Goji berries: reviews, how to take, useful properties and contraindications

Did you know that there is a tool that can normalize the work of all body systems, stabilize weight, rejuvenate and prolong life? No? Then this article is for you.

goji berries reviews

Judging by the reviews, goji berries are used mainly to normalize weight. This one-sided perception has led to the fact that the majority treat this valuable product as a newfangled means for body correction, and this is not true.

goji berries how to take

Recent studies have shown that eating berries reduces the risk of cardiovascular, endocrine, and Alzheimer's disease. Let us consider in more detail the beneficial properties of goji berries. Among them are the following:

Not surprisingly, goji berries have gained popularity among movie stars and sports, as their use has a beneficial effect on appearance and increases endurance.

It is also believed that they can reduce the risk of cancer. The statement is groundless, research in this area has not been conducted, and no official expert opinion has been made. The only thing that can be said is that, thanks to the beneficial properties of goji berries and their beneficial effects on the body, the likelihood of cancer is theoretically reduced, as is the likelihood of other diseases.

Definitely, it can be argued that goji berries can significantly improve the quality of life and solve some health problems. It should be noted that it is impossible to take them as a panacea. In no case do not replace them with the main treatment prescribed by a specialist, and certainly do not self-medicate with them.

Precautionary measures

It's time to talk about the dangers and benefits of goji berries. The first thing worth mentioning: raw goji berries are harmful. Benefit can only be obtained from dried fruits, in the form in which they are sold, completely ready to eat.

The fact is that fresh berries are poisonous and can cause severe poisoning, so it is out of the question to eat them right from the bush.This is especially true of those who decide to grow goji on their summer cottages. Be careful with children, as ripe berries look very appetizing!

goji berries beneficial properties


Goji berries, like any other product of plant origin, are contraindicated for people with a tendency to allergic reactions, as well as children, pregnant and lactating women.

Since the berries are mainly consumed in dried form, due to the high content of sugars, it is necessary to use this product with care when suffering from diabetes. You should also not eat berries during drug treatment, as they can increase the side effects of drugs.

People with weak or irritated intestines should take the berries with caution, starting with one piece and gradually increasing the dose. And it is necessary to consult a specialist before using berries.

Now a little about the side effects that can occur when using berries and products from them.

Stomach ache

From the reviews of goji berries, we can conclude that many initially have abdominal pain. It may be worth reducing the dose or completely abandoning their use and switch to juice or extract.Only you need to be careful, the daily dose of juice for an adult is not more than 50 ml, so it is often sold in a mixture with other fruit juices.

Another cause of pain may be a poor-quality product. To prolong shelf life, some manufacturers use the preservative E220, which can cause nausea and diarrhea. Carefully read the inscriptions on the package and do not save on quality.


Goji berries can cause insomnia. This effect may be caused by the increased tonic properties of the product. The solution is simple - take the berries only in the morning.

Use of berries

It's time to talk about how to use goji berries. This product is available in different forms. First, it is the berries themselves in dried form. It tastes sweet and sour, something between a raisin and dried apricots.

Goji berries benefit and harm

It is better to start taking berries with a few pieces, gradually increasing their number. The daily dose for adults - 15-45 grams. Hypertension sufferers should consider that a large number of berries can cause a jump in pressure.

All you need is to wash the berries and eat them like regular dried fruits. You can soak them and add them to desserts, breakfast cereals, salads, cereals.

Old tea recipe

Another way to use dry food is tea with goji berries and chrysanthemum.It will be especially useful in diabetes and hypertension. This tea can improve skin condition and slow down the aging process. The recipe is designed for 2-3 servings.


  • Black (red) tea - 3-4 tsp.
  • Chrysanthemum flowers - 3-5 pieces.
  • Goji berries - 6 pieces.
  • Water - 600 ml.

All components are filled with boiling water and infused for 15 minutes.

goji berry tea

Recipe for tincture of berries

There is an old recipe for tincture of goji berries. It will help improve vision, improve immunity, reduce blood sugar levels.


  • Vodka 45 ° - half a liter.
  • Goji berries - 50 g.

Berries pour vodka, insist week in a dark place. It is better to use a bottle of dark glass. Take 10 ml twice a day.

Tincture is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women. This drink should be used with caution by people prone to allergies, as the combination of berries with alcohol can provoke a negative reaction. It is also not necessary immediately after the use of tincture to get behind the wheel.

Porridge Recipe

You can cook rice with porridge on the water with goji berries. Just during cooking, throw in a boiling rice a small handful of fruit, add sugar to taste and you can eat.This dish has a beneficial effect on vision.

Stewed pork liver with goji berries

If you cook the pork liver, add a few berries 5 minutes before the readiness and let it brew for a little, this will give a novelty to the usual dish, and also help reduce bruises under the eyes and the manifestations of “dry eye” syndrome.

goji berries for women

With goji berries you can cook a lot of healthy and tasty dishes. Imagine and invent your own recipes, but do not subject the berries to long-term heat treatment, otherwise they will lose all useful properties.


One of the products obtained from fresh fruit is an extract of goji berries. Available in liquid and in capsules. Good for those who are not recommended to eat berries.

