, but always fascinate. A man will want to protect such a girl, while he will constantly admire her and admire her ability to file himself dearly.

Pyramid of Flora by Gucci

Top notes are peony, mandarin, citrus: lemon and kumquat, as well as bergamot. Refreshing and active at the same time. This is not a light cloud, which is only a prelude to the base notes. The aroma from the first seconds loudly declares itself. Middle notes are rose and osmanthus. Luxurious and bright, their original complement the green and water shades. Base notes are sandalwood, patchouli and pink pepper. As you can see, they are spicy, oriental, rich, warm and, thanks to the original character of pink pepper, soft, dry-tart.

flora by gucci

What do connoisseurs say about the fragrance?

Women as a whole characterize him: “nice, but somehow without a raisin.” At the same time, many say that it envelops a really very sensual floral veil - here it is impossible not to recall the promotional video of the fragrance, where Abby Lee Kershaw is surrounded by a field of flowers.He is highly appreciated by men, they associate them with true femininity, attractiveness and grooming. It really feels light powdery, warm, languorous, smoky, especially noticeable in humid air. This gives the fragrance to boudoir, creating an image of a corner into which there is no access for men, but that is why it attracts them so much. In dry air, the aroma otherwise shows itself, becomes more restrained, elegant. Undoubtedly, Flora by Gucci perfume is very recognizable, but some interpret this as a flaw and say that it is devoid of individuality. Unfortunately, this is the fate of all popular fragrances - due to its prevalence, it becomes faceless. But does this change the quality of perfume creation? The composition is made masterfully, the aroma sounds very expensive, swept by a warm gust of wind. This is a real waltz of flowers, natural, as if it is a creation of nature itself, and not of man, beckoning and maddening. At the same time, the aroma is rather dense, sweet, active, classical; however, the rose and patchouli are indicated in the pyramid, and these notes like to show themselves brightly.

Fragrance with character

The fragrance tends to choose pets.Undoubtedly, Flora by Gucci Eau Fraiche has a character. Most rate it as pleasant from the bottle, but on the skin it can give an unpleasant surprise. At the same time, those whom he approached are fascinated by him once and for all and, of course, enchant others by collecting compliments with buckets.

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