Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * (Turkey / Kemer / Tekirova): description and reviews of tourists

Turkish resorts enjoy the same success with tourists. Especially popular are five-star hotels, allowing you to feel the fullness of the holiday "all inclusive". For many years, our compatriots have consistently chosen Turkish resorts. If earlier tourists went to the most famous of them, then gradually the geography expanded significantly. Now resort visitors are no less willing to go to small villages that are able to offer at least a wonderful holiday in fashionable hotels. In our article we want to talk about one of the hotels in the resort Tekirova called Gural Premier Tekirova.

A little bit about the complex

Gural Premier Tekirova was built in 2010, therefore it is a young establishment. It has not been repaired. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden with exotic plants. The total area of ​​the complex is 200 thousand square meters. The hotel includes 24 two-and three-storey buildings. Some buildings have direct access to the pools.

The territory of the complex

The hotel is a great place to relax for couples. A large area, comfortable rooms, developed infrastructure - all this offers Gural Premier Tekirova.

Number of rooms

Gural Premier Tekirova has an extensive number of rooms, which are represented by apartments of different categories:

Number of rooms
  1. Deluxe (244 rooms) have an area of ​​55 square meters. They are designed to accommodate three guests. Three rooms are equipped for people with disabilities.
  2. Family apartments (148 rooms) consist of two rooms and can accommodate up to five people. Room size is 80 square meters.
  3. Superior family apartment (32 rooms), consisting of two rooms and two bathrooms. The room can accommodate up to six people. Its area is 90 square meters.
  4. One-room deluxe with access to the pool for three guests (167 rooms). The area of ​​the apartment is 50 sq. M.
  5. Two-room family deluxe (67 rooms). The apartments consist of two rooms and a bathroom with jacuzzi. They can comfortably accommodate five tourists. The area of ​​each room is 80 square meters.
  6. Two-room deluxe suites (6 rooms), consisting of a living room, bedroom and bathroom with jacuzzi.The area of ​​the apartment is 72 square meters.
  7. The two-bedroom superior suite consists of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. The apartments have direct access to the pool. The rooms overlook the sea. They can accommodate two people. The area of ​​the apartment is 100 square meters.
  8. Three-bedroom superior grand suites consists of a bedroom, living room and two bathrooms, one of which has a jacuzzi. The apartment has access to the pool. The rooms overlook the sea coast. The area of ​​each is 150 square meters. The apartments can accommodate up to four guests.
  9. Two-storey villas superior. Spacious apartments occupy two floors. On the first is the kitchen, living room, home cinema. On the second floor there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms with Jacuzzi, a balcony with furniture. The villa has a private pool and garden. It is equipped for four people.
  10. Three-room presidential suite consists of three bedrooms and a living room in the form of a studio. The apartment has three bathrooms with jacuzzi. The rooms overlook the sea. The apartments have their own pool and garden. They are equipped to accommodate six people.Room size reaches 180 square meters.
  11. The five-room king suite consists of four bedrooms, the same number of bathrooms and a living room. The apartment can accommodate eight people. The area of ​​the room is 400 square meters.

Room facilities

Standard rooms Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * are equipped with TVs, kettles, air conditioning, mini-bar, safe, hairdryer, internet, balcony, telephone and other amenities. Apartments are cleaned daily. A change of linen is provided once every three days.

Apartments of higher categories have additional amenities and services. For some available VIP service.


Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * works on the concept of "ultra all inclusive". The main restaurant offers food in the form of a buffet. Power concept works around the clock. In addition to the main meals, tourist services available in the bars of the hotel. Alcohol and drinks are included in the concept. At certain times, guests are offered ice cream and fresh man fresh juices. The main restaurant is very roomy. It can accommodate up to 800 people. It has a closed air-conditioned room and a summer terrace.Facility's menu has dietary meals. The chef prepares the best international cuisine for visitors.

Hotel restaurant

Newlyweds upon arrival in the room leave a compliment in the form of a basket with fruit and wine. And birthday parties are given a birthday cake.

In addition to the main institution, the hotel has a la carte restaurants:

  1. Fish Sea Food specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Facility's menu offers a variety of seafood dishes.
  2. Restaurant "Gusto" offers Italian cuisine.

Also in the hotel there are several bars: at the pool, on the beach, the bar "Water Park", "Konak", "Irish", "Anfi".

Complex infrastructure

Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * (photos of the hotel are shown in the article) has an incredibly developed infrastructure.

Hotel lobby

Numerous objects are collected on its territory, due to which the rest is rich and interesting. The hotel has absolutely everything that is needed even for spoiled tourists.

The main infrastructure is its own water park. Water attractions will be interesting not only for kids, but also for adult guests. The park is equipped with 27 slides. It occupies an area of ​​22 thousand square meters. The water park is a favorite place to stay for the guests of the complex.

In addition, the hotel has two huge swimming pools for general use and a reservoir for kids. The inhabitants of the deluxe rooms have a separate access to the water.

Anyone can visit the spa complex and enjoy the procedures. The recreation complex occupies an area of ​​about 3.5 thousand square meters. and offers a variety of body and face care services. The spa also has a hammam, jacuzzi and steam room.

For people who lead the right lifestyle and regularly play sports, it is very important to keep fit. For these guests, the hotel has a fitness room and exercise equipment, so you can not interrupt workouts, even on vacation.

Hotel interiors

Gural Premier Tekirova has a laundry, dry cleaning, beauty salon and hairdresser’s. Everyone has the opportunity to spend time in the Internet cafe. The hotel has a medical center, the doctor is charged separately.

