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The one who once watched a wonderful film about loyalty and loyalty to a dog named Hachiko will never forget this touching story.

Hachiko breed

Tale on film

I must say that the history of Hachiko is not fictional. In 1925, in Tokyo (Japan), the now famous dog for eight years daily came to the station to meet its owner, who died suddenly in the service. This story inspired Hollywood directors, and in 2009 a stunning feature film was shot. His main character was Hachiko - the legendary dog. Immediately after watching the movie, almost all viewers have a question about what breed of Hachiko?

A few words about the Japanese quadrupeds

The dog is a representative of a wonderful breed - Akita Inu. In Japan, it protects the state. The suit has been given this honor because its best representatives will never retreat either in front of a dog, or in front of a man, or in front of a mortal danger. The famous dog Hachiko, the breed of which has now become known to the whole world, seems to be pushing each of us to acquire a puppy of this suit.

Features oriental pets

What do you know about hachiko? The Akita Inu breed is a great guide dog. People are completely blind, but having such a pet claim that it becomes their eyes. Akita Inu have a very positive attitude to physical activity. They love people and get on well with children. The Hachiko prototype, akina-itu breed in the Land of the Rising Sun, is not just a type of dog, but a symbol of wealth and good luck. Japanese people like to give Akita Inu figurines at the birth of a child or if someone is hospitalized. It is believed that they will certainly bring good luck and save you from trouble.Hachiko dog breed

How do the Japanese stand up for the rights to this breed

Hachiko (Akita-Inu breed), born in the Far East, is significantly different from its American and European relatives. Such a dog has a small weight, and its wool is always monotonous. In the USA, representatives of purebred breed are considered animals that have two or even three colors in their color. This standard is adopted only in the UK and in America. The legendary hero Hachiko, a breed of which in official sources is called Akita Inu, gave courage and strong spirit to his descendants.They have a great sense. However, Japanese breeders are very jealous of their pets and insist on the separation of American and English Akita Inu in a separate suit.

Brief characteristics of the breed

Breed dogs Hachiko has a very absurd character. Akita may show unjustified aggression towards other dogs of the same sex. Therefore, they should not be on the street to let off the leash. But to the owner, they are tied with all their canine heart. But do not expect the same loyalty to a neighbor or your buddy. Relatives Hachiko - Akita Inu breed - very clean. Many owners believe that in this matter they are not inferior to cats. The four-legged representatives of this breed are able to brighten up loneliness and improve the mental attitude of the inveterate pessimist. They feel very fine the state and mood of the owner. Their society is not intrusive or excessive.what breed hahiko

End of story

Returning to the theme of the hero of the film of the same name, we can say that Hachiko died on March 8, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-fifth on the way to his stop. The year before, a monument was erected at the Shibuya stationwhich was destroyed during the war, but the Japanese did not forget their four-legged hero, and in 1948 the monument of selfless allegiance was restored.

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