"Honed caps": a dream and hatred

Cinematography does not stand still, and the Air Force againtries to catch the viewer with a new series about the hard and evil everyday life of people of the early twentieth century. "Honed caps" - this is not just a series about a certain period of uneasy history of the English town of Birmingham.Honed caps This is clearly an attempt to maximizerealistically portray a picture of human souls forced to either sink under waves of compromise, or try to protect the remnants of the principles of the post-war era. The world of Birmingham, shown in the series "Honed caps," at the same time repels its hopelessness, and attracts a rich palette of human emotions. One can feel the director's obvious desire to convey the gloominess of that period. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the series should be considered interesting.

A world where it's hard to smile

The fact is that many of us are used toclear, cozy world in which we have fun, reach career heights, drink beer with friends in a trendy club. We do not know the desperation of the time, which is shown in the series "Honed caps", we are accustomed to security. But the director takes our view away from the usual everyday life and plunges into the gloomy atmosphere of the society that accepted the young guys who were broken by the war and could not offer them a life worthy of heroes. Those who yesterday fought for their country today are raising weapons against it, because they could not see the prospects when they returned home. And they created it themselves.

Talented confrontation

sharpened caps 1 seasonIn the series "Honed caps" (season 1) beginstalented opposition of two main characters: Killian Murphy, playing the young and full ambitions of Thomas Shelby, the leader of the gang, and Sem Neil as Chester Campbell's inspector. It can be seen that the actors are laid out to the full, they want to believe, and this is the main thing. Without them, the directors of Otto Baferst and Tom Harper would not be able to fully reveal all the facets and semitones of that time. Thomas Shelby is a young, charming and ambitious leader of the gang, who is ready to challenge life and take his own, carries with it the strength and purposefulness of his personality. Opposed to it is the experienced and visionary inspector Campbell, who is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. It is interesting to follow the events, they carry on, it is very interesting to watch the confrontation of two different, but equally interesting personalities.

The eternal struggle

We can say that "Honed caps" - a series in which the eternal struggle of principles and desires is revealed.sharpened caps seriesDoes not young Thomas, who afterruin met the gray and a pack of rats rustling in dirty alleys, to take from life what they have the right. Are the sharp caps of a cap a too cruel way to carve out your place under the sun? After all, if he does not take it, someone else will take his place. You can recall the famous expression: "I'm not that kind of life". But "Honed caps" tell us that if you decided to remain human, no devastation will make you a monster, and carving others with sharp peaks, you can cut all the valuable and true from your soul.

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Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred Honed caps: a dream and hatred