Services for children

Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * (Kemer, Turkey) is aimed at family couples with children of any age. For this reason, the hotel management has very carefully approached the issue of organizing children's leisure. The animation team entertains children from morning to evening. The main joy for young tourists, of course, is avkvapark.For kids organized an artificial beach and a separate pool, equipped with a pirate ship and slides. The hotel has a pond with sand for the little ones. Daily operates a mini-club, which is divided into separate zones for children of different ages. It is equipped with bedrooms and toilets. Separate animators work with each age group. Three tennis courts are organized for young tourists. The main restaurant provides chairs for feeding and a separate children's menu.

Water complex

For young guests, evening entertainment is provided, which is the final stage of a busy day. If necessary, at the reception you can order babysitting services.

Sports and entertainment

Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * (Turkey, Tekirova) is a great place to relax for those tourists who appreciate the animation. Interesting sports activities and entertainment can be perfectly combined with a beach holiday. Turkey has long established itself as a place of active and fun holiday. Resorts of the country are famous not only for the concept of food, but also for good animation. Incendiary dances, games and competitions will make your vacation memorable.The hotel has a large team of animators who start the morning with aqua aerobics. During the day, everyone can play tennis, boccia, table tennis, darts, take part in team sports. On the beach, guests traditionally expect water activities. Activiti conduct programs in several languages, including Russian.

Hotel territory

At the end of a busy day, an evening show program and a disco are offered.

Beach holiday

Gural Premier Tekirova in Kemer has its own beach with a length of about 500 meters. The coast has a sand and pebble coating. For convenience, a wooden pontoon is built on the beach. It is equipped with awnings, sun beds and cabins. Beach towels and mattresses are provided free of charge.

Guest reviews

Continuing the review of the hotel complex, I would like to turn to the reviews of tourists in order to understand whether the hotel is really as good as travel agencies represent it.

Hotel enclosures

Rave reviews about Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * are the best feature for the complex. The hotel has a huge territory, surrounded by the greenery of the garden. Shells are scattered throughout space.If you are settled in one of the distant cottages, then you are guaranteed a quiet rest. However, it is necessary to immediately prepare for constant walks, since buggies do not often go around the territory. But after a hearty meal, it is even useful.

The hotel is very diverse. The choice of apartments is huge. The whole interior in them is designed in the Ottoman style. There are rooms with private access to the pool. Some tourists remain dissatisfied with the accommodation on the ground floor, noting the lack of sunshine and dampness. Perhaps this is a problem only for individual apartments.

In general, the number of rooms is new and well equipped. Beautiful interiors, new textiles, good furniture, excellent plumbing and high-quality cosmetics - all this gives the institution a certain chic. The feeling of luxury does not leave you throughout your stay at the hotel.

Kids Club

According to reviews, Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * (Kemer) boasts not only good rooms, but also high-quality and regular cleaning. Maids daily clean up the room and replenish the bathroom with cosmetics. With the replacement of bed linen and towels no problems.Tourists recommend to leave a tip to the staff. It is not necessary, the maids really clean well.

Nutrition Reviews

One of the main issues that worries all travelers is food. The concept of nutrition is a feature of the Turkish resorts. Hotel Gural Premier Tekirova in Turkey offers to take advantage of all the advantages of “ultra all inclusive”. The huge main restaurant offers its visitors an incredible variety of dishes at the buffet, as evidenced by numerous reviews. But even in such an abundance of dishes, some tourists can not find something tasty for themselves. However, most guests leave enthusiastic reviews about food. Regular gala evenings, which imply a certain dress code, are especially pleasing to holidaymakers. But at the simple dinner you will not miss in a T-shirt and shorts.

Buffet restaurant offers a variety of dishes, among which there are even cereals. Meat, vegetables, seafood, fruits, snacks and salads - all this is present in the menu in the most variations. Even to feed the children is not difficult. The hotel is a paradise for sweet teeth. You will not find such variety of desserts, cakes and pies anywhere. Trying all the desserts for the holidays will not work, and those extra pounds will definitely appear.

Tourists celebrate the good quality of alcoholic beverages. The bars even have the famous "Hennessey". If you offer a tip to the bartender, then you will be offered everything that is not on the counter.

Hotel Apartments

During the day you can eat in the numerous bars of the hotel. There are no problems with food and drinks.

General impression of the hotel

Numerous enthusiastic reviews about Gural Premier Tekirova 5 * allow us to recommend it as a chic place to rest. The hotel has many advantages, among which it is necessary to highlight the excellent animation and extensive infrastructure.

Experienced tourists recommend visiting the local spa. Procedures will help you relax and find harmony. But the most popular among tourists is the water park. It is in it that children and adults most often spend their time. Interesting water rides deserve your attention.

The hotel has an excellent animation team. This extensive entertainment program offers not every institution in the country. To miss on vacation you just do not have to. The hotel has a very extensive kids club, offering amazingly interesting entertainment for children of different ages.Young tourists do not want to leave the walls of the institution even in the evening. The end of an interesting day is always a mini-disco and a show program for adults. Many vacationers celebrate beautiful theme nights and foam parties. All the entertainment just does not count.

Coast near the hotel complex

For real athletes, the hotel also has lessons for everyone. In general, the complex is focused on guests of all ages. The contingent of tourists consists of representatives of European countries and the former Soviet Union. A small drawback is the fact that few of the staff speak Russian, which creates certain difficulties if your English is far from spoken.

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