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The Ford Expedition is a full-size SUV of an American company that has been manufactured from 1996 to the present. The car is the largest SUV in the entire Ford model range. At the moment, the fourth generation of the model is being produced, which is quite popular among motorists. The SUV attracts attention not only for its size, performance, build quality and high traffic, but also for its excellent reliability, safety, as well as high-quality and spacious interior. Let's look at the model in more detail.

Car history

For the first time the car was released in 1996. The model replaced the popular Ford Bronco, taking its place between the Ford Explorer and Excursion. The car was built on the basis of the platform UN93, which also produced, in addition to the Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator. By the way, the tendency to release Navigator on the same platform as the Expedition has been preserved to this day.

first generation ford expedition

The first generation of the SUV very quickly gained popularity among motorists, due to the large size of the car, a high level of comfort, safety and good technical characteristics.

In 2002, the release of the first generation of the SUV stopped, and the updated version of the Expedition “entered” the production line. The novelty received a new base, a more modern design, an improved engine range, a gearbox, a new salon, an updated security system, thanks to which the model received 5 stars in crash tests, and much more.

The second generation, in fact, brought great popularity of the model, because of which it received the award "Family Car of the Year" in 2003. Also, the SUV managed to enter the top 20 best-selling cars, and numerous studies have confirmed that this model is one of the most popular in its class. The release of the second generation ended in 2006.

second generation ford expedition

All the same 2006 saw the light of the third generation Expedition. The novelty has received not only a new design, but also an updated interior, improved technical characteristics, a new line of engines, a gearbox and an improved chassis.

The positive reputation and reliability of the model were retained, because the company did not want to lose face. Thanks to this, the third generation of the model also became very popular and won the awards "Best SUV 2015" and "The most reliable SUV with a lifetime of over 5 years."

ford expedition SUV look

At the moment, the release of the third generation is discontinued, and the fourth generation of the Ford Expedition is already in production. The updated model received a fresh and modern design, an even more improved security system, updated engines, a new, more spacious and comfortable interior, improved maneuverability and much, much more.


Externally, the Ford Expedition looks just fine. The front part of the car is decorated with a huge chrome grille with the company's logo. The headlights are large, with LED elements and modern optics. The front bumper is pretty massive. It has a wide air intake, behind which is a radiator, as well as fog lamps, located at the corners in special niches. Even on the bumper there is a metal lining, which plays the role of a protective element.

ford expedition rear view

Rear SUV is also good.In the eyes of the large rear LED lights, which are very interesting glow. The tailgate is also large, with a neat spoiler at the top. In the middle of the door there is a chrome plate, on which the name of the model is stamped. The bumper has a long overhang, but despite this, it is very neat, with a clearly highlighted shape. Below the bumper has a similar front metal protective cover. Well, completes all dual exhaust system, which just looks out from under the bumper.

Ford Expedition Features

Now you can go to the characteristics of the SUV. Of particular interest here are the engines, gearbox, chassis and suspension. Consider each of these points in more detail below.

ford expedition front view

Engines and Gearboxes

So, it is worth starting with the engines. Initially, in the first generations of the model on an SUV, 4 types of engines of different sizes were installed, but with each update of the model the range of engines decreased. Moreover, from the third generation, the company decided to remove the most popular Ford Expedition unit by 5.4 liters, replacing it with another 3.5-liter engine. Actually, the fourth generation did not bring surprises, the 3.5-liter engine remained in the model, but only in two variations and with significant improvements.

ford expedition 2018 release

The first version has a power of 380 "horses", which allows the SUV to accelerate to 100 km / h in 6 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 239 km / h, and fuel consumption is 14 liters in the city and almost 10 beyond. By type of structure it is a V-shaped "six" with a longitudinal arrangement, turbocharging, 24 valves and direct injection.

The second type of engine has a capacity of 405 liters. from. Acceleration to a hundred takes only 5.8 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches the mark of 244 km / h. Fuel consumption here is identical to the previous version. According to the type of structure there are also no changes.

ford expedition engines

As for the gearbox, it is one of the SUV - this is a Select Shift automatic transmission with 10 shifting stages. There is support for manual gear shifting with the help of gearshift paddles.

Chassis, suspension

Now for the chassis and suspension. The latter is pneumatic in the Ford Expedition, which is generally quite good, because it guarantees greater softness on bad roads, it can be adjusted using different modes depending on traffic conditions and the type of road surface.

Chassis ford expedition

The ground clearance of the car is considerable, almost 25 cm, so when driving on rough terrain you can not worry about anything.Drive type may be different depending on the configuration. An SUV can be either rear-wheel drive, or with 4x4 all-wheel drive. The latter, by the way, also has a lot of additional modes that can be set automatically either by the driver.


Reviews of the Ford Expedition show that the fourth-generation new SUV was very successful and no worse than its predecessors. Drivers say high engine power, high ground clearance, a huge and comfortable cabin for 7-8 people, high build quality, relatively low fuel consumption, low maintenance cost, reliability, maneuverability on the roads, throughput and much more.

characteristics of the car ford expedition

There are no significant disadvantages of the car, except that the transport tax on it is considerable. It is very difficult to buy a new car in Russia, since officially the model is not for sale. Nevertheless, it is possible to bring a car from overseas, but you still have to pay all sorts of customs duties, etc., which will eventually result in a "pretty penny".

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