Fried eggs with sausage: how to vary a dish

Every adult knows that breakfast -the most important meal. One can not do without it, especially for children. But what is it to cook so that it is tasty and useful? Many cooks advise a dish like fried eggs and sausage. The cooking process takes no more than 10 minutes. The dish turns out delicious and quite nutritious. The best recipes are discussed in the article.fried eggs with sausage in the form

The success of fried eggs

Many people are interested in: "How to cook scrambled eggs and sausage to make the dish tasty?" There are a lot of secrets, experienced chefs are ready to share them:

  1. All products used in the dish must befresh. It is better to buy homemade eggs. In this case, the yolks will be orange, the dish will be bright. Do you like diet products? Then use quail eggs.

  2. Sausages must be of good quality. Acquire products of famous brands. Pay attention to the classification (only the highest grade is suitable).

  3. Oil is better to use two types: creamy and olive. In this case, the dish will be low-fat, with a ruddy crust.

  4. Additional ingredients need to be fried in advance. And only after that, pour eggs. The dish will come out without extra calories and fluids.

  5. Use only well heated oil. Otherwise, the dish will get a lot of fat, and it will take a long time to cook.

  6. Classical eggs are served hot.

  7. Do not leave the cooked dish in a frying pan, it will continue to be roasted and can burn. Immediately lay eggs on a plate.

Knowing these secrets, you can cook an excellent dish. By the way, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and sausage are in demand in many cafes. Especially if this dish is offered in complex to cook scrambled eggs and sausage

We use the benefits of civilization

Fried eggs and sausage are a fairly simple dish. It can cook even a child. But experienced housewives use modern technical devices. For example, a multibar. The most popular recipe is described below.

Fried eggs with toasted sausage

For this dish, the following ingredients will be needed:

  • eggs of chicken - 2-3 pieces;

  • 50 g of butter, 6 tablespoons of olive oil;

  • 1 sausage;

  • spice;

  • greenery.

To begin with, you need to put butter in the cup of the multivarka, turn on the "Hot" program. Sausages cut into mugs, a little fry until they give them a ruddy crust.

Activate the "Bake" program. Pour olive oil in a bowl, add eggs, spices, greens gently. The cooking time is about 10 minutes. After the sound signal, turn off the multivarker.fried eggs with tomatoes and sausage

The appearance of the dish is very important

Surely many parents are familiar with the situation,when children refuse to eat. What to do in this case? Psychologists unanimously assert that the dish should have a presentable appearance. Scrambled eggs with a sausage in the form of a flower will be an excellent breakfast. Believe me, in such a serving the dish will cause the appetite of the baby.

First you need to do sausage. To do this, cut it in half (along), on the sides make shallow incisions. Fold the ring, securing the end with a small toothpick. The flower petals are ready, it's time to tackle the middle.

Frying pan well, pour oil, lay out sausages. Next, we will deal with eggs. It will be necessary to carefully separate the proteins from the yolk. There are a lot of ways.

In order for the dish to turn bright, did not spread,it is better to use one yolk. Gently place them in the center of the sausage, fry well. With a special spatula, remove the dish from the frying pan, without damaging the structure. Decorate your masterpiece. A stem can be made from a feather of a green onion, leaves - from a parsley or other greens.fried eggs with sausage

Top recipes

Fried eggs with sausage - a dish that is served even in restaurants. There are many interesting recipes. One of them is Menemen. The dish came to us from Turkey. There it is considered to be traditional.

We need:

  • onion;

  • Bulgarian pepper;

  • tomatoes;

  • condiments;

  • greenery;

  • sausage;

  • eggs.

First you need to pass onion and pepper. For the process to go faster, they need to be finely chopped. Then we prepare the tomatoes. We clean them from the peel, beat them with a blender or grind them through a sieve. All this is put in a frying pan and evaporated so that there is no excess water. Add sausages, they are best fried whole, without cutting.

Next, we introduce the main ingredient - eggs, whippeda mixer. All well mixed with vegetables, give another 5 minutes for cooking. After the frying pan remove from the fire, cover with a lid. After 2 minutes, the dish can be served to the table.

Fried eggs and sausage are a popular dish. For its preparation, no special culinary knowledge is required. Take care that the ingredients are not burned, and enjoy a hearty and healthy meal.

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