Liquid extract should be added to drinks, about a teaspoon per 200 ml of liquid. You can also use the extract in the manufacture of home cosmetics.

The encapsulated goji berry extract is taken as indicated in the package instructions.


Another form of release is whipped honey with goji berries. It is an almost homogeneous mass consisting of honey and heavily crushed berries, a valuable vitamin product intended for all ages.The exception is children under one year old, people with a tendency to allergies, people with diabetes, pregnant and lactating women. There is also honey with whole berries on sale.

honey with goji berries

Now how to take goji berries with honey.

At the beginning of the application, children of 1-3 years old are recommended to give honey with ⅓ tsp once a day, bringing the total amount to 1 tsp one-time, or in small portions in several doses. Children from three years old - 1.5 teaspoons per day.

Goji slimming

Sources of information are full of numerous reviews about goji berries as a means of correcting excess weight and promise phenomenal results. Let's go down from heaven to earth. Recently, for women, goji berries have become a symbol of super-slimming.

Yes, these berries are a really valuable source of vitamins and microelements. Due to their normalizing effects on the body, the weight can be slightly reduced, but not so much that it can be considered a complete weight loss.

Nutritionists are skeptical about goji berries. Partly because no one conducted official research in this direction, in part because no one saw real examples of such weight loss.

According to experts, noticeable results can be achieved if you replace a handful of berries with one of the meals, such as dinner. But the same effect will give you a glass of kefir for a couple of hours before bedtime.

It is time to understand that all the rave reviews about goji berries as a means for losing weight is nothing more than a marketing ploy using a universal desire to lose weight.

Nutritionists believe that to get the most insignificant effect, you need to eat at least 100 grams of berries a day. How, in this case, to take goji berries for weight loss, if the daily dose for an adult is not more than 50 grams, and in case of an overdose you may experience problems with sleep and digestion? It should also be aware of the danger of exacerbation of hypertension.

Even in pursuit of beauty, do not forget what was said above about the benefits and harm of goji berries.

goji berries contraindications

How to grow goji berries

Goji (Dereza vulgaris, Tibetan barberry) is a shrub up to 3.5 m tall, culturally grown in the highlands of Tibet, the Himalayas and the Ningxia region of central China, but thanks to its simplicity it grows everywhere and often runs wild.

You can grow it in almost any climate zone, even in Siberia. It is preferable to grow seedlings, but seed reproduction is also possible.
Flowering begins in the second year, the first harvest is harvested in the fourth or fifth year. The plant is unpretentious, easily tolerates drought, heat and frost.

Growing from seed

Inside the berry there are 8-15 small seeds. Before planting, soak the berry briefly to soften it. Then remove the seeds.

To speed up germination, it is possible to soak the seeds for two hours in the “Epiné” or “Zircon” biostimulants. For sowing, a neutral, well-drained, medium soil is needed. Suitable mixture of peat and loam in a ratio of 1: 2.

For successful germination, it is necessary to provide the plant with moist soil heated to 20-25 ° C. Immediately after sowing, place the container in the shade and only after the sprout appears, move it to diffused light or to partial shade.

Ideally, you need a deep container with a plastic lid. You can cover it with polyethylene.

Sowing seeds should be carried out on the soil surface, without deepening them more than 2-3 mm. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the soil and, if necessary, irrigate it from a spray bottle to avoid drying out.

Prevent temperature fluctuations of more than 10 ° C, do not hold the container near the radiator and do not allow cold air from the vent window to get into it.

After seed germination, the container should be opened and from this point on closely monitor the soil moisture, to which the young shoots are very sensitive.

After the appearance of the second pair of leaves of the plant can be transplanted into pots. Their depth should not be less than 7 cm, because, as soon as leaves appear, the root system of plants begins to develop rapidly.

In winter, when grown in a city apartment, it is necessary to provide the plants with an air temperature of about +10 ° C.

For fertilizing, you can use universal fertilizer for indoor plants.

Unfortunately, a berry grown on a windowsill will not have the same properties as that grown in Tibet or the Himalayas.

 goji berries contraindications

Growing from seedlings

If you intend to grow goji berry from saplings, first prepare pits for planting. Size 50 x 50 x 40 cm. The distance between the pits is at least 1.5-2 meters.

Add about 10 kg of humus to the soil, 200 g of superphosphate and 30-40 g of wood ash. The optimal composition of the soil: garden soil, humus, river sand in equal proportions.

Planting is done by slightly deepening the root neck of the seedling.The soil needs to be watered and mulched with peat or humus.

The plant grows fast enough, resistant to pests and powdery mildew, and therefore does not require chemical treatment. At the initial stage (after planting) and during the dry period it needs watering. The plant tolerates a haircut, so it is suitable for hedges.

Today, more than 40 varieties of goji berries have been bred in China. The harsh climate of Tibet gives the plant special properties, saturating its fruits with healing power. It could also decorate our gardens due to its simplicity.

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Goji berries: reviews, how to take, useful properties and contraindications 76

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Goji berries: reviews, how to take, useful properties and contraindications 82

Goji berries: reviews, how to take, useful properties and contraindications 96

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