How does a gynecologist determine pregnancy? When can pregnancy be determined

For some women, two stripes - a cause for concern, but for others - a great happiness and joy! However, a pregnancy test is still an unreliable diagnosis. "Interesting position" can accurately determine only a gynecologist.

Symptoms of pregnancy

Of course, when pregnancy is desired, any, even a minor, symptom may already be an occasion for joy. But, besides the imaginary manifestations, there are serious symptoms that indicate that a new life has arisen inside:

  1. Delayed menstruation.
  2. Early toxicosis. Often it is vomiting in the morning and an expressive reaction to odors.
  3. Drowsiness. Irritation.
  4. Frequent urging to the toilet. This happens because the uterus begins to grow and press on the bladder.
  5. Painful swelling of the mammary glands.
  6. Sometimes there is a discoloration of the skin, there is pigmentation.
  7. Pregnancy test shows two strips. There should be several such samples at intervals of two to three days.when can pregnancy be determined

If the condition of a woman can be characterized by the points listed above, you should contact your local gynecologist. These symptoms often occur at a time when pregnancy can be determined.

Visit to female consultation

If you suspect a pregnancy visit the gynecologist should be as soon as possible. Then, if the child is undesired, it is easier and less risky for a woman to perform surgery. If future parents are looking forward to the appearance of the baby, a visit to the specialist will eliminate some of the early pathologies that may does a gynecologist determine pregnancy

The first sign indicating pregnancy is a delayed menstruation. This is a serious reason to visit a doctor. How a gynecologist determines pregnancy depends on its duration - sometimes visually, sometimes with the help of tests. So, if, when examined by a gynecological chair, the doctor did not notice anything special, he additionally prescribes ultrasound diagnostics. Ultrasound "able to see" a fertilized egg already for a period of 3 weeks.

Another way to determine pregnancy is the HCG hormone test. It is produced in the body of the future mother as the egg grows, and every day its concentration increases.

when can pregnancy be determined

However, if the period is still very small, the specialist records the patient for a second examination after seven to ten days.

False pregnancy

It often happens that a couple is expecting a baby, and the pregnancy, unfortunately, turns out to be false. Yes, it happens.

A false pregnancy is a woman’s mental disorder when she experiences all the signs and symptoms of future moms: nausea, irritability, delay, and even two stripes on the test! Just as a gynecologist determines a normal pregnancy, he sees a false one. His guesses doctor confirms the results of tests and ultrasound.

False pregnancies are most often experienced by women who can never give birth to a child. The main reasons for this condition are mental shock or emotional outburst.

Some women's diseases, in particular, cancer of the uterus or appendages, can be accompanied by similar symptoms. Therefore, a visit to the doctor in any case can not be postponed!

determine pregnancy week

Trimesters of pregnancy

At the same time as the gynecologist determines pregnancy, he also indicates her approximate term, which can be recognized by an increase in the uterus, changes in its shape and texture. A more accurate diagnosis is, of course, ultrasound. This type of study is prescribed for pregnant women three times - one each in each trimester.

The very first ultrasound not only confirms the presence in the uterus of the ovum, but can also determine the week of pregnancy, which is necessary for its proper management.

The entire period of childbearing is conditionally divided into three trimesters:

I - from the first to the twelfth week.

II - from the thirteenth to the twenty-fourth.

III - from the twenty fifth to the fortieth.

Each trimester is characterized by its own peculiarities in the development of the fetus and changes in the mother's body. Each period has its own research and analysis. So, if in the first trimester there is a question about the "presence" of pregnancy, then in the second and third there is a different task - to eliminate fetal malformations and the threat of termination.

when can pregnancy be determined

How to make and give birth to a healthy baby?

For many expectant mothers, gestation lasts forever.However, do not rush! How many things still have time to do before birth! And it is necessary to begin first of all with a healthy lifestyle, positive emotions and pleasant leisure.

First, the pregnant woman should adhere to proper nutrition, balanced with minerals and vitamins. Natural products - fruits, vegetables, juices - this is something that should always be in the fridge.

Secondly, walking and physical exercises are mandatory procedures, yoga classes are also possible. After all, your body still needs to be prepared for childbirth. The better the muscles are pumped and stretched, the less painful the contractions and attempts will be.

It is important not to forget about a good mood - everything that a mother feels is committed to her child. You should avoid stress, unpleasant situations and terrible stories about labor and childbirth.

Many women are inspired by pregnancy to new activities. Therefore, it is not surprising if the future mommy began to crochet or embroider. The main thing in this business is the positive emotions that a woman experiences.

gestational age

Expecting replenishment

During pregnancy, future parents will have to do a lot of things:

  • It is necessary to slowly prepare a room for the baby, and also to assemble a wardrobe, including in the maternity hospital. You should not be superstitious, because after checking out there will not be time to go shopping.
  • After the thirtieth week, it is necessary to issue a maternity allowance, and also to find out in the social welfare agencies what documents you need to collect in order to get help in caring for your baby.
  • If a second child is expected in the family, it would be good to have a conversation with the firstborn that he will have a brother or sister. Often children are suspended from their parents because of jealousy of the newborn. Therefore, it is important to hold conversations with an older child, play joint games so that he does not doubt parental love at all.
  • Being in an interesting position, you need to decide on the hospital. It is best to go there and find out everything - who will be your doctor, what conditions in the wards, what you need and what you can take with you to the maternity ward. All these nuances would be well clarified in advance.
  • Already in the thirtieth week of pregnancy bag in the hospital should be prepared. Then, at the slightest suspicion of contractions or when other situations arise, you will not have to spend time gathering. And it is sometimes more expensive than money!



Many couples have been planning a pregnancy for years, but she does not come ... Out of desperation comes humility. But a little hope for the appearance of crumbs still lives. And then a miracle happens - two strips on the test. The joy of parents has no limits! It remains only to visit a specialist and confirm their suspicions. How a gynecologist determines pregnancy depends on the term itself. But in any case, it is better to go to the doctor with a delay of 10-14 days. Then he will "see" everything for sure!

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