Games similar to "Sims 4": what to play?

The Sims game series has 4 fullparts and many times more amateur and formal additions. The genre of this game can be attributed to the simulator of life. The player manages people in the form of strategy, makes decisions for them, etc. Simply put, he lives a virtual life. For those who are already tired of this game series, this article contains games similar to "Sims 4" in genre, mechanics and the very essence of the gameplay.

The remaining parts

If you played enough in the fourth part, but did not try the previous ones, then we strongly advise. Each of the games of the series stands out with its chips, gameplay and capabilities.

For example, in the 4th part, the developers decidedto abandon a full-fledged simulation of the city in favor of the development of interpersonal relations between Sims, the dialogue system and the behavior of heroes. If you are more concerned about the social life of Sims within the city (entertainment, work, outings for picnics and so on), then be sure to play in The Sims 3.

games related to sims 4

In addition to the third part, get acquainted with the previoustwo. Playing them in 2017 will be seriously difficult if you've met the series recently. However, to get acquainted with the classics of the gaming industry, it's worth trying. Moreover, the first part is still coming out with additions and updates from the hands of fans. Now let's move on to other games that look like "Sims 3 and 4".

The Movies

In this game, the emphasis on personal and everydaylife shifts toward professional activities and embodies the dream of childhood - to make your own film at your film studio. Why do we consider The Movies to be similar to the "Sims"? Because the mechanics and management here are exactly the same.

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All characters in the game pursue a single goal- to create the best film studio in the world and to remove rating films. And you have to manage the entire process. You have to lead actors who are just the same people with their needs and character - this is where the similarity with the Sims series comes about.

You will have to monitor their actions,to establish relationships between the characters, so that they interact on the set and so on. In addition to the social element, you have access to the whole arsenal of economic and construction strategies. The player must keep track of expenses and salaries, while he must personally rebuild and arrange scenery. Be sure to try this simulator if you like the series The Sims!


Another game, similar to the "Sims 4" - Spore. If in the previous game we move into the movie world, then Spore makes you think more global. Here the player takes on the role of the creator of a whole civilization - your gameplay is now not limited to family and household affairs. By the way, they will not be here. Instead, you create your race, develop it, conquer new locations, learn technology, conquer planets, establish connections with other races and solve the riddle of the universe.

Do you feel how much the developers have approached the gameplay globally? However, Spore is not without its minuses.

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First, lovers of realism will have toupset - there are no people and similar beings. The whole game is made in a cartoon style, and creatures you create in person. Secondly, the first stages of development are too short, and the conquest of the cosmos is prolonged. Therefore, the game does not have time to unfold in the beginning and quickly gets bored after 10 hours of gameplay. However, to try to play a game similar to "Sims 4" is inherently worth it.

Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 - a good alternativeSims for mobile devices on "Android". In the second part, the developers took into account the drawbacks of the previous game and added new features. On the scale and capabilities, of course, it is inferior to the analogue with the PC. However, for a mobile game Virtual Families 2 is very good - create characters, families, start children, develop skills and professions, get a job - do everything that is available to a person in real life.

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Since this is a mobile game, it could notdo without the usual chips - puzzles, achievements and so on. You can run this game, similar to "Sims 4", on the computer via the emulator. This will be an excellent alternative to the demanding The Sims 4, if you have a weak laptop or an old stationary computer.

Kudos 2

Kudos 2 - 2D simulator of a young man's life withset of parameters and skills that affect life. This game, similar to "Sims 4", is noteworthy that in it you can simulate the actions of a real person. Pleasant graphics and undemanding to the gland are present. In Kudos 2 you do not create a character, but choose from pre-prepared ones. He will live a life worthily or not - it all depends on your actions and decisions!

games related to sims 4

The result

All of the above projects shouldfans of the series The Sims. There are many more simulators of life, but here are the most interesting and unusual of them. You can choose the option both for passing on a home powerful computer, and a life simulator for mobile devices to "kill" time on the road. This list with games similar to "Sims 4", collected the best representatives of the genre of life simulation. However, "outperform" the ancestor of the genre is difficult, so many fans still prefer to play the old part of the series.

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