Biography of Viktor Tretyakov

Victor Tretyakov - the famous poet, composer and performer of songs, who traveled with concerts almost all of Russia, performed in Belgium, Germany, France, Holland. He composes simple and soul-taking poems and music, knows how to create images and make people think about life.
His work is loved by listeners of different generations. Before becoming an executing author, Victor received a technical profession. But the ability to describe a specific life situation, beautifully present it to the listener was brought to the scene by Tretyakov and made popular. For more than twenty years he pleases with his soulful songs.

A dream come true: childhood of Viktor Tretyakov

In a simple family, in Riga was born a little thin boy. His childhood passed in the same way as a thousand Soviet boys. Parents saw that their son had a good ear and sent him to a music school. But after studying four years in the piano class, Victor realized that it was not his music.
Bard Victor Tretyakov in his youthBard Victor Tretyakov in his youth
After graduation, Tretyakov entered the electromechanical college. In 1982, after serving in the army he went to work as an engineer at the plant. Tretyakov at that time already wrote songs and found listeners among his friends and colleagues. This hobby was for the soul, and for life a serious profession was needed.
Victor entered the evening department of the Riga Polytechnic Institute. But the guy wanted more, he could not imagine his life without a guitar. And in 1988, Tretyakov committed at the time a very courageous act. She quits her job with a decent salary and goes to the Theater on Quiet Street. Begins to earn a living by performing at concerts in sanatoriums in the city of Jurmala.
Years later, the performer admitted that in order to do his favorite thing, he had to starve.
Victor Tretyakov - Tube
His choice was unconsciously influenced by his parents. Victor grew up on the songs of Vysotsky and fell in love with his work. He dreamed at least a bit like his favorite artist. Talent and patience helped to realize this dream.

Personal life of Viktor Tretyakov

Victor always comes in contact with journalists, enjoys talking with listeners and gives autographs, but does not like to talk about his personal life.From the first marriage has an adult son who lives in Latvia.

Victor Tretyakov steps on the big stage: first songs

Many famous singers and composers rested in Jurmala. In 1988, Viktor Tretyakov met with Jan Frenkel and performed with him on the stage of the Palace of Culture of the VEF factory. Perhaps this performance instilled confidence in their abilities and led the now famous bard to the big stage.
In 1991, Tretyakov moved to live in Moscow. In independent Latvia there was no opportunity for the development of his work.
Victor Tretyakov - Seventh Heaven
Victor has only two songs about the war in Afghanistan. But thanks to them, the performer got into the program “Field Post of Youth”. After recording, Tretyakov managed to interest the music editor of Vzglyad, Yury Bershidsky. And "Conversation with the Afghan" sounded on the air. Afghan and political songs helped survive the difficult 90s.
Victor did not emigrate from Russia. His work was in demand in the country. He wrote about the experiences in simple words, but with deep meaning. There was no vulgarity and excessive politicization in the verses. He did not call for concrete actions, but the words prompted internal activities.After the concert, I wanted to correct mistakes, to believe that love rules the world, miracles happen and everything in life will be fine.
The biggest achievement Tretyakov believes that he did not leave Russia. When meeting with immigrants while on tour, he realized that it was impossible to be happy in a foreign land. Only friends, interesting pictures from life help to write words that will affect the listener.
At that time, in order for a talented person to get on stage, they did not need bags of money. It was necessary to keep up with the times and write social songs. Tretyakov performed songs in the programs “Till 16 and older”, “Let's sing, friends”, “Wider circle”.
Singer Viktor Tretyakov hides information about his personal lifeSinger Viktor Tretyakov hides information about his personal life
In 1990, he released his first disc, Bells. And he performed in the final concert "Song of the Year." In such a short creative period, he managed to achieve a lot. Participation in the television festival, which was considered the main event in pop art - is the recognition of acting and talent.
Years passed, the programs changed, a new generation grew up, but the songs of Victor Tretyakov continue to delight with their warmth and sincerity.They like different age groups, you can recognize yourself, your thoughts and dreams. Sincere and wise poems charge positive. The performer has fans who accompany him on tour. He performs in the country and abroad.

Great success on the big stage, Viktor Tretyakov today

Now Viktor Tretyakov is a successful performer. In 2012, he released the album “The Continuation of Music” and a collection of one hundred best songs. Started working on the album "New Songs". In the film “Department of the SSSR”, which appeared on the screen in 2012, the author’s song “You are called from God” sounded. In the fall of 2013, he made an anniversary tour in honor of his twenty-five years on stage.
Artist aspires to something new. This is evidenced by the anniversary concert with the symphony orchestra in the Kremlin, which was held in honor of his fiftieth anniversary. Tretyakov performed on stage with Iosif Kobzon and his favorite singer Oleg Mityaev. The author and performer of songs received the award of the project “Chanson of the Year 2013”.
Viktor Tretyakov loves his profession. For many years he will delight the audience with sincere author songs.

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