Gardenia: how to care?

Chinese beauty family marenovye - gardenia, a very beautiful and capricious plant. Due to the large white flowers with a delicate aroma and dense bright green leaves, gardenia decorate any interior. Do you have gardenia in your house? How to care? Do you often water? When can I repot? How to avoid mistakes, destructive for such a delicate flower? You will find detailed answers to all these questions in our article.

Peculiarities of care

We try to answer questions that concern florists on the topic of garden care.

  • Air temperature. Watch the temperature in the room where gardenia grows. It should not exceed 25 and not fall below 16 degrees Celsius. The roots of the flower are very afraid of hypothermia. Therefore, with the arrival of winter, take it away from the window sill or put it on a foam plastic stand. In addition to the gardenia harmful drafts and temperature drops, in this regard, do not carry it to the open air.
  • Air humidity. Gardenia jasminoid requires maintaining high humidity, but during the flowering period it is necessary to spray very carefully with small droplets so that they do not damage the buds or flowers.It is best to place gardenia on pebbles in a pan with water or on wet moss so that water does not reach the pot. Evaporation will create the necessary moisture, and the roots will not get wet.
  • Watering. Keep the soil constantly wet, but not wet and pay attention to its acidity. For watering, use a warm soft, you can add a couple of drops of lemon juice - 1 drop per 1 liter. It is especially important to observe moderation during the flowering period, any deviation threatens the death of the buds, the flower will simply fold them.
  • Lighting. If you have a room gardenia, home care involves bright lighting, but at noon it is better to hide the pot in the shade. From the hot sun on the delicate green leaves appear real burns.
  • In the summer and spring, do not forget to feed the plant with a frequency of 7-10 days, fertilizers without calcium, but with potassium and fluorine. Top dressing in the winter and in the autumn is not obligatory.

Plant transplant

The first transplant in a larger pot should be organized no earlier than two years later. If you are buying a ready-mixed soil mix, the soil is best suited for growing azaleas or roses. To prepare the mixture independently, it is necessary to mix in equal proportions: sand, leaf, sod, coniferous and peat soils.Further transplantation must be done every year, so that the growing roots have enough space.

Reproduction of gardenia

The best time to reproduce flowers is the end of winter, the beginning of spring. Cut cuttings are planted in the soil warmed to 25 degrees and phytohormones are added. The process of rooting is quite complicated, but the acquisition of a special stimulator for the formation of roots will help you grow healthy and strong seedlings. In this case, each tip of the cutting is dipped in a powdered stimulant, and then planted in the ground.

Care during flowering

Consider further the subtleties about the gardenia flower, how to care for it during flowering, so that this period lasts longer. Gardenia blooms mostly in summer or autumn. For this process, the plant is prepared very carefully for 3 months. The question of care arises automatically, because you so much want to enjoy the exquisite aroma longer. When the first bud appears, more attention should be paid to air and soil moistening, temperature and lighting. During spraying, remember that flowers and buds do not like water droplets. In the summer, carry the flower overnight in a dark place; in the fall, blackout is not necessary.Drafts, temperature drops, direct sunlight, inappropriate soil are the main causes of diseases and the death of gardenias. But if you provide the right care and comfortable conditions, the plant will give you beauty and aroma for many years.

Now you know almost everything about how to care for gardenia when it is grown and flowered. This will help you to successfully dissolve this plant in your home and thereby decorate it. We wish you a successful gardening!

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