How do women think?

First of all, it is necessary to figure out how the female type of thinking differs from the male. It's not about who is smarter, but that in the same situation, women's thoughts will be different from men's.

Differences of male and female thinking

In men who are accustomed to rely on logic, the right hemisphere is more involved, which helps them to build a coherent chain of actions on the way to the goal. Many men like to think simply for the sake of the process itself, for the sake of distraction from the vital affairs, therefore there are so many philosophers among the strong half of humanity.

In women, the right hemisphere is more actively involved in imaginative and multitasking thinking. A woman, as most experts think, will not reflect solely on how to submit an annual report to her - she will have time to “figure out” what shoes she should buy at a party and how to feed her husband in the evening. It is not difficult for her to listen to the news on the radio at the same time, chat with her friend and look after the child. Ladies do not like to develop step-by-step instructions, but see the picture “as a whole”.Therefore, women's actions often seem inconsistent, completely unrelated to each other.

Some more features of female thinking:

  • Scientists think that women switch from the right to the left hemisphere faster. As a result, there is a constant sharp transition from logic to emotion and back. By the way, this feature can be turned in your favor: if a girl goes to a conflict, it is enough just to suddenly kiss her or give a bouquet of flowers - and she will “melt”.
  • The woman, as the keeper of the home, always looks at the perspective, evaluates information with an eye to the future.
  • Women have a better developed intuition. They can quickly make the right spiritual decisions in a complex ambiguous environment, but they are not always able to offer clear arguments in favor of these decisions.

Who is smarter - men or women?

For many centuries in the world reigns dogma that men are smarter than women. There are still dozens of scientific theories that explain this difference in intellectual development.

Some features of female perception and thinking are so obvious that even the most stubborn skeptics cannot deny them.For example, tests confirm that women do an excellent job with tasks where fine motor skills of hands are involved, they are more susceptible to sign information. Usually, women can more quickly list objects of the same category or name words that begin with one letter.

However, in men, for the most part, spatial thinking is more developed. Complex mathematical or spatial calculations - this is their “hobby”. Practically with any tests where it is necessary to apply three-dimensional thinking, men cope better.

The most popular theory, which tries to explain these differences, insists that the whole thing is a different quantitative ratio of white and gray matter in the brain of a man and a woman. The gray matter responsible for processing information and building logical connections is five to six times greater for men. But the white matter responsible for the interaction between different parts of the brain, more women. Perhaps it is this feature of the female brain that contributes to the spread of the stereotype about the multitasking of female thinking.

Dogma about the mental superiority of men refute the results of a curious scientific research of New Zealand scientists.This study, published in the summer of 2012, showed that intellectually men and women are equal, and often women are even smarter. This conclusion was confirmed by numerous IQ tests, carried out over several years in different countries of the world.

Previously, ladies were a little behind men in the development of intellectual abilities, experts emphasize. But lately this gap has disappeared. There may be several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is that women were able to quickly adapt to the innovations that the modern dynamic world is throwing at us in huge quantities. Today, women have to establish family life and build a career, they have a large number of opportunities for self-realization. All this contributes to enhanced brain development.

In turn, many scientists persistently continue to deny gender stereotypes. Yes, girls often pay attention to small details, show excellent results in verbal tests, and boys better represent the object in the three-dimensional dimension. But the point is probably not in the structure of their brain, but simply in their upbringing.Boys often spend a lot of time on the street, playing collective sports games (which develop spatial orientation). Girls, in general, spend more time at home, communicating with relatives, which contributes to the development of verbal skills. Of course, experts emphasize, it is impossible to deny the full biological determinism, but it is insignificant compared to how plastic our brain is and is universal.

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